15 April 2018

8 important Men's Hair care tips and my Routine.

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bow but I hate a little bit of change what's the crazy Pitt saying don't fade away please go ahead and I'm here to educate you on haircare tips and also my routine which is how to take care of your hair and a weekly basis because my hair is getting very long and is getting a lot of volume as you guys could see and it looks very healthy so you know it's getting long healthy no flakes and I'm here to show you how I wash my hair because I only wash my hair twice a week yes that's right twice a week and I will show you what kind of shampoo conditioner I used and what other tips I can help you guys and I'm hitting my 30 soon and I'm loosely just discovering new ways to take care of my hair and I'm loosely just educating myself on new hair products and new hair regimens that I want to share with you because us men don't really talk about men's hair at regimens and hair men's hair product us men don't communicate about feminine topics especially when it comes to men hair health men hair health is very important and I have eight essential tips to help you guys keep your scalp from balding and being dry and to make

it look healthy as possible so one of those essential tips is to get a haircut and you want to go regularly every six weeks and to keep your hair trimmed to eliminate any split ends and this will remove the damaged section of your hair so go to your barber or stylist and tell your barber or stylist that you want to remove the damaged section of your hair and eliminate those split ends number two is to avoid tight hats or tight ponytails especially getting braids from anyone that does it very tight which can cause any traction alopecia which is a hair that's pulled out of the scalp so try to avoid any of those type things number three is to stay healthy so your overall health is often a reflection of the condition of your hair so make sure you guys eat healthy exercise drink plenty of water get enough sleep so this will increase the rate of hair growth and a healthy scalp number four is don't over wash your hair so if you over wash your hair this can make your scalp dry and this will remove any natural oils from your head so if needed shampoo your hair once or twice a week I usually shampoo my hair twice a week

that's for me and if needed I also condition my hair once or twice week also but if you like sweat a lot if you really need to wash your hair and if you use gel or any kind of hair products you could Co wash your hair and just go wash it off and number five is to use very good shampoo and conditioner which is cruelty paraben and sulfate free so I use argan oil shampoo and conditioner which has botanical extracts keratin and hydrolyzed proteins so this makes your hair very shiny thick and makes your hair smell good while repairing your hair also at the same time number six to have the right tools when I mean right tools is finding the right comb so try to find a wide toothed comb and gently work out any tangles so when your hair is wet it's very vulnerable well for me I just use my fingers to gently work out any of the tangles and number seven is to pet my hair dry instead of rubbing it so when your hair is wet is very successful too damaged especially when it's rub so some hair has become tangled and then it gets stretched and it damages the cuticles of your of your hair and try to avoid blow-drying because that could dry your

scalp and pretty much damage your hair also so what you want to do is air dry and said it'll be a lot longer but maybe a cool fan would help like an air fan I think that'll help a lot dry your hair faster but just take a towel and just pat dry from now and number eight and last but not least try to avoid any chemical treatments or going to the pool when I mean going to the pool because there's a lot of chlorine and that's chlorine water where you're swimming at if anything try to have one of those those rubber hair protection you also want to avoid any chemical treatments like coloring or perming hair that can leave a damaged dry or dull but if you do avoid anything else is to avoid any at-home chemical products and you want to seek yourself a good hairstylist because they know what you're doing because you don't want to mess up your hair or you want to burn your hair and lose your hair and that's one of those things that's very important I just want to thank my girlfriend for pretty much pushing me to do this video because she also helped me on more hair products like virgin coconut oil or broil and Cantu oils that pretty much makes my

hair very moisturized please comment below like scribe share and keep it up guys I'll see you guys next time love you guys peace