22 June 2017

8 Cosplay Makeup Tips

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share to you guys some tips on how I do my cosplay makeup (and sometimes pretty much regular makeup). Hope this helps!

hi everyone my name is Kandra and today

I'll be giving you eight tips and how to make your cosplay makeup a little better disclaimer if you do the things that I encourage you not to do and you like what you're doing it is totally fine to just go do whatever you want it's just makeup it's not that beat than to achieve it tip number one after you cleanse your face s piece of ice or an ice cube that's get an ice cube and rub it all over your face this will tighten your pores and make foam makeup application much smoother and easier it's number two after you put on your primer set it split some loose powder or some pressed powder not foundation powder that's way too heavy in your face and after you've set it with some powder spray some setting spray this will make sure that everything locks into place and will make a way less oily on space tip number three now one thing that I've noticed with our community if we tend to wear foundation that's lighter than our skin tones let's face it allows the characters new cosplay how pelas tell skin so you don't want to put a lighter foundation on top of something that's red purple because it's just going to highlight that so what you want to do

first is you put on your concealer that's the same shape as your skin tone or even slightly deeper and blend it to your skin what happens is that you're going to create a smooth and even move an even ish canvas and for your foundation to lay on so after you can feel your imperfection then you put on your foundation [Music] tip number four contouring with the right shade now one thing that I've noticed is that a lot of us just think I'll just slap on some brown shadow and then be done with it this thing is when you contour with something with a reddish undertone or something that form it's very obvious and it can kind of look like a mess on your face so what you want to do is when you're contrary something with a gray undertone something like that too because that create a more natural shadow and when you're contouring you make sure that you're not exactly going past here otherwise you're going to look like you have a three o'clock five o'clock three if not enough time is o clock you're going to look like you have a beard

unless you're cosplaying a male and that's totally fine but Chandra I have alarm under Jo and gray will make me look super ashy they are not my friend what you want to do is with that grayish undertone of brown mixing a little bit of your bronzer and you'll create a shape and perfect for your skin tip number five lush placement now I know when you're putting on blush sometimes dear life when were the heads o Exodus and I was like that when I started out with cosplay in fact I was so happy with blush I put it all over my face and that was really funny to look at so anyways that's not the point if you're going for a more sophisticated and glamorous looks like a mature lady try to put your blush in the top of your cheek this will give you a more defined and concert if you're going for something that's maybe cuter or a bit smaller try to put your blush of apples of your cheeks this will round out your face more and make it look more innocent than vomit tip number six now let's say the character your cosplay has a different eyebrow color and I know we can all do the glue

stick method and I've done that too however what if you don't have a solution or what if you're sensitive to the glue stick or what if you're just really tool able to do the glue stick method which just puts pretty much so what you can do is get an old fully coated concealer and then brush it on your eyebrows this will give you the illusion of bleach brown and you know when something to bleach is pretty much it's pretty much hey we can curler anything we want the disadvantages of this boost since it's not flattened I can't exactly create a different shape your brows I mean you can but it will be as perfected so I only pretty much advice as if one you're too lazy to do the glue stick method or two you're just going to follow the shape of your brows tip number seven lining your waterline now a lot of times we want to make our eyes look bigger and sometimes you just go straight for the white liner and that's totally fine however if you're going for a much natural what's the white eyes look go for the nude liner you'll notice up with a white liner your eyes will tend to look a bit more cartoonish as opposed with a nude liner

it looks much more natural and lastly tip number eight now this is just something that I advise you to do if you need your makeup to absolutely stay in place because it is not healthy for an everyday thing okay and this is to set your face with hairspray setting your face with hairspray if we're to feel a little sticky but my god it's what I usually use to set my face if I'm using space paint or I just cream absolutely need my face to stay in place and we do this a lot when it comes to theater production because it really makes your face set and that's it that's all the tips that I have to give you guys if you want me to do like more patisserie --all on how I do my basic cosplay makeup just tell me down below - so anyway don't forget to subscribe if you want to I don't really do this regularly but I do this sometimes and I'll see you again one