28 October 2018

8 Celebrities WITHOUT Makeup on the Red Carpet

Hey, lovelies! I thought I'd do something different today and share with you 8 celebrities who are choosing to go natural, makeup-free on the limelight, spotlight ...


bigger screen big bandage what's up guys it's Becca from pretty and Pecos here and today I thought I would do something a little bit different I'm gonna be talking about celebrities with no makeup on and specifically ones that are on the red carpet the ones that are in the spotlight so not really celebrities that are running from their house into the car or back again I want to kind of talk about celebrities are in the spotlight celebrities are on the red carpet people that are going out and choosing not to wear makeup so I kind of thought I would share a little bit of my thoughts or react a little bit to some of the pictures that I've seen some of the celebrities that I've seen do this trend recently and yeah let's get into it [Music] okay so I have my little computer here so I can easily see the pictures and so don't mind my computer okay so right now the first person I have up is Alicia Keys so she like the front runner for celebrities that are choosing not to wear makeup on the red carpet she's like the queen of it the queen of not wearing any makeup on

the red carpet because she did start the trend she was one of the first celebrities I did it and did it on purpose meaningfully put out there but she was going with no makeup because she wanted people to see her natural skin and so generally she looks amazing she looks so dewy and it looks so white you can see little blemishes you can feel in freckles you can see some bags under her eyes but she looks so amazing I would love to look like her skin is so beautiful and she doing in glowy and she's on the red carpet so got a cute little outfit on some braids it looks really cute and I think she looks amazing I think she stands for pure beauty I think she stands for girls standing up for themselves and choosing a more natural path choosing to be like a natural person and to show the world she doesn't people think and I think that's so awesome and it's so important to help out in the community you really need people that stand up for that stuff because a lot of times people with acne get like look down on people with no makeup on or kind of seen as not as

beautiful as girls that were makeup out in public and specifically for me I've like recently chose not to wear makeup and I've chosen to go out in public and not wear makeup and to go on dates with no makeup and kind of just let my skin breathe because I feel like when I was working for other companies I've had makeup on all the time every day and I think that that's something that really affected my skin so I definitely stand up for goals and celebrities that wear no makeup just because it shows that like even celebrities will do it oh the next lady that I'm going to pick is Jennifer Garner so she looks amazing I mean she looks amazing with makeup on without makeup on regardless her lips are so full and her skin looks so good but she's not even wearing mascara in this picture she's literally wearing a scarf around her neck and she just looks amazing and it says here that she went to a film festival this way and that she was doing this to support Alicia Keys which i think is super cool about women are standing up for other women and are supporting each other and I think it's super awesome and her skin looks so fresh there's no wrinkles nothing her

jawline and she bones are out of this world good look amazing girl okay the next one of my favorite because I love Amanda Seyfried I think she's so pretty and she's literally everything I've ever wanted to be if she's so gorgeous and she pulls off no makeup trash so perfectly she just looks so natural well she looks like she should never wear makeup her eyes stand out or eyebrows are amazing she has like these cute rosy cheek I just want to stare at this picture all day because she is so pretty and you can see some wrinkles was a couple of spots on her face which is super encouraging it means a lot to people like us who struggle with acne that celebrities can go out and not wear makeup and be comfortable being photographed with no makeup so she's taking one of my feet okay another one this is she's a little bit different because she has like a different look to her but this is Tilda Swinton she looks amazing well I think she always looks amazing when she held like this a ridiculous face for sure just out of this world she looks so good and she usually doesn't

I'm putting on a whole bunch of makeup she'll usually pull like a red lip she look very minimal make-up but this is her without any makeup she's choosing to stand up with Alicia Keys and kind of show but she's not afraid to wear a bare face on the red carpet that she's not afraid to have people be seen how people see her have be photographed so she looks really great and she looks better without makeup on I think her natural skin is so amazing and then both of these photos here she has makeup on in one photo and the other one she doesn't and to me right here her skin looks better without makeup I think she looks younger she looks more fresh so good okay Jennifer Lawrence my favorite you know my second favorite or my other favorite I guess you can say so she went to the movie premiere she didn't have any makeup on man i shadow nothing like it doesn't even look mascara either and her hair is pulled back it looked very minimal or her lips look full and juicy if she's glowing yeah she looks amazing I think that she looks really great when she's wearing makeup and without usually she doesn't wear like too much makeup

either just like I simple I look a little red lip she looks really great in both pictures she actually looks so natural and her face looks so supple and round it just is like everything I want my into me and I feel like I'm going to be saying that every photo because I feel like celebrities help like this endless amount of money that they could just spend on skincare I spend on getting facials and getting treatments on the skin and Botox so I feel like all these women are just stunning and beautiful I feel like this is a really great movement because it's showing people that even celebrities are gonna go without makeup that it's okay to go without makeup even when you're going to an event when you're out in public when people are looking at you when you're the center of attention you control your body you can put on your body what you want or you can take off what you want and you're still gonna be just as beautiful with makeup then without you're gonna look you're gonna look amazing no matter what you wear and I fully believe it okay the next one is Heidi Klum she looks so good I don't

even know what to say her jaw is like amazing and I feel like in the picture with no makeup she looks even better than with makeup just because it shows that even supermodels they can go without makeup and they still look amazing and I always feel like you look up online and it says Oh celebrities with no makeup and they're always looking crazy to help like a double chin or like running in the rain like they're running like from paparazzi and so it kind of gives celebrities a bad look when they don't wear makeup but these women are really standing up for not having to wear makeup at all times even on the red carpet so I feel like that's super awesome and she looks so full and doing and her eyes stand out so much from her skin tone it just it looks awesome so kudos to you Heidi okay Naomi Watts she looks really great without makeup I feel like with makeup on she has like like her blemishes stand out her crow's feet her little wrinkles smile lines around her mouth stand out even more so without makeup like it looks so natural and she looks happier she looks like so sanding this picture when she's wearing makeup but she looks

really happy in the picture where she's not so I think she looks really great again and again she's on the red carpet so she's appeared in public with paparazzi in the spotlight and it looks like she might be wearing a little mascara but we're not gonna judge her for that because there's no lipstick there's no blush nothing she just looks like supple sock it's awesome I love it okay I've got one more that I want to talk about Kate Winslet Oh Oh Kate Winslet she is so pretty and beautiful and all of the above so a big little quote from her so I want to embrace the real me and I want you to embrace who you are the way you are and to love yourself just the way you are so she was quoted sitting out on the red carpet and I'm the event that she went to where she had no makeup on and she looks stunning she looks fresh she looks natural she looks happy I feel like that's a trend that's like definitely a trend in these photos I feel like these celebrities look so much happier when they're not wearing any makeup and I feel that kind of applies to my life to you if I have to sit there and put makeup on for like 30 minutes before I leave or even like

an hour sometimes like I feel like exhausted I feel sweaty I feel like I'm constantly having to go to the bathroom to check my makeup to make sure my lipsticks not smeared so it's like just adding more anxiety on to my already anxious feeling from being out in public and being with new people who are anything like that but I just it makes me feel like way happier to know that I don't have to worry about my makeup that I don't have to stop and check my lipstick it just makes me feel less anxious and it makes me feel more beautiful too because if people are smiling at me they're looking at me or I smile back I can show people that I'm still human just because I don't wear makeup or a huge eyelashes on or my lipstick is done I just feel like people judge other women for not wearing makeup but if you smile you give a happy thing she showed them okay if you're not you're judging is it doing anything to me and I'm gonna continue to our makeup even celebrities do it I mean it's becoming like a big trend I just feel like that's like such an amazing thing I really enjoyed this trend I think it's something that positively

impacts other people and impacts people like me and people like you kind of just show people in the acne community or people who are insecure about their skin it gives them a little boost of confidence it gives them hope that they can go without makeup and people aren't gonna judge them even celebrities are doing it so I think this trend is super awesome and I really hope to see like more people like doing this I just feel like that's a movement that needs to continue because the beauty industry is so harsh on people even with acne commercials or people are washing their fav in a commercial they still have makeup on their skin is not perfect there is no way of some of these models that are testing out like acne products I feel like they photoshopped sometimes in Photoshop like acne on the girls they photoshop their skin to look perfect so even though they're selling like an acne product they still have makeup on their face so I felt even with commercials like that you're like oh yeah that's awesome they're doing an acne commercial and they're showing people have acne it's not all real life so this right here seen pictures of celebrities that

actually went on the red carpet does no makeup on that's a good one I like that shows you that people do do it in real life people do choose not to wear makeup even special events so if it gives me hope for the future and it companies seeing celebrities doing stuff I feel like it's really gonna help them it choose to go a more natural way I'm really hoping that it's gonna help them pick people to be in their commercial I actually have acne or actually don't wear any makeup and they're not going to photoshop the skin to trick you into buying some of their products so yeah this is an awesome trend I think that's it that's all I have for you I just kind of wanted to share my thoughts a little bit so you guys know how I feel coming from someone who has decided to go almost 99% makeup free this is a super awesome trend and I really for you guys to find it confidence I hope you guys find the confidence to wear no makeup I hope that you can go out at least one day without makeup that would be my challenge for you just go out one day without any makeup even if it's just to the grocery store or just to get the mail if you're wanting

to go makeup free just start slow just take off a layer of powder or take off all your eye makeup and just wear mascara or don't do your brows for a day and do the rest of your makeup to see if that something that you want to do for me it really helped with my skin and help further along the healing process for my acne so I look I would pretty much recommend anyone to do it I found happiness without makeup and I found the I think wall looking just like this even with like the militias on my face I can still go out and I can still have a good time and I can enjoy my life because at the end of the day I'm living my life for me and I'm not living my life for anybody else and it's definitely made me feel more confident about my skin so that's my challenge for you is to try to go one day without makeup I hope you get a positive message from this video and helps you like find more confidence in your bare skin and in your natural skin and that you'll go at least one day this week without makeup so thank you guys so much for watching make sure to subscribe and hit that Bell notification button anytime we post a video you'll be notified and you can watch this space on

this channel you can also follow me on instagram it's pretty and underscore Pecos that would be awesome if you guys followed me and you can let me know if you have any other ideas or any tips or tricks you want to hear about I definitely am full of knowledge alright thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time [Music]