12 May 2017

7 Pro-Makeup Tips You Should Definitely Know By Now!

Here are 7 PRO MAKEUP TIPS YOU SHOULD KNOW BY NOW! These are makeup tips, tricks & hacks the pros use regularly that will bring your makeup game ...


hey guys welcome back today's video is all about pro makeup tips oh yeah it's going to be a good one these are tips straight from the pros I tried them and I was like why didn't I think of that that looks amazing it made my makeup life so much easier and that's why I'm sharing it with you guys so if you're a beginner in makeup or maybe you're just wanting to up your makeup game this video is definitely going to help you so if you guys want more videos like this one be sure to give it a thumbs up and also to hit that subscribe button so I know to make more now let's get started one of the best pro makeup tips I've learned is to add moisturizer to your foundation for a lighter and sheer application here mixing two of my favorites the Maybelline hydrogen saluted along with the keel square vitality skin renewing cream I take about a pea-sized amount of each and mix them together in this last dish and then I'll start applying this all over the face in thin layers until I get the coverage I want for concealer I've been using the Lancome tongs idole ultra wear high coverage concealer to get rid of dark circles a pro tip is to apply this

on the back of your hand and let it warm up a bit so it distributes more evenly when you apply onto the skin another great tip is to let the concealer sit for about 30 seconds to let it dry just a bit before buffing it in with the blender if you haven't mastered the wing yet a little post-it note can be a huge help just place a post-it on an annual that naturally follows your lower lashline upwards then using a flat brush I'm going to apply some brown eyeshadow to create the wing I'm going for a super light colored wing for a more natural look and all you can do here is just peel off the post it ended up it's different easy and there you have it you've got a wing I always like to run any leftover products from the brush onto the lower lash line to make the eyes pop just a bit more the Valvoline pins are great to use in your lashes before applying mascara they actually helps with any pumping and makes an application much smoother not only that it can also help grow your lashes too and amazing Pro makeup tip is using dark concealer or foundation to contour your face these mix total control foundation

drops are my favorite for this you literally only need two drops grab your blender and start contouring I love creating the contour this way because it gives me more natural and dewy look if you want all day lasting lipstick you want to try this tip here I'm using one of my favorites the Maybelline Color sensational Brown blush inside set aside grab an eyeshadow flash and use it to apply the color you get a beautiful stained and diffuse look which also stays on all day and last but not least we all know it's easy to overdo the blush and a great tip for this is to put blush on after your lip look this way you can actually gauge how much blush you put on I've been in love with my benefit beauty and the beach blush palette I always tell myself when it comes to blush less is more no we're done actually not quite yet aren't you glad you watched the entire video I've got another giveaway coming to you guys since this is a big up video I thought it would only seemed right if we did a makeup box give away to one lucky winner and here's what you'll get three mix total controls drops foundations the cherie rare cosmic blossom eye and cheek

polish two gorgeous shades from Marcel cosmetics the bare minerals matte powder and brush the Smashbox primer oil instant lipstick transformer full exposure mascara and the contour six 300mg mi right now all you guys have to do to enter is subscribe to my channel follow me on Instagram Twitter and Facebook give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and comment below with the best makeup tip you've learned from my channel and all the contents we'll be in the description box below there you have it straight from the pros imagine all the time and frustration and money you would have saved just by knowing these tips like these helps me so much and I hope they helped you guys too if you guys liked this video I'd love for you guys to give a thumbs up and also to to the subscribe button so we get to hang out every single week I love you guys and I'll see you all very soon in my next video bye for now [Music] [Music]