04 August 2017


Hi Friends Today I am sharing my hair care routine, which includes right hair hair tool to shampoo and hair oiling. I hope you will find it useful, & Don't Forget to ...


welcome back to my channel I hope you all are doing good this video is all about my hair care routine well this is highly requested video as well as it's one of my favorite thing to do so I am going to share my hair care routines so once this is so basic routine it just includes here oiling shampoo conditioning and just home remedies about your hair gear okay so the first tip for hair care I prefer is right - or right brush for your hair so I use this oval hairbrush to comb my hair because you don't clumping is a special part to take care of your hair combing will circulate the blood and that will promote your hair growth and that will also reduce your hair fall so that is number one so always make sure you are using a right kind of hair brush or here form so this is a must must have okay so that is the first one so number two is they know to hair styling tools so try to avoid hair styling tools as much as you can do because it's all heat you know so try just to use only when it's really required so like hair dryer hair straightener or hair curling tools so if it is really necessary just go for that

otherwise just skip it and try to dry your hair with natural air natural sunlight so that is the best way so I hardly use hair dryer hi hair straightener here these any any hair tools so I use this hair tools only when it's really required so you want to leave I use hair color hair straightener just around two or three times in a year so that's quite a long time but I try to avoid if I have to go power here cuz I do reading and I leave to those braids for overnight and I get that easy easy and beautiful Ritchie waves and same with a shear strain I keep on forming my hair and I get both beautiful you know straightened hair so this is how I do I believe in like I can avoid those heat too so this is so about here coming and here tools so the third tip is very basic but yet very important one so that is why link shampoo and conditioning of your hair so you can use any hair oil whatever whichever is available at your home there organic here all available in market or any hair all but at least just to hear or link so here all it is so necessity for your hair because your hair gets dry dull due

to pollution so try to do here or at least once in a week so my hair care routine includes here oiling so I do here a link twice in a week and I leave overnight and I wash my hair next day and also I use coconut oil these parachute aloe vera enriched coconut oil then sometimes I use this potentially here or else and sometimes I use mustard oil as compared to coconut oil mustard oil is little greasy and it takes is a more shampoo to wash your hair but that mustard oil is believe me guys that is so good for your hair and you won't need any hair conditioner after doing any hair oil in so include here oiling in your haircare routine so that it must must have and so I have done here I'll link video in pass and I will put that link in description box below you can check it out and for shampoo I don't go for a much heavy shampoo so I'm using this Patanjali kashkin see I'm using this patent occasionally here cleanser I am using this for quite long time as more than last for 5 years so I used to live in New Zealand and where I found this shampoo and I'm using this long time N and for happy with the results so this is for you know

hair fall and for dryness or dull here you can dress of a wide variety of patanjali here if you if you want to I this one so this is a good product I would definitely recommend this one next is here conditioning so I don't use much hair conditioners because I believe if I am doing here I'll link that will automatically my hair a good moisture so for instead of using hair conditioner I apply aloe vera gel that's almost finishing so I use aloe vera gel ie after shampoo I take little bit on my palm and I apply all of them I hear my head and I leave it for 1 minute then I rinse it off so this really works as a good conditioner and so sometimes what I use is cold so god is excellent conditioner you can just take little bit of code and just apply all over your head after your shampoo and just rinse it with water so that is excellent excellent conditioners believe me ok so now the poor thing is here spa I don't go to hair salon that's what I said in my previous video as well because I don't go I believe in home remedy so I do here fight home and I have already done a video about hair spa and I'll also put that link in

description box below so to do hair spa I use yogurt lemon honey and some caramel and sometimes I add it or sometimes I skip it but it is excellent source of protein so that will give you a good 30 to you I mix all the ingredients and I applied before having char and get very good here that is awesome here spy you can do it at home okay so that is about here's ba last and not the least tip is eat healthy so if you are eating healthy you will automatically get good here protein helps you in you know growing here reducing hairball dryness so try to add protein in your diet if you're vegetarian you can go for soy beans as flax seeds you know basic is so good for your hair and if your non-vegetarian of course is egg that is excellent source of protein you can go for that so that is all about my hair care routine because I believe after your face here is your mirror you know people will notice your hair and especially I get a lot of compliments because of my hair and I think camera is not doing justice but I really have very good quality hair and I don't have much hair fall I don't have dandruff I have

like shiny and long hair and have I'm happy because I believe in home remedies so this is all about my hair care routine and I hope you will also love this routine and please please like share and subscribe to my channel and also if you want me to do more of such videos please let me know and I would definitely love to do that so till then stay happy stay beautiful bye