25 June 2017

5 TIPS FOR GUYS WITH CURLY HAIR | How to Style Curly or Wavy Hair | ALEX COSTA

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what's going on everyone welcome back to my channel and if you're new here my name is Alex Costa please make sure to hit that subscribe button below to become part of our YouTube family now as you guys probably already know I don't wake up with my hair like this it takes a little bit of work to get to my ideal hair style and I've always had wavy hair and had a lot of trouble with in the past because I wanted to try different hairstyles and my hair was just so stubborn and just didn't work and I know a lot of you guys who don't have straight hair probably share my pain and before we go any further I'm not saying that curly or wavy hair is better or worse than straight hair I think there are some amazing cuts and styles for both types what I'm saying though is let's be honest the grass is always greener on the other side so if you have curly hair and you're trying to manage those curls or waves then I have five hot tips for you and stick around because I'm saving the best for last tip number one before anything else your hair needs to be healthy and shampoo as little as possible because that will dry your hair out

I only shampoo once or twice a week now and that has helped me so much you can wash it with water and condition it every single day but definitely try to shampoo less often also get used to applying a hydrating mask once in a while I use this Moroccan oil mask for 15 minutes once a week and it detangles my hair and it makes it feel really soft and healthy another product if you add to your collection is some argan oil I applied just a few drops after every wash and before I styled my hair and it does wonders plus it's really affordable tip number two you're going to need the right haircut and that's because the right haircut is the foundation to every single hair style and if you're looking for a new hairstyle then make sure to watch some of my videos like this one on the best hairstyle of 2017 or some of the other ones that I've listed for you in the description below this video if you have really curly hair then I'd say keep it short around three inches now if you have wavy hair then go a little bit longer four to five inches but guys everyone's hair is different what I would suggest is enhance we have best so if you have really nice hair

grow it out and show it off to the world and then if your hair is kind of hard to manage then what I would say is keep it short and make your life easier that way tip number three but learn about some tools you can use to manage those curls so now your hair is healthy you have the right haircut so let's learn about some of the tools and the actual process of managing those curls first thing you're going to need is a blow-dryer and even if you don't have curly hair you should get a blow-dryer anyway don't be ashamed don't be embarrassed it's not just for girls it's just a hair dryer what you want to do is as soon as you get out of the shower how will dry your hair and don't be aggressive because you don't want to lose your hair you just want to get rid of some of the water then just blow-dry right away and this will help shape each of your hair strands to your desired hair style and if you want to flick straight hair you can just use a paddle brush and just brush it all back for me I like adding a lot of volume to my hairstyle so I'll blow-dry it upwards and towards the back everybody there is

different I personally have some trouble with some waves right here in this area so I say extra attention to that area when I'm blow-drying and sometimes depending on the day or the weather I'll even bring out the straightener to manage any stubborn waves or curls also guys just a reminder that you should never apply heat to your hair without using some heat protectant products first remember that my first tip to you was to keep your hair healthy I've been using either this Brazilian Blowout one or the super affordable spray from Tresemme which I included in my video for best hair products of 2017 I'm also going to leave a link for that video in the description so you can check it out after this one tip number four you're going to need the right finishing products if you have curly or wavy hair and you straighten it out blow dried egg did all of these things you want to make sure that you maintain that hair style throughout the day obviously so my tip to you would be to get some mediums the ideally high hold clay that will give you the best and longest hold and sometimes that's not even enough you know sometimes I'll spend a lot of time

doing my hair looks perfect I go outside and it's windy and so what I would say is I would use a little bit of hairspray just to keep that from happening I'm going to list some options for you in the description below tip number five has an amazing thing tip number five is probably my favorite one of them all I've always had wavy hair and I tried growing it out a bunch of times and it just looked like so I kind of gave up there for awhile and I thought I probably have bad hair or difficult hair so let's stop there but let me tell you you can do a loss to your hair okay all you need is some research and a lot of patience there are ways to permanently get rid of waves and curls if that's what you want and if you have straight hair don't worry you can do the same to get curls in your hair I've chemically relaxed my hair a few times to get rid of all the waves and it was awesome it finally gave me the chance to experience different hair styles then I learned about the Brazilian Blowout and I instantly loved the results and more importantly how soft my hair was after the process

between the two I would go to blow out chemically relaxing your hair can dry it out and it's definitely more damaging to your hair that blow out actually makes your hair feel amazing so they both last about three months and I have a video on each of these processes listed in the description below so you can go and watch it if that's what you're looking for guys if you made it this far I'm going to ask you for two quick favors one please follow me on instagram at alex casa i've been posting a lot there and updating instagram stories every single day and then too please subscribe because we're on the road to 300,000 subscribers which is huge for me thank you guys so much for watching and i'll see you again very soon peace