13 April 2018

5 Surprising Celebrity Makeup Tips for Fabulous Older Women

What beauty tips would a celebrity makeup artist give to her best friend? We're about to find out! Today, I will share some of my favorite makeup tips from a ...

hi everyone good morning it's Margaret

Manning here welcome to 60 and me and welcome to a new day I hope you're doing great having a wonderful morning or afternoon evening whenever you're joining us here you know we have women all over the world so it's uh it's not surprising to have someone coming home from from work or just giving up first thing in the morning so anyway welcome glad that you're here thank you I've got my cup of tea this morning I'm drinking it's a lemon ginger and had to stop to think but I was most I've got a lovely cup of tea but I was mostly thinking about the cup I bought this little cup in our recycling shop the other day and isn't this the sweetest cup I'm gonna try to turn it round without spilling it this is cute I just love this cup and it's got a right the handle up she's got yellow on it too if you can looks I can turn it it's nice sweet I just really love this cup and so I put my very favorite lemon ginger tea in here and it's it's perfect so actually doesn't really matter what tea is in there at all but I hope that you're doing great I wanted to talk to you today about something that is on my mind because I think it's an important

issue for women in their 60s it's not something that's right for everyone everybody loves makeup but we have a current had a conversation the other day with them area and Paul who is our makeup expert she comes and talks to us about different aspects of makeup and beauty and I've really enjoyed the conversation and we actually wrote an article basically a celebrity makeup artist take on makeup for older women so she's been in the business now for about 40 years so she's a 60 year old woman just like us era and Paul has her own website Marianne Paul calm and her own product line she has a very holistic approach to to makeup and I love her attitude it's not just about the products which of course she's focused on herself but she but it's also the techniques and the attitude and my firm belief that women you know are beautiful at every age and that somehow the goal of applying makeup in your 60s is different from when you're in your 20s and 30s and 40s even 50s that it all changes and you know in their 20s you're thinking about being unique to being different spending not spending a lot on makeup and as you move

through your career stages and into the stage where you're in your 50s and really worried about anti-aging and trying to look younger that's the goal of makeup but in your 60s it's kind of to have fun and to let this person that's inside this younger feeling younger thinking person come out and look it's good on the outside as the inside that's the goal for me anyway and I love makeup I have fun with it but I don't go too crazy and I've done tutorials as you know that were experiment with things but on the whole I I just think makeups fun for just covering some of the little bits that are you know beginning to show and and having having a good time so area and actually as I said was am is a professional makeup artist she said she's looked after celebrities as well at Catherine zeta-jones and Jane Seymour Penelope Cruz she's done their makeup you know for years and she learned a lot she said from them you know from the from the experience that they've had a flying makeup at different ages and dealt with the same issues as we do right you know wrinkles dry eye bags under their eyes dark circles

everything's the same they're just human beings and so she's applied a lot of techniques to them and you know she knows that as you get older you don't need help looking older and more mature like you did when you were younger but you just needed to look fresh and beautiful and she talks about five things Mary Ann that you know really contribute to beauty in your 60s and I really love these these this conversation so I'm gonna just go over it and we can you know we can chat a little bit about it but just I put this scarf on but it's like it's too it's around my neck I should make it a little longer there we go okay let's stay there is it the wet scarves you got to tie them right from the beginning or you end up with a look that you didn't like it anyway it feels good I love these colors and this beautiful I just love this necklace scarf anywho things to think about in terms of beauty attitude number one you can have a positive attitude you know you've got to think about this that there's a point in having makeup and a passion for makeup and it's okay it doesn't have to you know worry about

trying to solve the anti-aging problems or hide all your age spots it's just about having fun being healthy is at the heart of being beautiful in your 60s beautiful skin is healthy skin so you've got to really spend time there almost every day putting you know just putting moisturizer around your face and your eyes particularly because they don't have any oil glands there and just being conscious that good food not eating a lot of processed food establishing a diet not a diet that it's going to be really helpful and could nourish your body and your skin another thing exercise you know like yoga or pilates just things that make your body a blood flow start moving so that that in your that energizes your your skin and your and your inner inner body as well so being healthy is a really really important thing supplements now I actually don't take a lot of skin supplements but there are ones that are available and area and talks about them with me quite a bit now collagen is a super important supplement that a lot of women take there's a company called rejuvenate UK we actually did try some of their products and I really like them

it's a drink that you that helps to stimulate the growth of collagen in your in your body so I think that that's really important another one is vitamin D and reservatrol those are some that help free with your skin the quality of your skin and a multivitamin like a B supplement it's always good to for stress and but you know you can go on and on with supplements and everybody's got their own rhythm and their own preference but it's really important skincare now of course there's basic rules that everybody needs to follow according to Arianne you know remove your makeup at the end the day clean your skin do some exfoliation with just with some you can do with sugar and cream or if we just rub it in or you can buy lots of good exfoliant products and those are ones that you you know just have to do in a regular basis you can actually create your own masks like your own hat homemade masks and those are really cool they're it's easy to make and Erin's a big fan of those too so you know use products that are gonna keep your skin hydrated and and exfoliated get all that

you know that dead skin away terms of makeup now of course makeups are big thing a bit amiss it's really in a way the final touch after you've got created a healthy lifestyle good food great attitude clean skin beautiful moisturized skin is then the makeup and this is where it gets fun because the technology now is kind of ahead of us you know it's it's doing cool things with lighter weight foundations so you don't have to plaster it on you know you can mix it I mix my foundation like today I've got I think it's CC cream from it cosmetics and also I put a bit of a highlighter in which I purchased from Manhattan you know which is a budget line so it's just a mix of different makeups but generally speaking there are lighter gentler prettier makeup it doesn't you know make your lines look as defined if you put a light foundation on so I think that's important tiny bit of concealer is okay I don't I'm not a big believer in concealers but I dare she um area and has a palette that she uses because she has high color like rosacea but she showed us how to put concealer on and I want to show you

real quickly because I'm you this is a Maybelline which is cold it's something like I don't like it but it's anti age effect but still whatever is in it yes it always consistently gets rated very high it's you put the concealer almost like a highlighter not under your skin I can even say if I look down these little bags under my eyes it's just me some minutes sleep some of it's just me but when area puts it on she shows you to place it low like down here there's got like a little sponge on it so I'm just kind of so it's almost on your cheekbone it's not on your up on your eye and then you do this thing called the bull as a pack it's the area and Pat I call it because it's just is that part of stimulating a little puffiness in your it just evens it out now to me I can't really see looking at my mirror at my phone but I can see that it definitely gives a little bit of a glow I'll just do the other side here but again you're almost feeling your cheekbone you're not doing you're not doing it up high under your eye which is where you might think so that's the thing to do with concealers and you don't have to go crazy with them if you

try to hide the liam then brink oh no way it's gonna not gonna work it's there to stay so that's a concealer and even shimmer is really good for you and in certain juices when I was reading an article by Joan Collins she actually put silver just on the edge of her eye and funnily enough I did that started doing this a few months ago - I found this some eyeliner in Boots in the UK I'm gonna do that I never have done this on on-camera actually because it's kind of awkward but I'm gonna try to just put a little bit of silver on my eye here so just bear with me a sec and I'll show you what it does I can just find a way to do it can you see that I really like how that silver looks on your eye and that's just a way of pulling up the eye and it's got a little sparkle in it so it's not you know it's not perfect and I'll just do the other side so I don't look completely different I think that's it there I've got gray on the top of my eyes now I think that was fairly even but it makes a little different so shimmer is okay but in moderation that's kind of why I showed you that because you can play with shimmer but you don't want to do like a

whole I or put shimmer on your cheeks usually blush area and loves cream blushes but also with a touch of powder on top so that's if you use a cream it's too is on longer but then sorry it's nice color but doesn't stay on very long so you put a bit of powder on over top I just use like a translucent this is a Catrice I'm and fine and I just powder to set it and then it stays on longer so these are some ideas just on concealer and shimmer and and blush but we do lots of videos Aryan and I and you can take a look at them and get inspired but in general I think the point is to use good products a range of products Aryan never pushes her own she's recommends bobbi brown Estee Lauder it cosmetics there's so many good products out there today but the fun thing is have fun with it and I think Aryan as a celebrity makeup artist knows the challenges busy women and women who don't want to spend a ton of time on their makeup can use so hope that's been helpful and fun I kind of enjoy putting this shimmer on my eyes I have to go out somewhere now and done but anyway I hope it's been useful for you and that you've

got some ideas that you take with you into your day if you've got any little tricks and tips that you'd like to share please leave them in the section below and I look forward to joining this conversation about makeup in your 60s take good care everybody I'll talk to you again soon bye bye for now