20 December 2018


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have anyone so I mean what I right now

and it's pouring outside so I wanted to film a video and I did a histogram question for late ideas of what you found and if someone left an answer to do a fired product only make up look so that's what I'm gonna do I have my products in front of me right now and yeah so we're just gonna jump right into it I'm like I always take my feet and I know so first thing we're gonna go in with a concealer heart-shaped cake concealer she laid neutral we're not even using it so yeah I hate this 'ready and I'm just gonna put on my chin no forehead [Music] my then we want a lot because if it's literally gonna be our foundation don't we think no hood to cover though something like this using it and then I'm going to go in with my more feet sponge blending [Music] sorry if I keep looking like dis way it cuz I have with me everywhere a little bit on machine [Music]

okay and I'm gonna kick mine mine was he at the time I wanted 7:30 but we're forgetting get around my heart and then blend out look [Music] this lighting that really makes me love you but it's the only place where actually it is in a bad mood the lighting is so let's buzz chemisty all right now I'm gonna go in with my Maybelline fit me powder I mean she'd fit late put into cat so I'm gonna go in with the morphine easy for eight brush like that [Music] can [Music] or [Music] sorry sheep inhaling back family who likes someone in does back there meters like [Music] and then I'm going to take ey5 took a little bit for [Music] so it kind of adds more coverage and then it does the validation no not that you can that can do it also [Music]

okay and then we're gonna you bronze they're depicted on we're gonna round it up court and I'm gonna keep it on my contour bursting system OCD I'm a 405 brush and kind of a contour with this [Music] [Music] thank you that and I'm gonna do you know it's contour with this awesome Elena now getting a contour with does know that we're gonna bond here also [Music] and communicate my morphe 4-3-3 it's like a fluffy brush and for that and she be not Sedona also put it on my crease [Music] now I'm gonna [Music] if in the anastagi of our word in the ground [Music] [Music] and I'm gonna take my morphe for time which it was just like a flat like a brush and my computer clean up my brows [Music] [Music] and now I'm gonna curl my eyelashes I don't even know where I got it from but just an eyelash

[Music] and then I'm going to use my climax mascara [Music] [Music] anything that would be five powder [Music] I'm gonna do you two optional products so I'm gonna that might be just because I always here I can you tripped on my face and then you can leave it I do it's fine I put on like a lip balm it's a stick I found one you do a lip stick with a pop of color with a very natural fee that makes you look like you a lot of time when you're doing again I'm gonna go in with the Geoffrey stars hi how are you Holiday Collection liquid lipstick [Music] [Music] [Music] and then that word is basically it I don't have it um I just feel like we're done only one concealer no foundation and it's like a powder and I feel flat without I love it but this is a look you can do if you're in a rush you work or you go to school and you

don't have a lifetime to get ready so that's it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it make sure to subscribe comment down below and like this video follow me on all my social medias so you know what I'm up to you well I'm not up we're in and yeah have a blessed day I'll see you guys in my next one