30 January 2019

5 product makeup challenge | Ritu Rajput

Check out my 5-product makeup look created in just 5 minutes flat! #makeuptutorial #makeupchallenge Products used: 1. Revlon Colorstay concealer: Deep 2.

hey guys welcome back to my channel in

this video I'm going to do this makeup look using just five products and I only have five minutes at hand literally I'm heading out right now so I had to do my makeup I thought might as well you know record it for YouTube and share what my top five products are for when I have Valium at a time and I need to do my makeup with very limited products if you're interested in knowing what all partners have used to get this look keep watching and if you're new here please don't forget to subscribe to my channel so the first product that I'm going to use is a concealer I'm using the Revlon Colorstay concealer I'm in the shade D and this has been you know a constant favorite since a lot of years I really like this concealer and I'm going to use it under my eyes and to conceal any discolorations or any spots that I want to conceal so let's get started [Music] [Music] since I'm using minimum number of products I thought I will also use a minimum number of brushes so I'm just going to use one brush for this tutorial the next thing that I'm going to do is do my brows and for that I'm using the

Maybelline and Gigi Hadid eyebrow pencil the brow pencil I am in the shade dark brown there are only two shades on this one and I have a complete you know video on this range I'll link it in the description box down below and also somewhere on the screen over here so you can check that out doing your brows is really important your brows frame your face and using this product this specific product because this is you know a crayon like product and it will not only fill in the brows it will also set the brows because it is a little waxy so now I'm going to do my brows just filling in any sparse areas and you can already see the difference between the two brows so I'm going to finish off the next one also now and you can see all the difference this is making to my face right now before applying any powder I want to use a cream product and the only one that I'm going to use today is this clinic lipstick this is the clinic pop matte lipstick in the shade this is one of my favorite shades of pink and I'm going to use this on my cheeks as well as on my lips but I'm going to do my lips last once I've done

the powder so that you know things don't get muddled up so I'm going to use this on my cheeks and blend it out and you know use that hint of color as a blush you go easy on in the pigment because you don't want to look like a clown now you could also use a product like this as you know a hint of color on your eyes but I'm not a fan of using anything that's not meant for the eyes on my eyes because I have very sensitive eyes but if you can deal with that by all means go ahead with that my eyes are very sensitive so I like I'd like to avoid doing that next I'm going to use a powder and the one that I'm using is the like may 9 to 5 natural finishing powder again I have a full video on you know a review on this range I'm going to link it somewhere and go check it out the only tool that I'm using in this video is this powder brush this is the Sigma f30 large powder brush my favorite powder brush of all time and I'm going to set everything now with a powder and the reason why I'm using this specific powder because it has a little bit of very tiny bit of sheen to it and it gives a nice glow to the skin so you know I'm going to miss using a

highlighter because this is going to give you a little bit of you know that glow without using too many products [Music] it also takes away the shine and set your concealer and gives you a glow so it does everything with just one product I really really like do excuse the Lipton that I was already wearing on my lips I was a little lazy happens with all of us in the real world this video I'm doing this video as I'm genuinely about to leave for somewhere in like five minutes the next product and the last product that I'm going to use is the mascara the one that I'm using is Benefit BADgal Bank mascara and this is my current favorite mascara is really important you don't need to do an elaborate eye makeup till you're wearing a mascara because it instantly opens up your eyes and you know gives you that really polished effect without too much of drama or effort and I'm literally not even curling my lashes today like being lazy to the max [Music] also I'd like to use this to you know lightly set my brows just outer ends so

that they stay in place all day and that's about it so I'm going back to the lipstick which I have already used on my lip on my cheeks and I'm going to apply it on my lips and I'm done with the makeup so this is the final finished look that I have I've used literally just five products I've just used five products and use just one brush all product links are going to be in the description box down below as usual and now I need to head out I am in a bit of a rush please do let me know your top 5 products for a situation like this in the comments down below don't forget to hit the subscribe button and the notification bell to stay updated with my new videos and I'll see you guys in the next one buh-bye [Music] you [Music]