14 January 2019

$5 or cheaper full face makeup review 👏

Hi and welcome back! I'm this video I wanted to do a full face of all AliExpress makeup and see if they are any good! Some were amazing and some were so ...


hello and welcome back again today I wanted to show you guys a makeup look using at some of these glitter eyeshadows and what I got on I wanted to purchase a bunch of cheap makeup and do a video so that you guys would know if it's worth the money now a lot of these items were purchased all about five dollars over less and I just wanted to see if they are really worth the money or if you can save your money and if you keep on watching you'll definitely know that I've loved the eyeshadows I got chill bumps and this is one of them they work amazing I think there's such good pigmentation and I would definitely give it a thumbs up for you guys buying it so just stay tuned to see what the look that we have created also don't forget to Like and subscribe to my channel and clicking the little bow down below so you don't miss out on any video that I upload let's get into it so I decided to test out makeup from Aliexpress and everything in here is probably about like five dollars or less so we'll see how it works I'll link it down below for everything that I purchased and oh how much these things were so the first thing we'll be going

in is with our primer this is just like a regular clear primer so we'll just put this all over skin I don't know how these products will work so bear with me and hopefully this won't be too crazy of a long video I'm just hoping these products will work I also just hope I don't like breakout from any of these products because they are super cheap so far so good this feels super nice I would compare this to I mean this is just like a nice mattifying one of those like pore filling primers it feels really good on my skin super soft it's kind of reminds me of like one of the Smashbox one the only thing that I didn't order that I forgot was a brow pencil and a lip thing but I thought I'm not gonna wait any longer because this has been a to my place for a very long time now for our foundation at this is what I got it's like a derma it's supposed to be like extra full coverage hopefully this is my shape the power didn't have any set to it at all so that wasn't like too bad if this was my shade this would totally be really pretty I do like the way it blends out it's really flawless I'm actually surprised on that no pick

normally foundations don't blend out this pretty but it actually is pretty cool so the next thing that I thought was kind of intriguing is I ordered a just to show you so I'm actually kind of curious how this won't work because if you guys don't watch any of my videos I do really love this primer concealer I think it works pretty amazing and it even looks like the same product the only thing that I've noticed is like literally the packaging everything is the same with this barcode and they normally it'll be like on the side this is a pretty light one so I think maybe this will solve our problem with not being so Orange I mean it's not like too much off but you could definitely see that it's a difference and I'm curious to how this concealer will work because it's got the same spoolie like literally everything it's identical to the thing to the real thing this will look really white on me but once we blend it out it won't be so bad I mean so far it blends out really nice it actually just brightens up my skin and kind of gives me a little bit of the brightening effect so it's actually working pretty well I'm always kind of

skeptical when it comes to like super cheap products because I just always think that they won't work I mean I pretty sure this was concealer was like five dollars or something like it was super cheap compared to the twenty five dollar one that also sells like this is I don't know what they made it from but you know some of those websites they will just make the cheapest thing so I have to check it out now we're just gonna go in with our powder and I did purchase just like a regular loose powder to the what it looks like it's just like a nice loose powder now this is where the real test will come curious of this will keep my foundation mattifying all day because that's kind of sometimes what I look for in powders [Music] it's served really well I mean it's brighten up my skin a little bit I do think it looks pretty good for the most part like it actually looks pretty flawless I don't think I'm going to be able to tell that like super cheap I'll be going in with my it says a powder blush but it looks so Brown Zee that I'll just use this as my bronzer but you really like that this blush is

almost like a bronzy blush so you can wear it super natural or you can kind of see how it like contour my skin already and I do really like that it's bronzy color so we're just not gonna have a blush in this video but you know we got a really pretty next product that I'll be using I do really like that this is very pigmented a lot of even expensive bronzers they're just not pigmented so it makes it really hard to put it on your skin I feel like you just got our keep rubbing we're thing and there's like nothing so this has really good pigmentation now this one is super excited because when I open it I'm like it looks so pretty I'd be comparing those two like I'm back off this is what it looks like it's just a nice like bronzy shimmer highlight it is so pretty that is so pretty I'm kind of surprised that so far all other products have been super pigmented they've actually worked really nice and just making tomorrow [Music] can you talk until winding you this is definitely really pretty this is so pigmented whoa I knew this was gonna be a good one yeah

definitely I would compare this to some of my other favorites that I do where I do really like that this is like so pigmented Wow I mean I am pretty sure this was like a dollar something or two dollars like it was super cheap for the brows that is something that I forgot to order so I'll just use my regular brow pencil I actually just found like an le girl that I used to have so this was just super cheap for the sake of this video wanting to keep all the products cheap even if the ones I didn't order so I'll just fill in my brows and be right back for you guys now we'll be going in with our eye primer and this is the one that I got it's like an HD eyeshadow base and I will see if this one works really well or if it can be pretty so much what I normally like to use and I did really like that it was just a nice kind of concealer base type so we'll see how this one actually works if it'll hold our eyeshadow in place it's pretty light it is super super sheer so I'm actually curious if this will work cuz it says that well normally with my eye shadow primers I do like using things that are pretty pigmented to make a really nice

base for your eyeshadow so hopefully this'll work now what I'm super excited about is to actually show you guys the a few of eyes shadows because I thought those were super pigmented and they worked really well they just looked super pretty and I wanted to see they will work just as good as it seems like so I have a few pallets this is one of them and they're all just like beauty glaze I don't know if that's like a different brand that caught you soot of beauty but this is like it's pretty identical to the tune of beauty like the whole thing and I thought these were just really pretty colors now I would never buy these colors for a lot of money because I know that I'm not gonna use them a lot and then this is another beauty glaze look at all those and they're super pigmented so I'm curious if they will actually stay on the eye or not but I thought they were so pretty and I would never really spend money on something like that so I thought I'd pick it up and see how these will work and if they will actually stand I or if it's just a glitter on top of the eyeshadow so I will mostly work with some of the Browns and the greens and I

will go in and try to pick out that color that matches the best and the other one so I'll just be starting with this one and that one a pigmentation is really nice like it picked up a really good amount and I'm just gonna go ahead and put that all over my crease pick up a little bit of the darker green and put it in the outer corner to try to smoke it ouch these are so pigmented oh my gosh look at that it's like full of green these are actually really pretty I don't know what these are made of or from but that's looking really cool so let me know have you guys ever tried any super cheap makeup and how did it work for you I'm kind of curious to know and I'll just be picking up this darker green it's a little shimmery so we'll just have a shimmery eye and I'll put them in the outer corner I kind of want to darken it up a little more actually didn't expect this fella to work this well I thought it would be that pigmentation because of literally I think I paid like three five dollars maybe for those they don't remember there we go I vote too crazy with my look so I'll

pick up a little bit of this one and then that has a hint of like silvery green tone to it so I'll just use the mixture of those and put it on what is in these things this is shocking you know sometimes you pick up those crazy shimmery glitter and by the time you put it on your eye it's all over the place it literally just transfers from my finger to my eye without falling how is bad for cheap I gotta say you guys I'm pretty surprised this is making my look now look pretty glamorous and I didn't think about that it'll actually be like this I'm surprised with how this glitter picks up and like what's left on my finger after I put it on my eye like this is pretty impressive I'll use this one and just put it in my inner corner just to finish up my look I definitely give it a thumbs up for this palette you guys it's so amazing like it doesn't it's pressed glitter but it doesn't come off and it doesn't become like loose when I pick it up it's just on my finger and it stays on my finger so the next to complete our look I did pick up this liner it's a looked super fancy so I

just thought it'd be super fun to get it this is what it looks like it's like this little I'm not fan of the little brush that it has but you know we'll just work with it and see how it actually works I mean I'm just having difficulty because of this type of brush it just drank some of the glitter on and that's the only thing that's giving me a hard time that's why I don't like these type of like kind of looks like a marker but it's not I did the best I could what's on the last thing that completes her look is the thickening a lengthening mascara now I thought maybe there would be I really hope this kind of works it reminds me how's it better than sex mascara because it's a little II like the same color it even looks pink like Olga thought you guys it does so that is my look what do you guys think I the most thing that I've enjoyed about this whole experience as I do really love this palette I think these colors are gorgeous it made my look look so glamorous I definitely recommend if you guys are looking for the thing that I think you can definitely save your money on or

just buy a few things that will work is the eyeshadows because they especially like the beauty glaze now that I've tried it I really like the way it works and I think they're super pigmented they work really nice or even just for this one that has all of these really pretty colors like I'm pretty shocked with the way it works and I think it works really well so the thing that I would definitely repurchase if I wanted some a few other colors is the palettes another thing that I might have repurchased is or that I would is probably a foundation I do think it works really well it just wasn't the best of my shade but overall I did really enjoy this experience let me guys know if you've ever bought any of the products makeup related items from Aliexpress and if you used it if you really liked it so put it in the comments below thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video bye [Music]