06 June 2019

5 Minute Makeup Using 5 Products - All Drugstore!

Hey there! Today we'll be saving time and money with another 5 minute makeup look using only 5 products - all from the drugstore! By choosing makeup that ...

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dishonor on you saundra new cow hey there i'm olivia thanks so much for joining me today i'm gonna be doing another one of my five minute makeup looks using only five products so this is a really fun little series that i love to do where basically i try to pick out five products that's ten where i try to pick out five products that can be used in kind of a multitasking way and do a makeup look that only takes five minutes so today i'm using things that are all drugstore pricing so the first thing i chose is kind of an all-over complexion product is the Milani soft focused glow complexion enhancer I've very recently got this so I haven't gotten to try it out of time but as I understand it's just kind of a diffusing illumination that goes all over so I don't expect it to have any coverage per se but just kind of give an all-over glow that kind of helps to you know blur a few things that we we don't want super obvious because it doesn't have anything really in terms of like covering up spots I did pick out a concealer this one is my L'Oreal True Match this one is in the shade fairy light and this one it's just gonna be good for some spot

concealing underneath my eyes really anywhere where I feel like I want some actual coverage and not just kind of a glow so next I picked out my wet and wild cushion contour this one is in the shade cafe la I think this is the only shade that they have for this particular product but this one of course I'm going to use it as a cream bronzer but I also would like to try to fill in my brows with it I'm not sure if it's gonna be quite pigmented for that but we'll give it a shot and then depending on how much time I have I could also use this on my eyes to kind of deepen things up a bit the main focus of my eyes though I want to be this uLTA Beauty cream eyeshadow and liner this one is in the shade naked truth - very pretty like off-white kind of shimmery color so I think that this is gonna be really pretty all over the lid inner corner could do it underneath the brow bone depending I could even probably use it as a little bit of a cheek highlight depending on time I'll definitely have to work fast because I know that it can set down kind of quick but I do think it could be really pretty but I might get enough glow just from this product so we'll see how it goes

the last one biggest L'Oreal I can't actually remember whom but it's the voluminous million lashes excess this is just black mascara nothing do you fancy about it but it'll just kind of help to tie everything together so that's all the products that I chose we'll go ahead and start the timer and let's do this [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so that's everything overall I'd say I'm pretty happy with how this load turned out I definitely like how it looks very glowy that's kind of a central theme of how these looks that I've been doing trying to do something just very kind of light and glowy for the skin I feel like I'm able to get away with having less products and having things kind of serve more purposes or to skip them all together if I don't have a really like heavy full coverage foundation down because I feel like I'm gonna have a heavy full coverage foundation then I also need to have like a powder to set things down with so that like products on top don't stick and I don't know I just feel like

it would look kind of weird to have like a really heavy foundation and then like hardly anything for like lips or eyes that's just me though personally but speaking of eyes I really like how that shadow stick turned out it's definitely subtle but that's okay I just like that kind of light glow I didn't end up adding anything extra to my cheeks because honestly I feel like it's so glowy like I definitely don't feel the need for any additional highlight I really like this product I'm honestly surprised at how much I like it because I know that it got a little bit of backlash because it was a little bit more on the expensive end for drugstore of course I actually got this on sale for like eight dollars I think so that's not terrible but I know it retails for more but I just really like how it looks I feel like the older I get and the less problems I have with acne I still get breakouts every now and then but not nearly as often I'm much more attracted to the idea of having something like this where it's just very glowy and you can really see your skin through it and you just look like healthy so I'm happy about that

I think the mascara did a good job I liked how that bronzer worked I really liked the tone of that one I've had it for a long time and I really enjoy it the only thing that I'm not like hugely a fan of is the brows and honestly it's just because of the color I mean I wasn't expecting it to be a great match and it's definitely much lighter and much than my actual brows I often say that but it feel like it's especially bad this key but it's I mean it's not the end of the world I'm still gonna go out about the rest of my day like it's fine I'm happy with it so I hope you enjoyed I hope you found this helpful I hope you had fun as well if you get interested in seeing future videos definitely make sure you subscribe and I hope I see you can soon I