21 December 2018

5 min Face Makeup💋

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hey guys oh what's up its Ireland

welcome back to my youtube channel today I'm going to be doing a new and improved 5 minute natural makeup look today is gonna be a little less natural and more like bold but still naturally if probably use everyday if you're a little older so yeah let's get started so first things first I am gonna prime even though it is nighttime I'm still gonna prime because you're probably gonna wear this every day and not just at night so I'm just gonna apply that where I would apply your concealer or foundation you this is a tutorial so I am gonna go but if we do have to go a little quick so since we have to a quick or different rub that and with our hands are your hands so this will just keep your makeup on all day and help for creasing and yeah basically that next I'm using my Maybelline fit me concealer in number 20 Sun sorry if you can't see that so we're just gonna apply that under under my eyes I'm sorry that was crooked and anywhere where I've imperfections I'm going to you blend that in and with my damp Beauty sponge from Real Techniques if you're wondering this is from the brush crush snail they just had or have pretty sure they're still having

but it's like a limited edition so I need to get my mirror I know it's gonna be dragging my foundation or my concealer but I'm just like dabbing and pulling a little bit that'll just help with blending you know help the process goodbye a little quick if you really are like wearing foundation and concealer I recommend a brush because that's honestly just quicker next we're gonna set I'm gonna I'm using the Maybelline fit me powder in 125s nude beige with the elf complexion brush and they're really cute I got them in a set for like ten dollars and it's like seven brushes for like ten dollars which is a really good deal there's a really good powder for all over the face so now that we're done with that we're gonna go into bronzer so I use the Avon true color bronzer and warm glow and the elf fullest face brush I just burn a little bit since I'm naturally tanned make sure it's blended I go really quick with this because of course you only have five minutes to make up morning lashes next we're just using the Avon true color blush and anti-frizz it gives a little bit of color

next I will do highlighter and I use the elf moonlight pros highlighter and the more vm3 one zero and this is a really good highlight in my opinion after that I'll blend it in with my sponge a little bit after this we only have one minute so we really need to be quick so first next we're just gonna brush through my brows or I'm gonna brush through my brows and you're gonna brush do your brows and I will do this with my eyelashes as well brush through them with this and now yeah that's how I would do my face makeup in five minutes is usually how I do my makeup every single day because it's cute I'm actually gonna post a another video of how I will do a quick eye shadow look in five minutes so you wonder how to do that watch my next video so without further ado that's a nice video see you guys later [Music]