18 April 2018

5 Makeup Tips For Glasses | GRWM

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hey guys welcome back to our channel

it's down here today I'll be sharing with you five makeup tips for glasses as I do my makeup you guys so notice I do wear prescription glasses and in today's video I four different pairs from this online retailer called I buy to write this round shape I've just really been loving as you've probably noticed Shane I styling them with a lot of our outfits and our maximizing your wardrobe series and then I've been wanting a transparent Franken glasses for the longest time oh by the way they come in these really really cute cases this one's brown and this one is cream anyways back to what I was saying I've been really wanting transparent Frank glasses for the longest time so I really loved these here and this last one here is more of a square shape just overall very stylish glasses that you could pair with any outfit it would look great if you're interested I will link them down in the description box I honestly had no idea you can even order prescription glasses online but I buy direct does make it as easy as ordering really anything online all you do is select the frame of your choice put in your prescription and

select your lights and you should be good to go for those of you that don't wear prescription glasses and you just want a glass is for styling purposes they do offer digital protection lenses for people that spend a lot of time in front of the screen in which we are all guilty of but yeah I wouldn't gotten it my foundation in my eyebrows just to speed up the process now we're going to conceal and today I will be using maybelline instant age rewind in the shade fair this isn't a stuff that I can afford a skip anyway especially when you're wearing makeup for glosses you definitely want to conceal your dark circles because your glasses tend to cast a shadow over your eyes they accentuate your dark circle your eyebags so it's very crucial to keep this area nice and bright and I'm just tapping the product and using my ring finger I'm trying to avoid putting too much product on my eyelids because they crease so easily it's so annoying I've been breaking up quite a bit you guys probably can't tell on screen though because all the lighting and then I'm just using my Beauty Blender to

blend all of that in by the way for today's foundation I am using the cause rx clear fit blemish cushion I recently started using this like a week and a half ago and I love it like I mentioned I've been working out quite a bit so I wanted to find something that was safer for me to use as opposed to heavy foundations that would clog my pores and then break me out some more and I did some research and a lot of people like this wine I'm glad I tried it because it has very good coverage and it also is very long-lasting so I definitely recommend this the only thing is that it doesn't come with an extra cushion so there's not that much product in there but overall I really like it and hasn't broken me out to send that foundation I'm gonna use the Laura Mercier setting powder no I'm just gonna lightly set though because I don't want a very matte face I prefer that little do you like you know those annoying red marks on the bridge of your nose that your glasses tend to give you after you even wearing them for a long period of time that's like my biggest nuisance with wearing glasses the best way to prevent that from happening is making sure to set

your foundation so it doesn't rub off onto your glasses and you may only want to focus on your nose range of course and your cheeks cuz that's where your glasses rise so I'm just gonna do some extra setting in those areas I'm taking the Sigma tapered blending e-40 brush and I'm just gonna grab some product and just brush that onto my cheekbones as well as my nose bridge just to make sure that area is set and your makeup will not budge for the ice you should go for something more natural to prevent your makeup from leaking too heavy through your lens today I will be using the Anasazi of Modern Renaissance palette I just really like all the colors in here I think that I could do my whole eye like with it because I'm gonna keep it quite simple for the all-over lid look I'm gonna use Primavera which is this very pretty shimmery golden color just using my finger to apply this all over the lid as a base I thought with shimmery shadows I have better control when I use my fingers so that's why I prefer it however for the bottom lashline since it is a little bit more precise I am gonna use the Sigma

pencil a32 get fine a little bit of Deb I am gonna go away right ochre and also mix it with antique bronze I like that reddish color if I don't want to right so that's why I'm gonna mix it to blend out the mercial line so I'm gonna use nudie from the Too Faced natural eyes great so that's that eyeliner I'm gonna use my NYX matte liquid liner this is like my favorite right now tight lining my eyes using the usual covergirl then I'm gonna apply a little bit of eyeliner on my lower lash line you know that's that but for me it's gonna scare it I'm gonna curl my lashes you want to curl your lashes so they don't hit against the lens although this isn't a huge problem with mine unfortunately because I was not blessed with long lashes but I'm still gonna do this stuff now for mascara it's best to use a waterproof mascara so it doesn't flake off this one is the Maybelline the falsies volume expressed I'm not gonna use fake lashes but for those of you that you want to use it I recommend one shorter in length and maybe not too thick because you still want to have without natural eye look kit for the eye look now I'm going to contour my face

using the Kat Von D shade + light palette for blush let me use this to face left flush and your love is king the for highlighter we're going to use the Too Faced candlelight glow for the lips I do this all the time I always aligned with Urban Decay's naked then you see me wear this lipstick quite a bit but today I'm using Sephora raisin and what I do is I just place it on the center of my lips I create this gradient look and one thing I really like to do is I add a darker eyeshadow on to the center of my lips just to deepen the color if it's a little bit too bright for my liking and I am gonna use let me see so now this palette Cyprus I'm hurt I don't I'm buttering that for short I'm just gonna grab a little bit of this color it's like a very deep brown and I'm gonna place L this center of my lips as well it gives it this very pretty ombre like necessarily deep inside color okay I think that's [Applause] [Music] alright yeah hope you found these tips helpful if you enjoy this video please

give me a thumbs up if you are not a subscriber to our channel please do subscribe we upload new videos every single week leave me a comment down below to read because I love reading them other than that I will see you in the next video bye [Music]