16 May 2017


These are 5 makeup tips that i learnt from Charlotte Tilbury herself when she trained me! Hope you like them :) Favourite Charlotte Tilbury Products: Magic ...

here everyone identi today I'm going to

be giving you some makeup tips that I received directly from Charlotte Tilbury and before I get on with it is let me show you how it all happened so just before Charlotte launched her makeup line and I obviously knew who she was long long before any makeup line I returned to her PR department because I had heard that there was going to be a makeup line and it was really really kind of quiet about it and they go back to me and said yes there will be makeup line and she's going to be doing some press and this was months and months and months before anything got released and would you like to come along to it I look fantastic so I went to London and I went to Charlotte studio which is in London and there was this really huge table and all of these journalists were there and then there was me just a single makeup artist there as well and she came into the room and I just remember being absolutely blown away by just what you see on YouTube is exactly as she is she's exactly like that in real life she is incredibly passionate and incredibly inspiring and it was the most incredible morning hearing about how she created these products what she

was trying to achieve and it was just so mesmerizing and inspiring to listen to it and for somebody who may or may not know I use a lot of Tom Ford products and Charlotte Aubrey was responsible for the Tom Ford make it mine she was a genius behind that line and a lot of people don't know that but it's true she was and so I had this incredible day and the line launch and it was phenomenal as you all know and I use well I use all of it and then what happened is I contacted um Charlotte people and I said to them do you think I could hire a shark for a day I would like to be taught by her I would like it everything that she knows and I've no idea they were going to say and they were like yeah sure so what happens is role fast forward is the end of December and this is years ago now and I'm going to see hero and it was the end of December and the date came up and I went to London and I got to spend the entire day with Charlotte and she allowed me to film the entire day and the model and everything that she was doing so I could not only watch it there lighter but I had a reference point when I came home

so I could absorb all the information that was being given and I'm going to be sharing with you now the tips that I learned from that day so let's make a start first thing was the moisturizer shall I use a huge amount of moisturizer and this is something I've talked about before she used an incredible amount more than I've ever seen not only on the face on the neck down the arms anything that was visible because you can't have if you go reading matte face but then there's lots of shine on the arm Charlotte likes everything to be very cohesive so there was an incredible amount of moisturizer and then an incredible amount of wonder glow put on as well another tip is that sometimes she will also find one to go over the foundation as well to keep his skin and extra shine depending on the little finger going for but the amount of moisturizer was key because it gave the skin an incredibly chewy look so the next thing was that she allowed her moisturizer to sink into the skin after she'd applied it she would come through the lashes should come through the brows this is the moisturizer time to absorb this go on to the second thing which is

foundation she used the foundation brush to apply the makeup with but she then used her fingers she blended everything with her hand and her fingers she would concealer she used the thing is there was not a single sponge used the entire day so that was just because you know we're all he's going to be the guy that she just used her hand everything was blended then then this is the key bet she moved on and coming through the price again come through the lashes she scrubbed the list to make sure that they were soft for the application of lipstick later on and while that was being done it allowed the foundation time to set naturally on the skin because foundation you put some on your hand and go away in sauce the set and that's the key because then she could use much less powder because she tends to patent just the t-zone only but because she's left that time nothing's moving when you're applying the powder because it's already preset so that was really interesting because I always want to track she was able to apply blusher to say this area when she hadn't tired of it and it's because she took the time to allow it to set or preset before

applying powder down the center so that was just incredible again minimal powder as I mentioned down the t-zone Charlotte almost always at least for training with me elongates the brow and the reason being is because she quite likes very one of the cat's eyes were putting the IO and if you don't elongate the Brian because then the tail of the eyeshadow meets the tail of the brown I talked about this Lots in videos but that way you get the illusion of wider said eyes or more feline eyes so always about elongating the brown shows I mentioned about face shapes as well if the fascia is longer then she all makes the eye shadows underneath the eye thicker to compensate for that to kind of shorten the face in in that kind of regard the same if you've got a very very small thing it would be much smaller underneath with regards to I shake this same principles were actually pretty much the same Charlotte as far as I'm aware she will use shimmer on anybody at any time regardless of whether they got hooded eyes or aging eyes doesn't matter she's a fan of shimmer and I found as well with clients that tends to be when you reach over 40

intend to start loving Shemin even more and it really is about how they feel and that's something that I took into consideration because I was always very much about matte shades on the eyes and I realized that if something makes you feel good that's really what's most important another thing that she did that I almost never did was she sharpened a pencil when she was doing the ice eyeliner and lip liner when she's doing the lead line - sharpen a pencil she would draw the outline here then she sharp a pencil then she'd draw the bottom and she child again so it was like four times to complete the lid when doing the eyes he sharpened at least twice to get that eyeliner perfect she also use q-tips off by definitely interview the foundation ones above all magic room to clean up any edges ran the lip underneath the eyes whatever was whatever needed doing she was also a fan of something actually this is totally totally different but she has her own brush line and brush the brush is crazy on to a pencil brush and a crease brush and when I first first met her my brushes were already in production

they'd already been made they were just waiting to be shipped and when I saw her two brushes I was like thank God because I didn't have any flat eyeshadow brushes in my original collection they will all crease brushes and I said to her why don't you have these flat brushes and she literally reiterated what I said they're just too much to work with with a crease brush you can do the lid work you can do the crease where if you could blend with it I was off and it made me feel better that about how I use brushes because I only use crease brushes to apply eyeshadow with never flat brushes but anyway and finally and I think because the tips that I gave you are honestly truly true tips I've seen from up with regards to patterning because it's tease an application because the foundation has a really preset at the end of the make up of charlatans to look at the face and see if there's any more powdered necessary and where those areas might be necessary but it's almost always in the to zone during my time with her and watching her because I got film videos with her as well for YouTube she never once applied any excess powder around the perimeter

of the face but she would use bronzer and highlighter but she would never prepared of those areas because of that setting process and that's it that's the tips I learned from her and it's incredible I still got the video it's just a wonderful wonderful reference point to me and she's such a good honest decent person as well and what you see is truly what you get when you watch her you're inspired because she's so knowledgeable about her skill and it comes across and her willingness to share all her tips and secrets with everyone is what sets her apart from a lot of makeup artists there you go thank you watching and I'll see you all next time bye bye