26 November 2018

5 Eyeshadow Palettes I Don't Reach For

We have palettes we reach for daily and those palettes we forget existed. Check out the palettes I rarely use and reach for in this video. xoxo, Jasmine For any ...

hi everyone welcome back to my channel

so Jay back with a brand new video and it's actually going to be about some pallets so today I'm gonna share with you guys five pallets in my collection that I don't reach for so if you guys are interested in finding out what they are then please stay tuned and also don't forget to hit the button down below so I'm just gonna jump right in here so everybody has pallets in their collection that they don't reach for and I really noticed lately like the pallets that I always skip over so I'll just begin like they're in no particular order but the very first pallet that I'm gonna talk about is the it's my ray-ray pallet so this is one of the only few pallets I actually bought in 2018 I didn't really buy that many pallets I think this and the soft glam palette I did get some others through boxycharm but this is one I bought I bought it at Ulta so I do really like it's my ring ray and when I saw this palette I was like oh my goodness like I really need it it's so pretty it was made with BH Cosmetics um after buying it like I haven't used this in like months probably so these are all the colors that you get you can see I have kind of

dug into the glittery colors like Alison I've used in fairytale but everything else like isn't really loved and then it has these highlighters and these contours the contours are just a little bit too off for me like I can't really use this color chai I could probably just use this color and this color is way too dark same with like this highlight french toast it's pretty dark too I have used radiant and moonlight is just not kind of my jam because it's so light the quality isn't bad of these I'd say I just I just don't reach for it and I think it's just because there's nothing kind of sorry my cat is just going crazy right now there's just nothing that really draws me in but I do want to try to use up more of my palette so maybe I'll like make a challenge where I can only use this palette for a week let me know if you guys would like to see that another palette I did get this in 2018 I got it through boxycharm that was the boxycharm and pure pallet so this pallet was really hyped up like they had a brand trip about it and all these influencers were like oh my goodness this is the best pallet I find the

quality of this terrible I've barely used it it did fall and break so you can see like this dark color here is all smashed I use kind of the peachy color perfect this is what it looks like actually so you can see I haven't really dug in that much but like that blue really drew me in but I found it wasn't very pigmented it was very hard to blend and you can see like I've dug in pretty hard because I found these weren't paying evented they weren't lasting on my lids a lot of the colors are the same too like there's maybe like a shade difference between like oh I just stuck my finger in it there's only like a maybe a few pigments different of this but I really didn't like this palette I didn't like the quality of it and I don't know why I still have it I don't even think I can try to use it like I would say this is what the Ray Ray palette is way better than this but this is definitely not up to pure standards you can tell it was kind of just made for boxy chair and mass production I think that's just my opinion the next palette I haven't reached for in a while but I absolutely did love it like probably about a year ago but I

found I was getting into makeup when I bought it I didn't have a lot and I kind of wondered now I'm like why did I buy this palette but it was the Tarte a graveyard girl swamp Queen palette so this was their collaboration with bunny and everybody was talking about it but now I find like you never hear anything about this palette okay sorry my camera ran out of memory so the next palette I'd like to talk about is the Tarte and graveyard girls swamp clean palette so this was a palette that was done in collaboration with bunny I did get it at Black Friday I think I don't think it was last year I think it was the year before um but this was before I had a lot of palettes and I really liked the color it's a really cool toned palette I haven't really used very much though okay it helped with I can like you can see like I've only really like duck into sassy bun and natural peaches and I guess big baby a lot of the colors like dog man I haven't even really used it all um the highlighter and blush and bronzer I haven't used the blush is pretty the highlighter is pretty but the bronzer looks like crap it's very hard

to blend and it's a really warm tone color I don't like warm tone bronzers like I'm all about like the cooler tones this palette does still smell really good but yeah like it's just I'm not crazy about the colors either it is a cooler tone palette and probably would have one better today with today's kind of look but yeah like I loved this palette but clearly I didn't use it that much for loving it so much so I never do reach for this um another palette that I've never reached for and this is kind of embarrassing I hope my friends not watching um but she gave me the Stila perfect me perfect shoe palette and tan deep which was so sweet of her to give me this so this palette was actually won when I first saw it launched like a few years ago I was like oh my goodness I need this palette but then I wasn't accessible in Canada and then I was a lot of money so I was like I won't bother so it actually comes with four eyeshadow I think it's four I don't know if that's like an eyeshadow no it's a base so it comes with four eyes shadows

and then two blushes so this is what it looks like and I just find the colors are very strange like I totally understand like these three they are these three kind of pinkier tones but then this black like I just I would never blend a black into that and I don't even think it would look good like I think a darker darker Brown would have looked better and then this blush color is just it's too much for me I don't mind this peachy one I think it's pretty and this base would be okay to put for your eyeshadow but I just find like whoever created this palette like it's just not I don't know it's not my thing I think I would have done it a little bit differently but I haven't even tried it yet so clearly I don't reach for it I've had it for like since the summer so I do need to try it definitely the very last palette I'm gonna talk about is from Maybelline and it is the burgundy bar so I was really excited when I saw this because like I really do like Burgundy's and Moe's like they're like kind of my colors and I probably gotta wear this today and I am noticing a habit that a lot of these palettes are kind of movie

tones and I just said I love them so I'm not using them which is weird but this is the burgundy bar palette I haven't used this too much it's from the drugstore it's about 15 dollars and those are the colors they're really pretty but I find they're not very pigmented um I also find that they're all shimmers which is really annoying I think it would have been really good if they would have had just like these two on the side are the only matte shadows they have I think it would have been so good at they would have had a burgundy or light pink or like a pink movi colored matte - I'm not sure why they did all these shimmers like these two colors these two colors completely remind me of each other they barely look different so why did they repeat so many colors I'm really not sure I don't find these are like long-lasting it is a drugstore palette though they're not very long-lasting and they're not very pigmented either so I'm really not crazy about this palette I think that's why I don't reach for it I probably should try to use it more but it's so hard to use things that just don't really inspire you and frustrate you but those were

actually the five palettes I don't reach for in my collection let me know if you guys would like to see the five palettes that I reach for the most or you know like lipsticks or highlighters I think this will be kind of a fun series I'm so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I'm also interested to hear like what palettes you guys find you're not using so don't forget to subscribe and I thank you so much for all your love and support and I hope you have a great day