25 March 2019

5 essential MAKEUP BRUSHES for beginners in India | Shivali dewan

How to buy best makeup brushes in India? * I am going to answer 2 most important and most famous questions every makeup beginner has on their minds.

do you ever go into the store and I

overwhelmed of the variety of makeup brushes this is the perfect video for all you beginners out there because in this video I am going to tell you your top and most important brushes you need to apply makeup if you are a beginner at makeup and you do not know what brush to use wear especially if you have just purchased a lot of makeup a lot of brushes and you like a brow of next kabuki I use kuru this is the perfect video for you guys I will be answering two most important questions the first one what are the most essential brushes you need to have and the second one how where and which brushes to buy first of all you need to know what are the main fibers used in the makeup brushes there are two types of fibers first as natural and second is synthetic all you need to know is whenever you go to the shop and or if you're buying online just read the description it will say if it is a natural hair or synthetic hair makeup brush so you'll understand from there first of all natural brush all you need to know about this is apply only powders with natural brush powders which are like face powder blushes highlight even eyeshadows all the powdery things you

need to apply with natural fiber makeup brushes the second one are synthetic fiber makeup brushes so synthetic all you need to know is you can apply powders but you should apply liquids and creams which are your foundation concealer your eyeliner your lipstick if you Maya if you want to buy one for that if you are using gel and for mates for your eyebrows then synthetic and all the creams and liquids come in the synthetic brush category so that was an overview of the makeup brushes which is very important because you need to know how to take care of your brushes I mean brushes are costly one brush is for around 350 to 400 rupees so you need to know how to take care of them as well I have made a video on how to take care of your brushes and how to clean your brushes I will put it over here and in the description box below as well so check it out after this video so the first brush you absolutely need to buy is a natural fiber blending this is for your eye makeup and you have to have to buy this I have two to three because I do makeup professionally so I have two to three of these brushes but if you are doing your own makeup then

you can only buy one you don't need more and natural fiber because it will pick up the correct amount of product and it will blend seamlessly the second brush you absolutely need to buy for eyeshadow is a natural fiber medium eyeshadow blush blush knee brush now make sure you buy a medium size because a medium size will fit on to all I shapes whether it's a small lie if it's a big eye it will fit on to all eyez shapes and a natural because you can clean natural brushes just with your towel you don't need to wash it thoroughly actually these are the only two brushes you need to do your eye makeup and I have done that video before so I will link that video again up here and in the description box below now the third brush you need is a synthetic angled brush I use this brush for filling in my eyebrows with the powder doesn't matter you can use a powder on synthetic brushes but I use this brush to apply my eyeliner if it's a gel eyeliner and also to fill in my eyebrows pore brush you need is a natural fiber powder brush of a small size the small size will ensure that you can apply a blush you can apply a contour you can even apply highlighter

with that the fifth and the last brush you need is the same brush the previous one the natural fiber powder brush but of a larger size the larger size will ensure that you powder your face with a loose powder or a compact and it will stay in place you can even use that brush if the smaller one is dirty or if you misplace that then you can use the larger one for blusher for contour as well so these are the top five brushes you absolutely need to do your own makeup now coming to the second question how to choose the correct makeup brush so there are only a few tips to ensure that you buy the perfect makeup brush first of all is do not buy without trying like if you are buying online make sure that you have done a lot of research make sure that if you are getting a discount online then you go to the store feel the brush and then by it online if you do not want to buy it online go to the store which I personally recommend go to the store and purchase it yourself the second suggestion which I would give is to make sure that you rub the brush very gently on you either your hand or on your face

to make sure that you are comfortable with that particular brush the third and the last tip which I will give is to pull the brush hair very gently to ensure that the glue which is used in the brush is very firm and no brush hair is coming out now it's time to tell you what my personal favorite brands are to purchase makeup brushes from the first brand which I absolutely absolutely love is pack yes you can get pack on my car you can get it on Amazon and there is even a store in Delhi after that the brands which are available in India you can get Real Techniques on Amazon however I do not assure that it is real or not Wow did you see that more brands which you can find in India are Mac of course if you go to a Mac showroom it is more on the expensive side but they will last you a very long time then you can buy from Kiko Milano you can I mean here in Ludhiana you can't get it but in Delhi you can definitely get it kenapa makes very nice brushes I mean I have used a few brushes of Calabar during my initial stage and I still use a few brushes like the ones which are like my ride-or-die brushes I still use them

from color box we can check it out as well the brand which I would suggest like which is like last on my list is Vega I don't like Vega brushes that much but now the professional range is a little better than what they use to give previously so if you like that use my suggestions whatever suggestions are given use them apply them and then you like it then you can buy a Vega brushes so this is everything I wanted to tell you about how to buy makeup brushes and which brushes to buy give or comment in the comment section on which brush brand you love the most and I would love to check it out make sure you like this video and subscribe to my channel don't forget to hit that notification bell as well follow me on my Instagram to see more of me my life and thank you so much for watching this till the end and I will see you in my next videos bye