05 June 2019

5 Best Beauty Products on Amazon | East Willow Grove

Today I'm sharing my 5 beauty products I get from Amazon. I shaved my head a few weeks ago and have been happy that I don't have to do my hair and ...

what's up guys and hello my name is

Chelsea welcome back to my channel if you are new here I recently shaved my head about I don't know ten days ago I wanted to share some of my favorite finds on Amazon that are beauty related that I am using to help with my skin or help with my face and really concentrate on that instead of my hair because I don't have to concentrate on that right now right I don't have to style it I don't really have to like take care of it I mean I'm taking care of it I don't have to worry about it so I have more time to really focus on my face and also my face is just like right out here to everyone so I am really really focusing on my scalp that that helps my my scalp health and also my skin health and I've been focusing on my skin for quite some time now so today I wanted to share five Amazon finds that have helped me a focus on my skin on my face as well as my entire body so the first one and I've talked about this before our face razors now these are just the twinkle face razors they look like this and you basically use these at home microdermabrasion so you can shave the kind of like peach fuzz off your face but really this is to help get rid of

dead skin I forget where I read but somewhere I read something that men their skin on their face usually ages better than women because they're shaving it and that is just helping to exfoliate so these kind of do the same thing it's not nearly as harsh as a mens razor because you don't need to be getting that deep to to get like thick coarse hair out this is just a very thin razor I have a highlight on my Instagram under Beauty like shaving my face and like what comes off and like why you should do it I do this like once a month I don't go crazy I don't do it a ton but I do it about once a month sticking with the skin on your face this is a mask that I think has like over 12,000 reviews on Amazon it's in for good reason right it is the Aztec Indian healing clay mask it's a powder form and you can either mix it with water or apple cider vinegar jaracz done this mess with me it just really helps pull everything to the surface and really clean out your skin I will say that when I use this I don't plan on wearing makeup the next day because it does kind of pull everything to your skin and you might need to do an

extraction or something like that so this stuff is amazing and super affordable I want to say it was like seven bucks and I mean I have like like this will last you forever alright last thing for your face I have talked about this guy a long time - it's the four ferrero no that's a chocolate a Jer likes rare oh four for Rio SOR yeah I don't know anyways I got mine on Amazon it's this little like facial brush you push it once and it vibrates and you just you have your makeup remover or cleanser on your skin so I usually cleanse my skin and then I use this and so it also has this little tiny bristle up here so you can really get into like your nose crevice or like on your eyelashes it's great just like a little one I believe it comes in another size but this is just the one I have it's tiny alright next for the rest of your body so I was very skeptical when I first heard of dry brushing so dry brushing it looks like this this is a Ecotools one there's tons of different ones I got this on Amazon I believe it was like 5 or 6 bucks this has been amazing now dry brushing is helps the circulation get going and I have really

done this on my stomach where like my stretch marks are and also like on the sides of my legs and my like basically all my over my thighs and I do circular motion and then I brush up circular motion that brush up I can leave a link below I'm kind of like a little pattern that I follow but it has really helped circulation your legs but also with stretch marks and cellulite now it's not a miracle brush it doesn't just magically have it go away but there's something about it I forget what it is but there's something about it that the motion and these Brussels Brussels and then bristles I kissed your leg and just like getting that those like little pockets of the cellulite going something activates it and it really works now like I said it doesn't make it magically go away but it really helps and I've noticed a significant difference where I'm going to keep using this so this has been great and yes you use it dry you don't want to put anything on your skin so I usually use it before I get in the shower or right after last but not least I don't even know what this thing is called well but it's like a little micro

I don't know I had tiny tiny tiny tiny little needles can you see mister vania needles and I have found that this helps improve collagen so a lot of times I'll rub it over my lips and over my cheeks to help the collagen reproduce in my lips and my cheeks cuz I find that those are the two places that I lose collagen faster then all over my body anywhere else then I also have put this on my stomach on my stretch marks as well as on scars now again I will leave a link below on the benefits of micro needling that's what it's called this is a micro needle er it is a 0.5 millimeter needles I guess you would say a couple summers ago I got this gnarly bite on my hand and we the doctors couldn't really figure out what it was but basically I'm pretty sure it was a spider bite it was in fourth of July I had my hand resting like this like watching fireworks and the grass and that's the only time I can think of that like we were anywhere outdoorsy and it was a very very gnarly spider right I don't even think I have photos of it but it was like disgusting once I finally got antibiotics and me I had that

steroid cream to like close up the wound it was really bad but if you can see you can't even really see it much anymore it is right here but it was raised it was dark like dark dark dark scar and I use this pretty much daily basically every morning when I would get ready for work I would just make it axe it's kind of like a star and just and do that and slowly it literally it's going away and it's pretty much gone I mean it's not raised anymore there's a little bit discoloration and when I have a spray tan on you it's a little little tiny bit discolor but nothing like it used to be and I really honestly think it's because of this because I got the collagen going helped reproduce the skin you know cells just really helped my latest thing that I'm doing is I tripped and fell at my sister-in-law sister and brother-in-law's house last year on their stairs and I got this really deep cut in my like ankle uh-huh to show you you can see it oh you see right here it is purple like it's purple that's the scar it's very very dark and it doesn't bother me I'm not like self-conscious about it but I would like it to be

lighter right so that is something I'm working on right now and I'm using this to hopefully lighten it up so stay tuned maybe I'll update you on my foot scar I don't know but anyways that is what I use this for and it's great it's very easy to wash so there there are plenty other products that I had bought off Amazon and that I like and that I use but I really wanted to share these five products that I am really swearing by I use almost daily weekly monthly and I really only like sharing good things with you don't want to share things that are like mediocre so these five products have been great for me to really concentrate on my skin on my face and my skin elsewhere you have some other products from Amazon that you think I might like leave them down below and thank you so much for watching if you like these types of videos I have another Amazon like favorites video that I'll have linked in one of these corners as well as down below that you should check out and thanks so much for watching if you're new don't forget to subscribe and I will see you next time bye guys okay let's finish this coffee oh god no