21 December 2018


Today, I'm talking about my 5 favourite and my 5 least favourite cream and liquid makeup! Makeup look from this video: ...

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you okay much better hi how's it going welcome back to my channel so today we are going to be doing a 5s in five worst you guys know this is one my favorite series to do here on my channel if you're new here you don't know what the series is all about it's pretty straightforward I basically talk about five products that I really love five products that I don't love so much from either a particular category or a brand I went on instagram live earlier today because I wanted to get your opinion on what you want him to see me film for today's 5s if I were so a lot of you guys were saying cream makeup products so that's what we're going to be doing today you guys know I love me my cream and liquid color face products those are probably some of my most used face products just because I feel like cream and liquids especially when it comes to blushes bronzers and highlighters are just the best especially when you want a really natural look to your skin and you guys know I'm all about my natural makeup so obviously I'm very drawn towards cream and liquid products so that means that I've tried a lot and that also means I

have my favorites and I have the ones that I just don't really like so much so we're gonna be talking all about that today I really hope that you guys are going to enjoy it don't forget to let me know all your thoughts down below in the comments let me know some of your favorite cream and liquid product and also let me know some that we should avoid without further ado let's just dive right into it so the very first part that came to mind when I was compiling all these products is of course nude Stix Bondi Bay now if you've been around on my channel for a while you're definitely no stranger to this product because I've been talking about this for such a long time this has been consistently my favorite cream bronzer product for definitely over a year now I actually very recently just finished a whole tube of this which is so rare for me to finish a product like that really very rarely happen so the fact that I actually finished one of these just says a lot about how much I just adore this and you want to say that new Stix does cream products are really well sort of what their whole brand is all about

basically all the products and their lineup are cream base they have cream eyeshadows they have cream blushes and then of course they have their lip products I really love the nudie line in particular which is this lineup over here because all the shades you don't just have to use them on your face you could also use them on your eyes and on your so they are a pretty versatile product to be honest with you I don't really use Bondi bass specifically really anywhere else my face sometimes I'll put it on my eyes but the other shades in the collection like the pink your shades which can be used as blushes look beautiful on the lips and of course on the eyes as well if you want to so because you are able to use these throughout the face the formula is formulated so that it won't slip and slide all over the face so obviously cream and liquid products are a little bit more susceptible to moving around on the face it's just sort of the nature of them unless you do set them down with powder but this formula even though it is really nice and creamy and it blends out like super super well it doesn't

slip and slide everywhere it doesn't fade off and look weird throughout the day I find it actually fades really evenly throughout the day with the actual shade of the bronzer works really really well for my skin it's a really nice warm color but it's warm for me without being too like terracotta I apply these I just sort of like tapping it where I want it and then I'll go in with either a sponge or brush and then tap out the actual color and it just literally diffuses into the face so seamlessly so easily with really not much effort now if you do feel like your cream or liquid products are sort of like moving your foundation all you got to do is just sort of like warm product up on the back of your hand like that pick up the product from the back of your hand and then go in and apply it like that and now will completely solve any like movement issues so yeah that's really all I gotta say about Bondi beso if you're wondering what my number one favorite cream bronzing product is it is by far 100% this guy next up let's talk about some cream slash and liquid blushes these are the glossy a cloud pains this was such a given for this

video the glossy cloud paints I feel like are some of the best liquid blushes on the market they're some of my personal favorites obviously now what I really love about the glass a cloud paints is how easy it is actually customize your own color if you have multiple shades so let's say I have this pink shade over here which is called puff and I want it to be a little bit more nude I can easily take a little bit of dusk which is one of my favorites and this is a beautiful like peachy nude shade and it creates a beautiful muted pink and it's so easy to do if you're wondering how I like to apply these what I like to do is I like to put it on my hand like this and then I'll actually take a natural haired brush that's really fluffy this isn't what you would typically think to use to apply something like this but it actually works really really well and then I'll pick up just a little bit of the product just like dab the brush in there and then sort of dab off a little bit of the excess and I'll apply it on my cheeks right now so you guys can see and then what I'll do is I will just feather the color onto the cheeks and it creates

like the most beautiful natural flesh and it blends into the skin beautifully because sometimes like I said with creams and liquids it could be a little bit more difficult to apply it takes a little bit more time and just sort of like throwing on a powder but putting the product on a brush like this makes it pretty foolproof and I was also able to control exactly how much product I wanted to apply by using the brush I feel like sometimes when you use your fingers things can get a little bit out of control what I also love about the cloud paints is that they do not feel sticky or heavy on the face at all as soon as you apply them they basically feel like a powder so again they do last pretty well throughout the day and I just think they're grand I think the colors that they came out with are so beautiful I actually just recently ordered more I am planning on doing a like glossy a centered video which will be coming soon so stay tuned for that but these are wonderful if you're looking for a great like go-to cream blush these are totally ones that I would recommend checking out alright next up let's talk about a liquid

highlighter this is probably my all-time favorite liquid highlighter and I feel like these are so underrated I literally hear absolutely nobody ever talk about these they are the Lancome custom strobing drops so when it comes to highlighters you guys know if you've been around on my channel for a while that I like very natural-looking highlighters I like it to look like I am just either naturally glowing or that my skin just looks glossy I am NOT into very metallic sparkly or like super intense highlighters it's just not my preference so this for me is like the most perfect liquid highlighter because it gives a very very intense glow but the glow that it gives is not unflattering or a natural at all sometimes even liquid highly could look a little bit unnatural there's some liquid highlighters out there like the cover of X custom enhancing drops those are really pretty but they do give the skin a very sort of like metallic sheen which a lot of people really like that's just not my personal preference this however gives the skin a very intense but very natural-looking glossy

Sheen they do come in a few different shades this one is in the shade champagne glow and I really do love this product because of the shade as well it's basically like a vanilla gold shade but I really like about it is that it doesn't add like a very intense color to the skin whatsoever it doesn't give your skin like a really intense pink or gold which a lot of highlighters do it simply just gives the glow and nothing else it just blends the skin pretty seamlessly and look how intense that is so if you're into that like glossy skin look please look no further these are incredible for number four another very underrated product I would say are these nabla cream blushes these are insane they're so beautiful I recently just featured a maybe baby in one of my recent videos which is this shade right over here there are two things that I really love about these blushes first of all the colors are gorgeous this color I don't have anything else like into my collection and I just think it is such a universally flattering type of shade this shade would look good on so many different skin tones as I said that's in the shade maybe baby this one over here

is in the shade Desert Rose which is a little bit more of a rosy shade the second reason as to why I love you so much is actually because the formula and the finish ester ours like blushes go these are not similar to the gloss a cloud paints at all these are a little bit more well actually a lot more emollient the glossy cloud paints really do set down on the face these don't really do that they actually stay really nice and glossy on the face which is what I really love about them the downside to that is that they don't last super long on the skin but the upside to that is that it adds like the most amazing gorgeous like just glossy glow to the cheek and it is still very natural-looking because it's not like it's super metallic or shimmery or anything like that it just has like a really pretty natural sheen to it these types of blushes for like no makeup makeup looks are perfect if you're somebody who doesn't really like we're a ton of makeup you sort of just want something to give your cheeks a little bit of color and also just like a little bit of a sheen these products are perfect it's sort of like a two-in-one

you don't really need a highlighter when you apply a product like this because it gives that Sheen to your cheeks already you don't need even more if you don't want to put it on so this is a great like pick-me-up type of product in the morning when you don't want to spend too much time during your makeup you sort of want to apply a few products your face just to liven up your skin this is really just such a great product to throw on and those like occasions especially the very last of my favorite cream slush liquid products is this little guy over here this is a newer guy in my collection this is the neon photography fluid opacity 8% now I actually bought this because one of you guys recommended to me in one of my testing my subscribers favorite makeup videos and this is truly one of my all-time favorite liquid bronzing products because it is just the most natural looking a bronzing product I have ever tried so this is basically a semi translucent liquid so when you apply it to your skin it's not super super opaque which is really nice because sometimes with bronzing products it's like too intense and when a liquid

bronzer is really intense and really opaque it makes it really difficult to blend to the skin and make it look natural but this really is a semi translucent product so it is really impossible for this to look too heavy or too much because even by just like very lightly blending this out you can see that it completely disappeared but it just left behind a really beautiful looking like bronzed look I really appreciate that with a product like this because it makes it so much more versatile I'm able to put this all over my face without worrying that it's going to change my skin tone to the point where I have to like up my foundation shade like a few shades it doesn't make my skin darker it just adds a really pretty healthy looking bronze but what I personally like to do is I like to sort of just pinpoint where I put it so after I buy my foundation I'll just put a little bit of the product on the back of my head and then just apply it in like the bronzing zones on the face I have use this a few times on my channel if you want to see it actually in use I will link a few videos where I do use it down below but oh man if you want

something just very natural-looking this guy is amazing okay so those are my five favorite cream products so now let's move into the five product that I'm just not such a fan of so first things first I want to talk about something that I really wasted a lot of money on and the only reason why I still keep this in my collection is because it hurts my soul too much to get rid of it because I wasted so much money on it that's like the story of my life with Tom Ford product so this is the Tom Ford bronzing primer and a shade resort to pleasure so this is like a product that you use to either like mix in with your foundation to make your foundation a little bit bronzer or you can apply this on its own all over your face before your foundation to just give you a little bit of a 10 my main problem with this product is the shade the shade is incredibly orange like when you put this all over your face it literally makes you look like an oompa loompa but besides the shade it is also extremely extremely patchy I've tried to use this in a few different ways I've tried to use it on its own I've also tried to use it and mix in with my foundation and I

just find that when I would mix it with my foundation it would make it look very very very patchy like I would sort of have like patches of like bronze enos around my face and when I would use it on its own it was sort of even more of a disaster it sort of would like attach the drier parts of my face and be darker in those areas besides the fact that this is very very very expensive I just don't think it's worth the price at all and I don't think that it's a very good bronzing primer there there are other ones that I definitely so much more prefer oh my god okay next up I wanted to talk about the benefit dew the hoola liquid bronzer there's one reason why I really don't like this it's not so much about the formula the formula isn't terrible it's a little bit on the opaque side for a liquid bronzer for my taste like I mentioned when when a liquid bronzer is too opaque it just makes it a little bit more difficult to use my problem with this product is the shade this shade is so orange like look at that it is literally orange I don't really feel like there's a skin tone that would suit this type of shade so whenever I would try to use this to

bronze it just would make me look terrible when a bronzing crowd is a unnatural color it's never a good look that's the quickest review ever but that's literally the main and only reason why I just cannot get behind this product the color is just absolutely horrendous next up I have this little palette from Aaliyah this is the summer essential face palettes I was so excited when I first got this I really thought that this would be such a winner for me and I'm a little bit disappointed that that didn't work out because it looks so beautiful so this is basically a little quad of cream color so you have a highlighter and three blushes know I always appreciate a natural looking product however there's a point where it's almost too natural that it does he even do anything so it becomes completely unnecessary and that's sort of my issue with this product all three of these blushes sort of end up looking like the exact same color because they are so incredibly sheer there's barely even any pigment when you apply them so I'm gonna show you guys I'm really like digging my finger in here I'm not being shy with picking up this product but

when you apply it to your skin it has literally like no color to it whatsoever and the texture is so wet and glossy that it just does not even last on this skin here's another swatch i'm swatching this one over here and it like barely shows up and then let's swatch the deepest one and again barely shows up and all three of them sort of look exactly the same even the highlighter in here I sort of thought that that would be like the saving grace for this palette because I love a good glossy highlighter but the highlighter even really doesn't even show up again really digging my finger in here and it doesn't really do anything unfortunately so I really feel like this palette is sort of a dud it is also a little bit on the pricier side so if you're thinking of picking this up I would say it's not really worth it even though it does look so pretty I feel like it had so much potential it just didn't work out this is a product that I sort of have had like a love-hate relationship with I use this product pretty much every single day in the summer at one point like there was a point in time where it was the only

cheek product that I would wear so this is a little cheek palette from Bobbi it's the chief glow palette and pearl and pink flush this has a similar problem to the elia palette they are almost too emollient and too greasy so I actually found that this would break up my makeup throughout the day and I would look in the mirror and like my cheek area would look completely like blotchy and weird because if I had any powder on my face it would completely break it up it's sort of unfortunate because this blush in particular the color is so pretty it's like the prettiest pinky peachy coral shade and I really do like it but unfortunately the texture just really isn't isn't ideal for a product like this this is a product that would literally only work if you were wearing no makeup no foundation nothing then this would be okay but obviously that's not the ideal situation now I actually was not able to think of a fifth cream product to include in the worst category so we are going to stop it here I'm so sorry I hate it when I'm not able to find a fifth product this has only happened like a few times but I was like digging through my collection and I just

I couldn't think of anything so I did want to force it guys at this and for today's video I really hope that you enjoyed it and found it helpful don't forget to let me know all of your thoughts down below let me know some cream products that you've been loving some cream products that you have not been loving let me know everything down there of course also gives me a big thumbs up and subscribe if you're not subscribed already and I will see you guys in the next one bye