20 February 2019



I always look so naked when I have an

off the shoulder top but I swear hello everybody long time no see at least it feels that way for me I feel like having filmed a video in so long so yeah so I haven't uploaded more this week I just feel like I had a hectic week I went to Sydney with benefit which was so exciting because I'm made I was going to vlog the experience however if you guys know me I am not good at vlogging especially in public and especially around other people however I did document a lot of my experience on my Instagram so make sure you head over there and follow me if you want to have a look at what I got up to it's very very exciting I still can't believe I went and you guys will find out very very soon what the whole thing was about what it was for yada yada yada so I think that and then there was Valentine's Day and then it was Tim's 21st birthday on the weekends her asking like semi busy week but today's video is going to be my full month at obtain update ok we're dealing with the Sun and I also have my feelings she'll I also have my filming lights so forgive me if the exposure gets a bit crazy at some parts of the video so what you in my

bloodline oh I don't have the exposure to high otherwise you won't be able to see my skin so today is actually the 18th of February it's day after Tim's birthday and my full month marking would be on the 21st of February if you guys are new to my channel and you've never met me before hi I'm Connor I've suffered with acne for quite a long time and if you want to know more about what I've gone through I recommend you watch my previous acne videos so like my skincare routine my acne story my two-month Accutane update now I didn't do a three-month Accutane update just cuz I felt like there wasn't that much to report on nothing miraculous really happened I just went back and watched my two month accutane update and I do feel like my skin is a quite a bit clearer you probably can't tell the best on camera because the bloody Sun is just being a wanker today take my word for it I do feel like it's a lot smoother and not getting as many like occasional breakout now the one month two months and kind of three phase I did still get like a pimple around my period where I'm kind of

fighting that slowly stopping now which is just great I'm not complaining about that let me just go through my rolodex of memories what am i what am i struggle with I'm assuming a lot of you guys know what the typical symptoms of accutane ah so we got dry lips dry skin those are like the main main ones and I definitely would say my dry lips are still very much a thing however however it has gotten a bit better before if I didn't wear lip balm to bed I would wake up with just unnamed nerd I didn't even recognize my lips at some times I'm gonna insert a photo morning if you're not okay with blood I would skip over this part who was emailing me so this is what my lips look like at their very worst and I would say this is probably just after the two months mark and that was really bad they were cracking and they were fleed and they were just sort of ugly I couldn't put lipstick on them I couldn't really do anything which is quite annoying because you know it was like Christmas and these and you wanted to put like a little bit gone and be home pretty and stuff and then I don't know what happened they've kind of just cemented themselves by no means are they

no longer dry they are still dry as hell they're just not added the bleeding stage of dry now which is great now another thing that I experienced with my lips which I am 99% sure it's attributed to the accutane is I got really really bad splitting up the corners of my mouth which I've never had before I originally thought it might have been a cold sore or something like that but it definitely was like full-on splitting and this was like the worst thing I've ever experienced in terms of like new stuff because they wouldn't heal because as soon as you opened your mouth past a certain point the wound would like re crack and then they'd just be like back to the beginning again I literally went through that place three weeks once I'd started and then the other side started when the other one like healed up it was not a pretty sight and the skin would like flag around them and I couldn't like argue my math very wide because I think my lips just got so dried they actually started cracking but then it was kind of like I needed to keep them dry in order for them to heal but in order to keep them dry I'd have to wear oh my god I just got

bit by an ant on my foot why are they ants in my room in order to keep the cuts dry I had to keep my lips dry which was like not an option because we had the bleeding situation so that was kind of annoying my advice to you would be make sure this moisturize your lips all the time don't let them get to the sage with a freaking crap on the edges email it's not fun thankfully that hasn't happened again so I just zoom in this is my lips this is a good stage for my lips as you can see they look pretty gross they do like like a look quite a bit but this is like a good stage of dryness they were way worse than this so while I'm here I might as well give you like a little close-up of my skin it is quite red that is another side effect that I'll talk about in a second is red skin this is what my face looks like so I pretty much have nerve breakouts I think I have like one here but it's so small I don't even notice it so this is my left side so it's basically all clear and if you remember what my skin used to look like it would be like covered from here and then around my mouth especially so that's the left side and then right side which is a little bit more red basically

no active breakout oh my gosh and then my forehead looks the same I never would break out on my forehead so as I just said red cheeks is something that I have been noticing a lot lately I know is a side effect of Accutane however I'd rather have red cheeks than acne that was a real act I tend to have quite red cheeks anyway so I think the accutane is just enhance that it doesn't happen all the time but it mainly happens if I get like even slightly a little bit hot which at the moment because it's hot all the time why am I getting bitten by ants in my bloody room since it's quite hot all the time and especially since I'm in this room right now which is very very hot in here they can get to a stage where I look like I have a rash on my face and someone actually said to me are you okay your face is like really red um do you want to turn the air conditioner down and I'm just like oh no look I'm like it's not my fault I'm on accutane red cheeks there's something I've nerds were just kind annoying because I'm at a stage where I really want to just not wear makeup because I don't feel I have to which is a new experience however if my face is

red as a tomato it's kind of like what the staff to wear makeup anyway but it is something that generally only lasts while you're on accutane which I'm fine to put up with so that's just something I've noticed it's not like a massive things but it's definitely there I think I briefly mentioned in my last acutight update that I was getting like kind of like dry eyes and that's something that has definitely continued my eyes get really really itchy like at random stages of the day it could be attributed to my lash extensions in combination with accutane it's probably not the greatest but it's not something that I've been like really like oh my gosh my eyes are so itchy all the time and as always I want to make sure I displaying that I am by no means promoting accutane or telling you that you definitely should go in and I'm just purely documenting my experience for those of you who are interested and want to know more about it so I briefly talked about whether or not a contain was affecting my mental health because I'm someone who already suffers with depression anxiety so going on something that potentially has side

effects of anxiety depression suicidal thoughts it's a little bit concerning I want to say I think I have noticed a little bit more of a affect on my mental health lately but it's not too bad and it's not enough that would make me want to go off it I just do notice that I have days where I feel quite down however at the same time that is normal for me in a way but I'm very aware of myself and I know what's mean what's not me zhenia told me I would say yes I have been feeling a little bit more depressed at certain stages but they haven't been for long periods of time if that makes sense like it might be like birthday however like I said that is probably just me because I that's that's just how I roll I did want to mention that as like in case you are very concerned about that but I definitely don't think I've been in are at a bad point I'm so bad at explaining I'm probably sweating on my upper lip so yeah I did want to mention that just because I didn't want to say like Lawrence has everything like it hasn't been smooth sailing some reason I just thought that I wouldn't get any of the side effects oh another thing that I quickly want to

mention is I don't know if I've been experiencing X Mart and I don't know I didn't take any photos of this I'm so down but I feel like I have been experiencing perhaps on eczema because I'm not like experienced in what eczema actually looks like and feels like and stuff but I definitely think or anything my skin gets a lot more irritated a lot more easily it's kind of healed up now but I had like a rash thing on my arm it was so strange I've never dealt with skinny issues like that before so I'm assuming that was from the accutane as well my legs are a lot more dry now definitely my skin is way more sensitive I definitely get like sunburn a lot more easily another thing that I've been noticing and I don't know if it's the accutane because I think this has happened to me before while I was off accutane I have really weird circulation in my legs I'm calling it circulation it might not be circulation I also get it when I get anxious if I'm standing up or not even standing on my leg legs and my knees and my like shins get really really hot and they go red and it's really embarrassing and I hate it so much and it usually happens when I'm

quite anxious but I'm imagining that the accutane is probably not helping that situation since it makes my skin quite red it's probably making my knees really red that is definitely something that I have noticed because people generally comment or not like um are your legs like super somber and it's like yeah not so much side effects of accutane but just like things you have to do while you're on accutane is you have to get blood tests that are like coincide with your accutane I believe in the state it's once a month I think it's different in Australia um just make sure you speak to a dermatologist about that and as always I want to make sure I display that I am by no means promoting accutane or telling you that you definitely should go on it I'm just purely documenting my experience for those of you who are interested and want to know more about it as well you obviously have to buy the accutane and go to a chemist or a drug store and me personally I want 30 milligrams so I have to buy a 20 milligram box and a 10 milligram box it's not super expensive but it is I think the I think the 20 milligrams where I get it is around like

$35 and then the 10 is probably slightly less than that so it's bit expensive and then you have to buy those quite regularly so that is something that you need to take into consideration keep in mind the prices are gonna vary all over the world because money currency thrown takes $35 what it's gonna cost so that's just my situation it's my skin and I would do it a thousand times over again because I obviously I'm sure I feel like that left something yeah I feel like there's like a huge side effect that I just don't know I can't remember I have my next a point when my dermatologist in April I believe so I'm not exactly sure what I'm gonna come off accutane I think my dermatologist originally said 9 months it could be a bit longer which is quite a long time to be on accutane most people say on up for like five or six months however since my dosage is pretty much in half which I'm pretty glad about just because if I have experienced some mental health side effects a bit on 30 I'd probably most definitely would have experienced quite a bit if I was on like 60 or 50 that is also determined by odontologist so I don't know when I'll come off I mean my skin is looking

amazing like I have no acne right now so maybe it will come off at 5 months I don't know we'll see what happens because 5 or 6 months will be March or April and then if I said I feel like 9 months it'll be like July or August so yeah I'm pretty certain that it's basically everything that I've experienced thus far mainly at the moment as of like recently the red face has been like the main side effect like a month ago a month and a half ago it was the lips cracked in this situation so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you guys found it really helpful if you're thinking about going it in accutane it has truly changed my life as always if you are new here make sure you subscribe and use the notification bells so you actually see my videos so yeah I hope you guys have a lovely day or night wherever you are in the world and I shall see you in my next video [Music]