13 September 2018


READ HERE❁ Hello my loves! Watch me get ready for my 2nd day of class as a college junior! (I wish I had the time to get cute like this everyday lol) Also if you ...


[Applause] so now I'm gonna start doing my makeup I press I'm going to start by moisturizing with my ELF daily hydrating moisturizer I know if you guys can see it cuz I'm dark skin buff oh my god I'm tempted to pop it but I ain't good for you I'm gonna be using my goof proof brow pencil to fill out my brows [Music] now I'm gonna cry my eyes with my shot miss a concealer now I'm gonna set my eyes with my paladin Eisley don't really do this much but for eyeshadow palette that I use Fred it doesn't really like work well unless I set my eyes which I have no idea why but that's just the way it is I think that I'm gonna be using my rubber loosens neutrals palette and I want to use my trusty dusty nudes palette from Maybelline I'm only gonna use the nudes palette disparities in color I'm gonna go into my nutria spatter I'm gonna use this orange save and that's a shame and then I'm just gonna go back into my neutrals palette to fix up that transition color go in with some eyeliner I'm actually gonna do like a

wing today but I have not been doing lately oh my god this is gonna I'm gonna try and do that oh my gosh they're not even bra ten hundred years later all right I'm gonna finish this off camera cuz I'm using up so much storage right now but I'm also gonna do my mascara up camera then I'm also gonna put some glasses okay I'll I'll be on the description box below but I'll be right back some wasting storage right now okay so off camera I finished my eye makeup I really like how it came out and my edges then I'm doing what they want to do today exist so hot but I'm just gonna let it be like Harley they cute Isis let them do what they want to do now I'm gonna pry my skin with my baby skin poor erasing primer and it's a got more of this I'm running out oh and I just checked the time well last time I took the time I had like burns to like so I'm predicting that I have like 20 minutes left my class starts at 11:15 so I should be fine now I'm gonna be going on my covergirl trublend foundation yeah I finally got a saying that actually matches my summer

color but I'm gonna play some music [Music] I don't have time for any setting powder today so I'm just gonna on some settings for I hope for the best I'm check I should be good when you don't have a pencil sigh phonetic for your pencil I'm going on my next launch of Rea this is a mistake teddy I think oh this is a beauty mark my bad honestly lately I've been using this as a blessed palette I'm gonna be using this shade right here [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay last minute for Susan y'all just in my desk right now because it is absolute max but last minute Susan I'm gonna actually put my hair into a bun just cuz I feel like with my hair like this and my makeup like this like it doesn't go together this makes me look like I'm 12 this makes me look like I'm 20 if you want like a more in-depth would you call it blue nation on how to do this bed what's my last video I'll leave it up here it's Lily so simple and so quick which is why I showed it to you guys with my back to

school makeup look because this saves the day every damn time see this is what happens every day I tried to do like a new hairstyle to sweats things up but like then I just put him I'm not putting my hair into bio so I'm just like I'm skipping powder in the budget because I'm already creasing right here it's whatever okay four minutes to go which is good timing for me give me 15 minutes to walk to class um now I'm gonna show you guys my outfit so I'm just gonna show y'all my outfit this is my wait too hot it looks so white on camera but like looking down right now I only do it with makeup a little bit but all as well and then I'm just wearing these jeans from Primark and then they were like 15 bucks thank you do cute wearing these sandals from forever 21 yeah this is my outfit today so after a we for class for like now but so I'm gonna make this quick and quick thank you so much for watching I hope that you like this video and I hope that if you are in school I hope that this is a great semester for you they Kelly that your grades are on the

point and that you just have fun but if someone say oh and I hope you have a nice morning night dad every time you day you're watching this and thank you so much for watching it means a world I need to go before I'm late but thank you so much for watching again [Music]