27 November 2018


Hi guys welcome back to my channel. Thank you all so much for viewing, liking, commenting and subscribing your all much appreciated! Buisness Oppertunitys: ...

hi guys and welcome back to my channel

if you're new here and hi I'm Alana and today I'm gonna be showing you how I got this look so this was supposed to be like a candy floss eye and this is look for number three that I've done with it there I heart revolution um angel heart pala obviously this is in series so this is look number three out of ten if you don't know what I'm talking about then check out the number one and it I hate explode basically everything under it so yeah so I'm just using this palette today to do this look yep so candy floss whatever you want to call it's just a nice girly cloud look yeah like I said whatever you want to call it it's a little bit dull today because it's raining but loving it will be why but it's better than it mean to bright so you can't see me so yeah I'm gonna go straight on and get on with it if you see this palette this is because I'm using the mirror all of the clothes I'm using her from this one but there's no better so yeah first of all I'm gonna set all of my lid as usual with this color here and this is just shared number one mr. Patel oh he knows I was just distancing off of it looked like I was I

took putting it on I wasn't yeah I just hit pan I'm not cool looks like a lot more than that in the past but yeah like free looks recently take a different brush this that one was more like fluffy and big this one's more defined and I'm gonna go in with the shared number two what which is that one there and just start putting that in the crease just for some color like a transition color anyone who's been watching my videos a lot will know that I absolutely hate warm weather like I love the vibe in warm like in summer like everyone so happy and there's flowers and it's all pretty and everything I just don't like actually feeling the heat so I'm so much more of like a winter person so when it's like this and it's not so cold and it's raining this doll I do go and it looks cold so I pick this event only live a day but yeah I just I'm just I'm just a cold lover so this type of libraries pair that for me which is why I'm always so happy when it's raining instead of when people are like oh it's sad when it's raining yeah I'm one of them were happy just lash doesn't just look like it's took on proper but it isn't it so neat it's a new one do you

guys like it I did you think it's weird not sure not sure my public namaskar on the end make it a bit more the fact it's a little thin but yeah Ron Paul so then I went in with this color here which is number five this really bright like kind of orangey corally pink just to give it some you ok so now it's time to stop building the depth so I'm gonna go in with this one here which is more like a brownie kind of color this is number number 11 I believe kela is the most beautiful - I was so stupid okay so then unto the light black darkest color that I use which is number 12 is this really dark purple here in the corner we use that one deep olive oil or mild before I do that it is my first proper waiting clients so that my first like bride will make up obviously I have trained in it I'm not just gonna do someone make when the wedding if I'm not trained but I've done a lot of Bridal makeup before I just never actually done it on a public ride so it'll be nice to know is that to be news this time it's all actually wearing

it for the wedding instead of it just being washed off nice to finally do one if anyone is interested obviously people who like far away I was able to if anybody is interested and use my service I do keep it cheap as possible obviously I like everything to be affordable so check out my Facebook page that's got all the prices on everything and all the services that I do I am trained don't worry not a proper use for a base but I'm trained in beautifully I just haven't given myself like a proper business I'm just kind of doing it on the side of doing YouTube yeah yeah if you interested check out my facebook page is linked in the description if you just want to search it won't happen and then YouTube but it's like a purple opal logo my name should see it yeah that will just take you to my page and show you all my prizes and stuff ok so then before just do the cookies I'm going to take that color underneath as well and I'm just gonna brush off with my big fluffy brush okay so that this time she agrees I'm just using my makeup revolution concealer in 0.5 which I used to do because I'm so pale and I can't

get away with using my number two or even my number one anymore so I had to go to 0.5 but yeah I'm just gonna cut the crease as I usually would and then just do some bumps in it just so it looks like candy floss or a cloud whichever whichever you go in for you okay so this sides a little bit more defined which I didn't plan I do do fall it won't look like it will be free again I just do that extra one because it helps with the shading over so it's up to you completely if you want to do that but yeah so then the color actually used on top was this one again this number two color the really light pink because I wanted that kind of what effect [Music] you okay so once you feel like it's all set properly and then I'm gonna go on and blend that edge with the two darkest colors I used it certainly is - is that with this one do this one just blend it in properly you it's just like stir and then I did I donated touch which is completely up to

you guys and this isn't with the palette which is why I'm saying like do as you please but I'm gonna just use the highlighter I used today this can be any it doesn't have to be same as mine for example if you just used a single one use that still will have the same effect so today I use edge of this my actual face so I'm gonna use that one just a little bit on top of the eyeshadow not too much just to give it kind of a glow but without it being like super glowy does that make sense like if you can tell it kind of just I don't know it gives it that girly like shimmery look without actually being like a highlighter on the eye as you know I'd like to use highlighters but I cook creases and stuff because I want it to like pop where is this I'm doing it to be subtle but still give a shine so I'm not fully packing it on and just like swiping it on just to give that a little shine when I turn and I'm just gonna put that in the inner corner obviously this is completely optional you could've just left it as it was or do this if you like it's up to you okay and then that is kind of it for the eyeshadow obviously and I'm gonna just

finish off the locks tell you what I'm doing but yes sir I'm going to just pop I'm gonna out focus of it I'm gonna just put some mascara on and I'm gonna stick my lashes on and I'm just gonna use this wet and wild white eyeliner in my waterline and yeah then I'll be right back okay so if you can hear any loud noises because the Bimini here just to something up but I'm gonna use this makeup revolution lipstick in the colour dazzle it's just such a nice bright pink you okay so I should have really liked my lips enough look yeah this is the finished look I'm loving it actually it was like completely different what a speck which is strange but yeah I really like it and it does give off that like candy floss cutting the vibes yeah I hope you enjoy this video don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and I will see you again when I do another video with this look so if you're getting bored of the pink looks don't worry I will be doing others in between but yeah for now this is the palette of choice so until I get to look 10 I'll let you guys pick which part we do next

bye guys