26 November 2018

#294 Putting Lipstick on a PIG! Really Rough Driveway Repairs

In todays video we deal with mud, washouts, ruts on a driveway that just fell apart from all the rain we have had. I used the RK 55 Compact Tractor with loader ...

have you ever heard the expression

putting lipstick on a pig well that is precisely what we're going to do this afternoon [Music] welcome back everyone bike here I hope you can hear me okay down to my sister's place every truck got into lay down there it's a really bad shape so what we're going to do today is put a little bit of lipstick on a pig and what I mean by that is there's no way we're going to do it get some base rock just to fill in the rats get it to where you at least get up dries up a little freezes up and even freezing up isn't going to be we have to get some stone on it great it all up great in the spring also I want to show you the UH new camera Canada 50 mirrors they swallow here should be pretty good so I can hurry up get down there through the woods because I have too many trees that are still down in the ice storm plus it is a yes went down there

one get up there you see this section of driveway up just ahead of me [Applause] once you mr. really likes heavy and not to replace educated on an RV nor we'll get a couple buckets of rock up there and maybe three or four even I'll kind of show you around show you what I got going on but you shouldn't even be able to see I'm capping the tractor what this looks like when we get up there I'm not sure if you can see but waters running all the way down the driveway did you ever on his left side it's not working at all remember they had a truck run in it and all the water got on the drive here at least this is solvent flow very rough but up there around the bend I'll tell you what the heater in this arcade could be five I turned it down I turned that it's not super cold today but might be

40 degrees something like that our five minutes I had a gator fantastic in this wagon I'll start sprinkling a little stone right here movie another bucket it's a long way down there there's no way we can get the tri-axial up here to dump this [Music] [Music] still remember cannot forget flower in your in forward listen to my heart this intention [Music] wait and Oh baby was a hard to me dude me [Applause] [Music] ever we won and I see cannot right now [Applause] [Music] - your eyes the ways by my [Music]

was so hard for me to do [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] from now [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I can tell you right now there's going to be a part two to this video it's going all right it's just slow it's such a long way down to the stone pile what I'm trying to do if you can't tell is get most of that base rock on the left side the right side is actually pretty hard but there's over towards the ditch line there there's just no bottom to it at all so I'm trying to build that up get it leveled up and then I can come along there if the tractor angle that blade all the way over and get the ditch opened up a little bit but it's just a mess no matter how you shake it and like I said earlier all we're doing is

putting some lipstick on a pig here something I want to mention though that I haven't said enough that's a great tractor right there it really is it is so comfortable in there listen to the music the heat and it's just a beast I mean you can go into that power base rock like nothing and it's a really nice tractor but anyway I'm going to stay with it here for a little bit longer might get a little bit more footage but if I don't get back to you if you enjoy these videos please hit the like button click subscribe and share with your friends thanks [Music] [Music] [Music]