27 November 2018


Hey Angels ! As many of you may know, this past year has been the worst my skin has ever broken out in acne and I wanted to share with you what has helped ...

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wind up my buses came down thinking God that should go above hot girl do it keep a head up even when she going through it my crown my slip but I never ever Falls to find niggas ever need me they know I am little so much for tuning in I will be showing you guys my skincare routine cause of the improvement in my skin I just wanted to kind of share with you guys what I've been using in hopes that it'll help anybody with the same problem so if you guys are interested in seeing what I've been using for my skincare routine then of course just keep on watching ok guys so before I jump in I'm gonna kind of give you guys like a background of my skin so from last year about the same time this year around Thanksgiving I just started breaking out heavily like all over here especially on this side of my face as you guys can see I was scarring on this side of my face it's almost completely gone it's like it's not bumpy it's like flat but there's still some scarring for this side there were huge welt looking at me breakouts especially here if you guys can tell the scarring is slowly diminishing overall my face pretty much cleared up for the most part a lot of

the things that I feel like contributed to my breakouts was huge amounts of stress juggling between a new schedule I wasn't eating that great my workout routine was like all over the place I wasn't getting in regular exercising and at that point I know I wasn't drinking enough water I wasn't doing everything I usually do and I think that had a lot to do with the breakouts that I was having seeing my face like that it only stressed me out more and it really bothered me it took a toll on me as there were times I didn't even want to go anywhere and when I did I'd have to wear makeup like I just didn't want to go anywhere without makeup but even with makeup I was so used to seeing my makeup like flawless perfect you know even underneath all the makeup because to still see all the acne it just stressed me out more I really buckle down on my eating habits not like recently but what helped me get better was my eating habits drinking lots of water regular exercise and one thing I also noticed - my skin is super sensitive so what I started doing is washing my face towel every two days so after I did my whole routine or my

skincare routine or wash my face I would always switch the towels out even after I took a shower I wouldn't wipe my face with my towel I'll wipe it with my face towel so it was just like small things like that here and there you know I changed just so I wouldn't see breakouts as much and I was often and I think it really helped me say yeah I just wanted to kind of share that with you guys I think small things like that can really help in the process of making sure your skin is healthy and just getting it to a place where you're doing things that could improve it instead of make it worse I really recommend that you not that I do it all the time but you really have to pay attention to your telekinesis so constantly washing your pillowcases they say like every couple of days but I would say at least at least once a week you should be washing your pillowcases that's where you lay your face on your head on and also never go to sleep or try not to at least put a towel down if you are gonna sleep with your hair wet because it does transfer bacteria to your pillowcases and it does get inside once it's sold in so that's not good so if that is a habit of yours

you might want to kind of switch that up a bit okay so now that we kind of got all of that out of the way I'm just going to show you guys the products that I've been using and I've been loving and just really helped my skin so I'm gonna kind of show you guys right now what my skin looks like so now I'm gonna just insert a picture for you guys to see actually this isn't even when my face was the worst it's actually when I was comfortable enough to even take the picture what kind of give you guys an idea of how my skin looked and how bad it was just keep in mind it was worse I just wasn't comfortable taking pictures of it at that time it just oh it really really bothered me okay so now that you guys kind of have eeeh of what I was working with I want to share with you guys a really normal skin if you do have different skin types you might want to look into different options that better fits your skin but this is what works for me so I'm starting off with what I do in the morning okay this is what I do in the morning so the first thing I do after I wake up I brush my teeth a goal for a workout so that's the glow from

like about four to six then I'm gonna come home or I take a shower I wash my face I don't like to do it in the morning because I'm gonna gonna do it again and if I use product constantly that gives me freaked out so I'll go in with either noxeema classic clean moisturizing cleansing cream or I will go in with the ultimate clear daily deep Pore Cleanser shoutout to my cousin-in-law Kelo he for referring me and recommending these to me because let me tell you I've tried so many different things and my skin was just not having any of it so the minute I used this I could already see a huge difference in my skin and I've been using this for almost a year and I haven't switched since every every single one of the cleansers that I've tried I love it and the fact that it's so affordable like these are one of the most affordable face cleansers that I've ever used but not only that is just it really helped me I was so skeptical at first because you know it's not like it's like a drugstore brand it's like super cheap so I was thinking the quality's gonna be cheap like it's not gonna haul me but at

that time I needed it I was desperate and I'm telling you guys this is like what really helped turn my skin around and I stand by this this is what really helped clear up my skin one time in the morning and then one time at night not both I just switch whichever one if I'm in the shower washing my face I'll do it with this line or if I'm always I wash my face I'll do it with this um but I switch between the two and if I use this on at night I'll use this one during the day use this and during the day I use this on anything this is a definite must for me so after this that's when I go in with the multi active toner from Gemological as well it looks like this I really love this one is super good for sensitive skin doesn't burn your face it gives you all the works of what a toner should but without the burn and after I cleanse my face I'll spits this really quickly that's what I go in with the vitamin C's so this is pretty much just helping me with my scarring keeping my skin nice and moisturized so if I go in with the vitamin C before the day starts I won't

use a moisturizer so I have two different forms that I use this is the banish a vitamin C this is a go spray and then this is the vitamin C serum from skincare I'll use this if I'm not doing my makeup this I'll use if I am doing my makeups because it's a spray it's like it just goes on really quick and it dries off really quick this kind of really takes time to soak into your skin it just keeps it really soft and moisturize during the day for my moisturizer I love to use the Sunday Riley water cream this is like heaven sent I need to restock on this very soon but I just makes me feel so clean like my skin feels amazing after this so for the daytime I'll mix the Gemological SPF 50 I'll mix this in with the Sunday Riley water cream even if I do my makeup I'll also mix this in during the day just to protect your skin exfoliator I also use the Noxzema brand I don't trust right now I just don't trust anything else other than this brand because it's what I've been using for the last year and it's what's really helped my skin but yeah I used that exfoliator from the Noxzema brand and

I'll go in with an exfoliator at night two to three times a week every single night I'll go in with either of these the Noxzema cleansers every single night then I guess that the exfoliator are going over two to three times a week and that face mask I usually don't do but if I do I use like a charcoal facemask I really like the glam glow charcoal facemask but right now I'm using the vanish activated charcoal claim and I don't do this that often I I kind of just do it when I have the time okay so next for my nighttime routine I go in with the sunday righty good jeans if I use this I usually normally don't ever go in with my sure Iser but this is to brighten exfoliate plump lines reduces appearance of hyperpigmentation instantly boost radiance so this is also good for scarring the smell of it it's kind of funky but it really does help my skin X we have the sunday Riley autocorrect under-eye cream you guy don't use it every single night a lot but it really helps with the bags under your eye and helps tighten as well last but not least wanna share with you guys this Mario Badescu drying lotion so if I have like a huge pimple or breakout I

will go in with this this is what it reminds me of it reminds me of wart medicine you guys ever had words it pretty much just dries it out because almost always every time I use this on my breakouts the next day it's like gone so I really recommend this now that we have all time I'm pretty sure you can go pick it up there what it looks like and yeah that is all for my skin care routine and what I've been doing right now I'm just trying to get rid of all this scarring I know I'm not gonna completely get rid of it but I am looking for different ways to improve the appearance of it so if you guys do have any recommendations that you guys use yourselves or if you guys heard of anything let me know in the comments below what I can use to help improve the appearance of all these scars that I had for my acne if any of you are struggling with the same thing just know you're not the only one there are tons of us that are going through the same things some of us just hide it better than others so just keep that in mind and just know that you're beautiful with them without makeup keep striving but just always remember if there are some things that

you can do to take care of your skin just take those steps to do so and in the meantime just embrace your skin as it is and if any of you guys need someone to talk to just know I'm here and you guys can always talk to me okay and just thank you guys so much for tuning into today's video I hope I helped anyone struggling with the same thing to always be confident in your own skin and in the meantime take the steps to take care of your skin as well it's very important I know I'm not the poster girl for take care of my skin because I only started this journey very recently so I'm with you on this journey if you guys need anyone to take along with you okay thank you guys so much for tuning in and we hit 500 today so let me know in the comments down below what kind of prizes you guys would like me to include and my 500 subscriber giveaway thank you guys so much for your support your love your encouragement if you guys having it please click the subscribe button down below also follow me on all my social medias also check out my up-and-coming brand it'll be launching very very soon and I'll be showing you guys products even sooner so stay tuned for that make

sure you like comment and of course subscribe I'll see you guys all in my next video love you all bye I see wifey hey doesn't wanna fight me never been the one get RP up on a whitey keep my hands clean I'm hit