31 October 2018

2018 makeup collection

so I wash my mouth out with soap there

it is poop there is poop there a basic bro I'm single and I'm brown don't try this at home kids wash my mouth out with soap wash my mouth out wit so oh my gosh I have an idea for the next video hey guys what's up my back with you ouch hey it's my back with you with another video and today I'm gonna be showing you my 2018 makeup collection so I know I know I know what you guys are all saying oh my you look for all this with your new haircut I know thank you no I'm just kidding like I look like trash with this haircut yeah I know oh my gosh every day but still so give a big thumbs up subscribe the thumbs up button should be somewhere on this screen back then or now or and then subscribe and should be on the screen somewhere they all you know they should be on the screen somewhere if they're gone now or they should be here now or they should be here later or they were there in the past past tense in coming up a little a hashing knife you want a shout-out in my next video and also another way to get a shout out is answered the question of the day which the question of the day will be in the

end of the video so let's get on with the video alright guys so I have this bag to show you a makeup which this is my does my everyday base the basic makeup that I use every single day a basic brow and then I have my extra makeup but I'm away to somebody I think one of my friends wants it or something I don't know but there's a lot of makeup in here a long video so be prepared so let's move on to my basic bag first all right so I have a clear makeup bag here and I got this off of Amazon they actually came in a set together for traveling and stuff because I travel actually if you did not know that I travel a lot because a lot of my family lives like six hours away and we go to Florida and you know I travel pretty much so we don't flare it on for Christmas ever every year and then I go to Connecticut like every month so I travel a lot and like friends sleepovers and sup so this these guys really come in handy so stay tuned to this long video so let's just open it up and see what I have inside so the first thing I have inside which I actually just thought and I've been loving so far is this meet a mat photo focus face primer

from wet and wild wild some wet and wild and you're gonna be seeing that I don't pronounce stuff and okay I'm gonna be eventually aim faster so I use this primer I love it so much I'm actually almost out I need some more but I love this primer I have a concealer it's from covergirl and it's in the shade fair Claire next I have this juicy from fresh raspberry lip gloss Maybelline New York I have some clear mascara then I have a mellow lipstick next I have just this color meets eyeshadow palette that I use for my eyebrows what that would do it I did not for a couple weeks but this is from Big Lots honestly should I have this lips lip blasts from that and then I have this eye shadow brush it's an N fifteen brush and this is messy glam I think it's I have a little Vaseline I have this brush which I do not know what brand it is just blending brush which this is from Eppley but Eppley yeah Smashbox lipstick Smashbox lipstick I'm not sure if I said that in the video and I have covergirl LashBlast Volume one group mascara and I have this brush from hash tag in them with the heart so next I have this gloss flowery you'll see

most of these and they're not say this already you will see most of these products in my fall makeup routine so please go check that out now for my big eyeshadow palettes I have this smoky needs a shadow by style essentials and you will see this in my must-haves and it just looks like this which I really like the design of this you know and then I have an Pro HD revolution revolution I shove help that I caught oppa I really love this eyeshadow palette I really do now for this humongous bag which I got this bag first mess which it's just like Christmas guys so I've been keeping here so it's gone explaining this all right so I have these pink brushes um not I really like Victoria Secret Pink brushes but like pink and I literally just pop these off of Amazon so it was just cheap brushes so last year I got these brushes for my birthday which they're actually from I don't roll up her into them but if they came in a pack and I lost the other like 10 brushes to them so you always need brushes I'll be this Christmas haul you prezi my brushes next I have this main building setting

powder eyelash curler a rose LA Colors eyeshadow palette um wet round matte finish LA Colors lip gloss nude two lipsticks brushes le clerc's lipstick a Maybelline New York concealer and a lord and berry lipstick pen new key color blush brush a mood lip gloss a red lipstick and a Lexie one for you DHL taproot blender brush a brush a primer mascara a regular mascara another mascara and a jump eight color meets mascara any one of these lipsticks I got these for Christmas last year and the names wore off I use these all the time and then Julia lip shine brush and one stick fit me foundation which was too dark for me clearly like look how dark that is that's not even funny how dark that is compared to me oh my God look how dark that is if I put that on my face right now why would I ever use that oh my gosh that's man this is a really tan and then I literally just have to lipstick last note three lipsticks left eye mascara blush alright guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video please give it a big thumbs up and to subscribe and the question of the day is what is your favorite makeup brand brand brand so I

hope you guys enjoyed this video and comes up hashtag Maya if you also want to eat checked out oh yeah comment down below if I should come out with a logo like not a logo but like a theme song theme like you know before I do my intro and stuff like that like my insurance or whatever like let's do like hash tag rather like bubbles of paint you know so coming up oh my I should do that and comment down below I always come down low because I'm we're talking you guys but know what oh she took you away as my phone number yeah no no I shouldn't do that yeah let's do risky but anyway comment down below what videos I should do next I already have an idea and I actually already filmed it but I'm gonna be posting it after this so much bye guys when you pose for a thumbnail right here we go I never end up saying that some nails alright there ya go follow me I musically I'll put it in the description sorry tik-tok just oh my gosh 25 subscribers guys thank you so much like if we get sir I'm really closed up I know if I got

30 subscribers don't forget I'm gonna be what did I say was anything I get 30 subscribers I will cut my ear no no my hair's not ego any short if I get 30 subscribers I will do something comfortable with me I should do bye guys love you