21 December 2018


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Hey YouTube family! It's your girl Lia back again with another video and today's

video as you can see from the title is just my best in beauty for 2018. Now what that means is my best products in the brow category, in the mascara category, in the eyeshadow, in the foundation category that I have been loving this year. Now I've did this last year as well and I will annotate somewhere in the video if the product that I'm mentioning is a last year winner as well. Haven't watched last year's video as of yet but will watch it afterwards to say hey I like this product couple years in a row this must be a really good product. Now some of the things I will be mentioning will be high-end. Some things will be low-end. I think I have a good mix of both but without further ado let's just get into this video and I will start in the order that I do my makeup. Now my favorite brow pencil I think goes without saying if you guys watch my videos I have a dedicated video where I show you guys me using the NYX brow pencil. Now I love this. This is $9.99. You can get it at Ulta. You can get it wherever NYX products are sold. I have it in the color chocolate. It's under 10 bucks and it's an amazing pencil. I think it's way better than Anastasia Beverly Hills in terms of price alone. Like you don't have to pay I think that's like sixteen seventeen dollars. You get to save about 7-8 bucks on a pencil that does essentially the same thing. Love this product. Can't speak enough good things about it. I don't feel like I need to harp on it too long just because again use this in every single makeup video that I do. Now the next product that I use because my brows are very defined if you guys watch my brow routine you guys know my shape is there. So I'm just filling in with my brow pencil the sparse areas but the issue that I have is my brows want to go every which way. I know a lot of you guys out there with kind of the same bushy eyebrow problem that I have you guys relate to me on this. You guys know we gotta keep them brows in check. What I have to use even days when I don't even fill in my brows I have to use a brow wax. Now for the majority of this year 2018 I loved my MAC brow wax. Now this is a fairly expensive or was fairly expensive. It''s like 18 19 bucks maybe even over 20 dollars for this little pencil of wax. But I went was gonna reorder it went on MAC they didn't have it. They gone. They don't sell

this No but I did some research I got the elf wax. This is only $2.00. So drastically cheaper than the Mac but does the same thing. All you need is a pencil of wax whoever makes one. If you have one at your local beauty supply store for $0.99 any wax just holds these things in place because throughout the day your brows want to move. So this is like edge control for your brow hairs. So the next thing I do is clean up my brows and for that I like to use my mac studio finish concealer. I have this in color in NC42 as well as the LA Girl Pro concealer. I use both of these. I use this for really lightening it up and these are more skin tone to kind of not give them that starkness. I know a lot of times when you clean up your brows it can look a little bit too light. This makes it a little too light. This tones it down a little bit. I use the shades cool tan, warm honey, fawn I use a lot of the LA girl Pro. You guys know I have a whole video where I swatch pretty much every shade of this. I'll link it up above. Anything darker than medium beige is what I typically use to clean up my brow. Not all the way up to like beautiful bronze. That like there's a little window of kind of skin tones that match my skin perfectly in the LA girl Pro concealer that I love to use for cleaning up my brows. So again these two in conjunction work really well and it's so funny because this is like a over $20 product but this is like a three dollar product and they work so well together. Or you can use one on their own. Like this is good if you don't want to lighten up up under your brows as you're doing your brows and you just want to kind of skin tone clean up this works well. Now the next step I do is actually prime my eyelids and I like to use eyeshadow bases. Now what I used to love to use is Mac Painterly went ham on this. Have hit the bottom of it but the thing about painterly is it drives out very fast and very easily. And it's not that cheap of a product to kind of repurchase for how fast it kind of dries out. But a product that hasn't really dried out on me and I really love is the NYX eyeshadow base. Now I also have hit pan almost on this one and this is in the shade skintone. Like this it's very creamy. Goes on effortlessly. Does kind of the same thing that painterly does but for a third of the price. Now the next category that we have

is eyeshadows and eyeshadows this year of course it has to be the Anastasia brand. It has won my heart this year I think from Modern Renaissance to Soft glam. To even the palette that I made myself years ago it has come through. I think these are the most pigmented, most buttery kind of shadows that you can get for the what under $50 price point. I know that's fairly expensive and if you don't like palettes you can of course make your own kind of palette. I've created and put shades into my own palette from Anastasia that I know I love. I've hit pan on some of these shades. Again soft glam and Modern Renaissance though. If you're trying to debate which one cuz you don't need all. Again I don't know why I have all but you don't need all. If you were to pick out of the two I like soft glam more than I do Modern Renaissance. Modern Renaissance is for somebody who probably likes the pinkier tones and I'm somebody who kind of likes some more warm kind of tones a little bit more. But another brand that has done a really good job is Colourpop. I have the perception palette by MakeupShayla. Again another palette that hits my eye and hits me in all the rights spots. Look at that whole row. This whole row gets used. Now again if you guys know me I'm not a big purple thing. I'm not a big blue fan and I'm a big green fan but there are colors in here that I just adore so much. So it's a little bit cheaper than the Anastasia palette. I think this palette was under at least 25 bucks and Colourpop always has coupons going on so you can always find a sale with Colourpop. Now the next step is lashes. Now it goes without saying on this channel you guys know my favorite lash. My favorite lash is the 03 beyond naturale by kiss. 03 beyond Naturale. You can find them at. I ordered mine a lot of times on Amazon just because I know it's gonna be on Amazon and I always get the six pack deal because you get six for $15. At a beauty supply store they're about $2.99 $3 each. Can reuse them up to like three times. I think normally I wear them three times and then I'm pretty much done with them. Now if you want a good dupe for em. A good dupe is the Ardell 600 lashes. Now they're very comparable as you can see still have that kind of cluster wispie kind of look going on about them. The thing about Ardell. I think they're also $2.99 $3.99.

Maybe close to $3.99. They're more readily available. You can find these at Target and all that have these on today I have these on and pretty much every video are you guys actually what lashes are those it's the kiss of beyond natural lashes but are they good alternative if you can't find the kids lashes anywhere and lash that I really have been loving lately but they're super expensive so they're not something that I would typically buy over and over again is the eye Lord Jasmine Brown dramatic lashes one days in a couple of videos these are super cute they're about $7.99 though and again I repeat lashes a couple of times but after a while they get kind of soggy the band just doesn't look bright it's a little too bendy for me I can't wear them I can wear these a few times but they're very dramatic they don't look dramatic and on camera and all that in real life they have a dramatic look they look beautiful on camera but I do like my kiss a little bit more but if you're looking for like something that's different than what I typically do I think these are cute and dramatic as well eyelash glue it's the duo brush on adhesive I have this right here got a new pack because I'm running alone on it it's not as gloopy as kind of the tube do all the tube do I used to love that used to kill that used to kill that and black I thought I was doing the best job that I could do but then B glue everywhere but I thought that was normal that's not normal you can have the brush on adhesive it goes on very thin your lashes don't look like clumpy they don't look weird it's easy to do if you're a beginner I highly suggest to brush on adhesive before the tuba the ISA next step is eye liner last year I don't think I had a favorite eyeliner quite frankly I only found this within the last what seven months it's the Stila stay all day eyeliner pencil best thinnest pencil out there that I have been able to find super thin as you guys can see right there just goes on smooth precision is everything I can do a wing with this I didn't trial win today just because when you've got a food commit to and if it goes south it goes south so I only want to jinx things on camera but when I do use this and when I do have the ability or the time to put into doing

this makes it so much easier again look how thin that brushes mascara YSL the shot mascara very expensive so I ain't gonna harp on it too long because I hate the fact that it's expensive but it's good and it's expensive now I wear lashes a lot on camera but day-to-day ain't got time for the lashes so this kind of gives me a little bit of it's never gonna be nothing out there that's gonna make me look like I'm lash mcgee out here but this does a good job at trying but for my under eye this a little bit more affordable and this is the Mac extended play gigablack lash I love this from my under lash line I never make a mistake sometimes when you use a brush that's - it's sick on your bottom lashes you get those little dots down here it's black everywhere in your life where did I go wrong that's because the brush was it thin enough to give you a black I think it's made specifically for the under lash area it just does an amazing job at coating them and making them look they're look elongated and just overall does a good job not like poking me in the eye next we have primer I like to make it easy on myself with a primer water I think it's a lot easier than squeezing something in my hand and rubbing it on if you guys know something about me you guys know I like things that work fast in the morning I need to get up I want my hair to be fast and I also need my makeup product to be a quick kind of 5-minute beating out the door this makes it easy just because I can spray and go so the next thing we have is foundations I'm gonna go through this very fast because I couldn't just choose one I'm gonna explain to you why it's been my favorite of the year very quickly because all of these have different purposes now I love the Urban Decay all nighter foundation use this for the majority of this year I think I tried it December of 2017 and from then on every video I pretty much film that was not a foundation review I had this foundation on the eye thanks to me all the time I didn't have to think in my brain I know I came on this camera and always had Urban Decay all nighter foundation on now if you're somebody out there who's looking for a drugstore dupe of that I'd have to think the Revlon Colorstay foundation is a great full coverage drugstore foundation haven't found anything out there that beats this

I do have the combination oily version I know I'm dry skin and so I should have the dry skin inversion I just like this a lot better I think the tone of it matches a lot better I had the shade 375 now if you watch my Revlon Colorstay video you guys know I mixed two at that time before I knew there was a shade in the middle that's all I was looking for with a shade in between the two shades I've used and now I found that in toffee caramel so 375 is my shade and that an Urban Decay all nighter I am 8.75 but since about September October what I have used in every video including today's video is the Born This Way Foundation love this foundation I don't know where heads been on my life but I'm so glad it has entered my life I have been sleeping on this I've been sleep oh yeah I have been trying to tell me I did a try it and I wasn't listening for some odd reason but I finally cracked down and got it and I am in the shade Brule best foundation I have no cons about this I hope by the time I'm uploading this video that my foundation review on it it's allowed on my channel because you guys will see I don't need to spend all day on this there are no cause with this foundation normal foundations I can find something like it breaks down its ugly it don't last all day it's lying it's too much cover it's just too little covered this one checks all the boxes next one NORs the natural radiant foundation I am in the shade who are you guys know I've mispronounced this all the time you guys correct me all the time in the comment section because I just always butcher the name of it I like this foundation just gives you a natural radiant glow I think I like this more than I do the sheer glow I know I like it more than the all-day weightless I think a lot of you guys out there I probably like this more than the all-day weight lifts and the sheer glow and the sheer matte and all that out there just like this foundation overall and then last but not least this isn't my favorite filming foundation but it's one of my favorite foundations the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation I know I have a whole foundation review on this foundation love it I'm in the shade golden six but recently I found the Smashbox Studios skin 15 hour hydrating foundation is an

exact dupe for this even down to the bottle I think it Smashbox didn't even try to be different they just said we're gonna do the same thing I'm mache 3.35 in this Smashbox I think it's just a little bit cheaper but it does the same exact thing like these two exact same product next we have concealer I know last year I was a big stand or the heart-shaped a love them then Tarte played us this year with their foundation that they only release that had like six shades and then I can't sort art completely but I needed a replacement I need something to take over cut the tarp straight take I'll be honest that was a good concealer out here but Maybelline better skin I think is it amazing concealer as well I think the drugstore concealer game is where it's at I like the la girl Pro concealer too as a concealer I know I said I like to use that to clean up my brows but it's an amazing concealer as well but Maybelline the fit me this a lot of people like the age of Ryan I hate the age rewind concealer but this this though I love it I love it I have it in two different shades medium deep and medium it just depends on the day which one I want it wants a little bit more brightening than the other one but can't go wrong with Maybelline better skin setting powder love the Sasha Buttercup I started using this when my Laura Mercier setting powder broke I love that but the feel kind of the area over here broke so powder would just go everywhere so I needed an alternative the Sasha Buttercup setting powder is where it is at I think it's a little yellow so sometimes I do pour some my Laura Mercier in there I do pour a little bit in here just because like I said it's a little yellow I don't want to look too yellow so I'm gonna tone it down I'm not have it on today and I don't I don't look too yellow so contour game I think on Asajj you got the contour game on lock at least for me I love everything on Asajj it does in terms of contour that's all I have on today my favorite contour has been the Anasazi cappuccino it says powder bronzer and it can be used as a bronzer for some but for me I got a mutated kind of color so it's not too bronzed the palette I have been using this for years

some of the shades I created on my own like these - I bought separately from honest Agia but the palette comes with this this and then I think there's two other kind of lighter shades but I replaced those lighter shades with this one a couple of these shades as you can see I've hit pan on so clearly this is a palette that I love massage you can't go wrong with them now the next products that I love blushes I love me some blush recently now the blush I have on today Mac raisin you guys know I've probably mentioned this in other videos I think it's definitely a good brush for people who are my skin tone and deeper I think if you're a little bit lighter than me it could be a little bit too intense but if you're a little bit darker than me I think this is just an amazing kind of warm berry just perfect fall color overall me I just use a light hand you can't go too heavy with it cuz you could be looking like a real clown no my next favorite blush is unlawful from a NARS a very cute blush and it reminds me of my favorite blush now I'm not gonna spend too much time on it because I'm pretty sure it's discontinued like I don't even know if mixed makes blushes that look like this anymore but Bob this years ago have loved this for years but I keep not reaching for it as much because once it's gone and I feel like it's gone it's NYX terracotta they're kind of in the same family I'm showing it on camera though this does look a little bit Pinker um but as you can see I've hit pan on terracotta it's an amazing summary even fall time blush next we have highlight game you guys know I'm a highlight scene the highlight that I have on today is my favorite the Bobbi Brown bronze glow highlighter as you can see hit pan on this as well I ordered another one on the way because I just have to have bronze glow on me at all time now another highlighter that I really do enjoy is gilded honey by Laura Geller as well as the master chrome by Maybelline now this is the drugstore of like stand out there like this is when I need a gold gold bang and gold type of a highlight and then this comes through and I just look like golden girl out here so I relive the Maybelline the Laura Geller and of course the Bobby

Brown next is setting spray Urban Decay all nighter goes without saying setting spray that I love and last but not least lips lips lips lips lips love lying in my lips with Mac chestnut that's my go-to again another thing but I think I learned from the glam twins a long time ago they love chestnut so I was like let me try this chestnut amazing for us brown skin girls out here not my favorite you guys know it's Anasazi a sepia like I talk about this all the time my go-to liquid lipstick but if you're looking for a good drugstore dupe I definitely say tried the color pop mess around it's an amazing alternative to if you can't find this or if it's a little bit outside of your price range I think the anastasiya is $17 I know colour-pop is off $6 again these two guys you can see in the tube very close shades now this has been my favorites video I hope you guys enjoyed it you guys let me know what are your favorite products have you tried any of the products I've mentioned I'm always on the look as you can see for new products new suggestions and new things out there that I need to try you guys put me on Born This Way when I would sleep for so long let me know down below make sure you give me a big thumbs up make sure you subscribe to me so you don't miss any of my content make sure you're following me on instagram at lille of mine 89 now we'll see you in my next video thank you so much for watching bye