21 December 2018

2018 Best Holiday Makeup Tutorial With Patrick Starrr

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Wow [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey guys Patrick Starr welcome back to my channel so today I give you this fall I know Thanksgiving past it's almost Christmas type of makeup look it is very matte on the cheeks I've been in love with like masculine we the only thing that I have in it was my nose just a very coppery frosty lid smoky red eye and a bold red dark lip for the holiday season I don't know every time I go back to the fall I always say that I'm gonna do something different I'm gonna do nudes but red I just found out you're not just friend that I just know that it's such a classic for the holiday season so whether you do bright red dark red matte red glossy red red is like the color of joy red is the color of Starbucks cups right now and red is the color of my lips and I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial it's been a while since I've had a makeup tutorial on my channel I do apologize I thank you guys for thank subscribes clicking watch and just keeping up with me on this journey called life as I move to LA and go back

home to Orlando for the holidays and I just want to say I love you guys so so much happy Thanksgiving happy holidays happy whatever you guys celebrate I love you guys so much and I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial yes tutorial come through hey guys so I'm gonna start off with this benefit moisturizer called total moisture especially for my beard area when I shave it has been getting super dry so to combat that and allow my foundation to be smooth I used the moisturizer it smells great and also to make my skin smooth I'm taking the Porefessional by benefit this has been a Holy Grail a long time ago and I haven't used it in a while but this is amazing I'm beginning so many compliments on my skin and this just makes my skin super flawless and the foundation that I love using lately for the winter fall time is my G or air flash it's a buildable coverage and it's a great color I'm in the color 500 and it's super micronized so it really sinks and covers my pores really well next I'm gonna take the NARS radiant creamy concealer and highlight like so and then I'm going to blend my concealer with the morphe g2 brush remember you

can use the code P star in the store and also on line next I'm gonna take my Laura Mercier translucent setting powder and use this for the middle of the face and then I'm going to beat the face using airspun on the outside I just like using Laura Mercier under my eyes recently next I'm gonna take the 35o palette this is awesome and I'm gonna take this peach color and just make the crease really really really warm and we don't want anything too dramatic because I want the focus to be balanced with the dark lips so I'm gonna take this reddish color and use this on the outer corner of my eye with my Sigma e-40 brush and then I'm gonna take this morphe flat brush and use this makeup geek foiled shadow I have been obsessed with using foiled shadow on the lids this color is in the color flame thrower by Omega peak and then I'm going to blend it with grandstand grandsanta is my favorite like but for the year it is by far the most beautiful color is grandstand and I'm gonna blend this into the flamethrower color on the center of the lid so next I'm gonna take a shinier color called starry-eyed and add this to

the very inner third of the eye so I have flamethrower grandstands and starry eyed and it gives us a nice dimension to the eye next I'm gonna add my wing using Inglot cosmetics 77 gel eyeliner with my Mac angled brush to 266 it is an amazing brush it's just I've had this for years and I can't seem to get away from it but more if he does have a good one as well it's a cheaper alternative but this liner is great and yes just to make sure it is even you want to make sure God and then I'm taking my shoe be amaura lash curler and curling my lashes and then this is my favorite mascara by benefit it has a thin formula and it's not so heavy that my lashes will fall down that really curls the lashes speaking of lashes I'm gonna take my new bounce some Bella lashes these are just the right size for that wispy pretty effect and I'm taking that with my jus bow and just putting on the eye letting it dry and I'm gonna lift it up after they dry so you can't really see it just yet next I'm gonna take my g0 brush by morphe it's amazing and it just really covers a large surface area for when I'm blending and knocking out with my loose

powder and that powder that I'm using is the makeup forever Pro finished powder this brush is amazing for contouring by the way it is the morphe M 5 to 7 it's so so good for contouring and bronzing and just making sure you blend those harsh lines because I'm not performing a drag tonight so yes and this is another pro finished powder and the light color Pro finished powders are great especially if you want a full coverage because their foundation powders and I love them this is captivating Amazonian clay blush that is a peachy color with my e3 by morphe and then I'm gonna take this fan brush by elf and snatch my nose back always and take you this reddish brown color I'm going to smoke out the bottom of my eyes because this allows my eyes to go really big don't be scared to smoke out the bottom just go for it and then you can balance it out with mascara like don't be scared especially if you have on smaller almond eyes do it and oh right under the eyes I use the chroma graphic pencil in the color and see by Mac to line the rim of my waterline and then I'm gonna line up my lips like hella overdrawn with Mac's dark side lip

liner and then used 666 bite melt cosmetics and another great color is Ruby slipper by Gerard cosmetics and this is the finished look you guys I hope you guys enjoy this please wear it out to your office party to church when you meet the parents picking up the kids from school when you're working the corner on Christmas Eve girl just gets you a money get your life and get this makeup look in your holiday on a rabbit walk I hope you guys enjoyed this please subscribe to my channel check out these other videos and I will see you guys in my next video bye