22 December 2017

2017 Makeup Favorites Part3 Highlighter, Lip Products, Finishing Powder & Setting Sprays

2017 Makeup Favorites Part 3...this is the Finale for the year and is mostly about the lips and finishing up your look. HIGHLIGHTERS Mac Soft N ...

today we're gonna go into my book this

is my little diary that I keep of all of my favorite things now we're gonna talk about highlight and the highlight that I use the most in 2017 it was my rediscovered love for Mac soft and gentle these are their mineralized skinfinish --is and I don't know why this I guess it was like at the bottom of the whatever and I just forgot about my Mac skin finishes this is so gorgeous it's and for a woman my age which is 55 this is an appropriate highlight I think that I don't have to worry too much about really going overboard will come into this and just swipe down and then I'll come to my cheek and drag drag swipe down swipe across my nose and this particular highlight is so perfect for not going overboard and this one here by wet-and-wild is called precious petals it's so pretty can you see that I love that imprint on it it's another one that like the soft and gentle that is really soft and gentle it's not really overboard I really like this thing the packaging isn't so caught but what's inside is really good and don't forget that you don't have to keep these and limit them to highlighting your face

these make wonderful eye shadows as well and also you can top your lipsticks with them and turn your lipsticks into those metallic looking lipsticks just turn don't buy metallic lipsticks just turn your lipsticks into metallics using high fibers the last one of course how can you not pick Abeka all right this one is pearl now but what I wanted to show you also that elf came out with new highlighters called shimmering highlighting powders and this is pearl glow so here's pearl glow and here is Becca's I'm now I'm not going to lie to you and say that they our absolute dupes because on a woman my age if you were to get a 10 plus magnification mirror and look when you swipe that the Becca absolutely does do better but who's walking around with 10 plus magnification glasses and looking at your face okay so I want to show you that this is Becca and if you like this this elf little six dollar one is a dupe so there they are and I'm gonna run these on the back of my hand I don't think that you could tell a difference on your face so if you want just skip the Becca and go for this

so now we're gonna move on to the mouth and I'm gonna break that up into three different things I'm gonna break it up into lip liners liquid lipsticks and regular lipstick my first one may surprise you that is two-faced and this is a clear one okay so this is actually called smoothing anti feathering lip pencil this you put on and it creates a border so that your lipstick won't run and feather out so if you've never heard of this before I believe Urban Decay makes one also but this is is this is really good my all-time favorite lip liner is by L'Oreal it's the L'Oreal 6-hour and fallible never-fail lip liner and I love it plum and brown so Brown isn't really Brown that's it and because my favorite lipstick shades are berries and more nudish brown colors this works perfect with almost every lipstick that I use especially if I'm contouring if I'm gonna contour my mouth I love this thing to outline and come inside the corners first before I do anything else my last choice is going to be matte okay so I like to to of the Mack liners I go through like this oh just keep buying them over and over again and that

would be Mack whirl and Max or liquid lipsticks then okay so I had to think about this the whole time that you've been watching me is probably a pretty long video but what you don't know is that the video I've been filming for three hours talking drinking eating ice and I've been doing that in a red that has gone nowhere and that is because I am using the rimmel or Rimmel lopaka lips I like these oh oh bunch makes me so happy because this is very inexpensive and this will stay put for a long long time you can eat drink get sloppy with ice do you want kiss it doesn't transfer I really think that any of the shades that you can get in the room oh lopaka lips are really good and yes in my video collection somewhere there is me throwing this thing calling it the worst thing ever and ah la terrasse my lips up and everything else but the reason that it did was because I had been doing lipstick liquid lipstick trials and this was the last one I used and because my mouth was so sore it tore my mouth and see they got the doe foot on this side and then after it dries down you go in with this doe foot on this side and it's got like I'm not

really a gloss but kind of a clear like Vaseline ish thing you put on it and it gives it shine and it helps it hold so this one works exactly the same way this is by Chanel the way this Chanel works different and this the same thing with the Rimmel the way that this works different than all the other ones is this goes on light so it doesn't go fill on and I think that's one of the reasons that it looks so beautiful and last so long and looks so great is because it goes on light and then you can put another coat on to make it darker it gets kind of tacky and then you take the other end and now there's is more like a gloss and it's got a brush okay and then you put that on and even with those on the ends of both of these even though that has turned it into a gloss it won't transfer you can just drink do whatever you want and it won't come off so you know a lot of liquid lipsticks for instance my third favorite one which is by Anastasia Beverly Hills and this one here I think is in soft lilac yeah so this is so pretty and it lasts a a pretty long time and it's a beautiful liquid lipstick okay but if you put this

on let it dry down and then put a gloss over it it will go all over the place so that is not the case with these two they have a gloss on the end and they're perfect now we're gonna move on to lipsticks I just got this this is the holiday version of Lancome it's out here to represent that one of my favorite lipsticks a period is Lancome no secret I love Lancome I love Elizabeth Arden and Lancome alright this this is the holiday lipstick Sephora's okay Macy's Nordstrom they have their version of long combs holiday lipstick tube also and theirs is a red it is shade a 264 it is in their regular line this is just a special tube with glitter on it for the holidays I like Lancome the formula for lipsticks they're creamy they would remind you I think of YSL's bite and now this one here is in cotton candy I am the other one is in my purse I have two three I have three bite lipsticks but I think rhubarb is my favorite ones they go on so smooth and hydrating and there's just something about knowing that it is its ingredients are so wonderful that it's actually considered

food great so I love the bite lipsticks and this year I tried lorac I've tried low rocks lipsticks and I dearly love them this one here is called secret agent that's the shade right there gorgeous here's something I want to point out about the lorac lipsticks the lorac lipsticks are around the same price range as a MAC lipstick okay but watch this okay here's this this is like brand-new I've been using it around the same amount of time that I've been using the lorac look at the size of the bullet on this now let's look at the size of the bullet on this look how much more you get with a lorac lipstick I just really like these particular lorac lipsticks they are the alter ego hydrating lip stains and I love them glosses really nothing new here except I didn't mention them before I mentioned soap & Glory last year as a plumper okay so I guess if you're looking for a plumper then I did use this is too here I use this a lot its buxom okay and white Russian but you know the next time I get one I might get I can't remember what the shade is I mean I love the white the White Russian I do but there's

another one I think it's Dali or something that I like just a little bit better so I might get that one next time but I really love these if lip plumpers bother you because like the soap and glories sexy mother pucker XXL that one there might hurt you if you don't like that burning tingling sensation you get with a lip plumper so I think that buxom is on the lower end now when you do that make sure you always wipe off your dofus my number one lip gloss I think always is going to be Lancome juicy tubes and there's several reasons why this one here is called simmer this particular one I think smells like juicy fruit yeah but they're so hygienic okay so they got a plastic lip with a hole so you just squeeze it up out of there and you put it on and then you can actually wipe this off with something an alcohol pad or or whatever you want you can wear these all by themselves or over the top of your favourite it looks stick and it will slightly change the color they're kind of slippery but not sticky at all Lancome juicy tubes are not sticky at all and they're not expensive you see how that's kind of a peachy color so you

get your gloss and when you lick them like it doesn't it doesn't bother you I just really like Lancome juicy tubes and if you've never tried one they're really not that expensive they last forever and I think they're the most hygienic lip gloss there is last step before I stew my setting spray is usually some kind of a luminous back light powder and the people who are the most famous for that that I have is hourglass so this one here is in mood light and many of you know that my all-time favorite blush is also by hourglass and it's called nude exposure well this is the mood light I sold several of these I used to have them all but I kept mood and luminous both of them I go back and forth between I just take this and then come in here and twirl it so it's on the brush and bam bam I hit with this big brush and then what this does is this is a powder but it doesn't make your face cakey it doesn't have a typical powder effect what it does is it has a luminous effect and a backlight so it hides your imperfections and makes you look lit from within so if you were looking at you be like wow she's like all lit up on the inside she's like glowing but not in

the same way a highlighter makes you glow and the other two that I have and I use for the same thing would be the girl on balls ah I am sorry can we have a moment I would buy this for the smell mm-hmm and I also have this on a compact and I have been using these for like a month straight on my face these are long combs I'm sorry this is gone you can't get this anymore so and I took him out of my store I was gonna sell them what I was like thinking I was so crazy so these are the same dip it's like those your lawn things you just sweep your brush all the way around and then and you just have the slightest hint of something that when people look at you they be like wow I judge a setting spray by rather or not when I take a makeup wipe and I take my makeup off at the end of the night if that makeup is still on my face and I've got it on my wipe that setting spray did its job and one of the best I've ever used is this one this is KVD locket okay the mist on this is unreal can you see how fine of a mist that is so it doesn't get too wet you don't have to spray it in the air and let it fall on your face you can hit yourself directly

in the face with it and then the mist on it is so fine that it won't be like wet on your face this is a tried-and-true really works good but if you don't want to pay that kind of money then I have found that this is pretty good but this is a share in the hydrating primer missed 12 hours it with electrolytes and it says electrolytes energize and hydrate the skin oil free silicone free alcohol free and I quite like this stuff the last one the last setting spray you're not it's not really a setting spray you probably won't even believe this but it is winds replenishing treatment all right I have a wind fairy she sent me bunch of the when this year anyway so there were products in there that I didn't even know what they were because I was just using when just the regular wind to do my hair so this is a replenishing treatment spray and what you do is you'd like to spray it in your hair and you know like second day hair you spray this in your hair it just kind of gives it a little bump okay but she said that Laura Geller uses this replenishing spray as a setting spray on her face all of Laura Geller did it I'm

gonna try it and I did I really liked it so yeah if you didn't know if you use win and you have this stuff sitting around use it on your hair and give your face a couple pumps up you finished your your makeup and it does seem to have the effect of making powdery face look not powdery that wraps up my 2017 products that I used the most and favored and I hope that you enjoy them if you've never used any of them then maybe you'll give some of them a try and if you have I'd love to hear whether or not you agree with me I'd like to thank you guys for being the best part of the freaky family you are what makes this family and I don't hope you never forget that I hope you guys are having a blessed day but if you're not then go out and be a blessing to somebody else cuz that's the best way that you can get one promise you make you feel really good inside until next time love you see ya and [Music] three two what three two one three nobody sees us that you what are you doing this for the kiddies recognize my fever man yeah he ate a bum goodbye and that's why not coffee tastes like

pumpkin spice thank you so for think isn't said I'm jolly by golly stop it all the 15 this is gonna be about this much this is for bridge Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on a bride Hawaiian Christmas Day that's the island reading weren't neither one of us are on an island secret agent man secret agent man okay wait a minute lorac is a woman it's Carol say lorac spelled backwards is Carol or Carol spelled backwards is lorac same diff secret agent woman secret agent [Music]