04 April 2018

2 Minutes Makeup Routine & Summer Makeup Tips - Celebrity Makeup Routine with Sun Tv Vj Diya

2 Minutes Makeup Routine & Summer Makeup Tips - Celebrity Makeup Routine with Sun Tv Vj Diya Product Links: Bioderma Sunscreen lotion: ...


hi nan da gávea two minutes nightly makeup adopting a let's elaborate [Music] in order friends allowed me on the kicker than another of the instructor Cody franze trains allowed me on the 10-acre pang of Dina think everyone of Lourdes can maintain country an Ahmadi makeup things are nothing is fun Trillium your make up the steps and allowing room on three so it's always simple in your purse esoteric a little less shoot another if you was on the Tekonsha heavy makeup a letter come but otherwise regular foam would I would always like to keep our simple and so now I wanted to use for a career or wish to me and nabbed enough personalities and a watchman at the copper month that there are sunscreen lotion down and I use fun way so in order all that have denied sunscreen with foundation man three so anaconda buying Romano sensitive skin overall and recovered mother ticular normal skin oily skin nary appear upon the party no tomba sensitive skin okay not on the extreme sensitive skin so are the case of all three in the summer lovin the pathing

and is 50/50 is less or equal to D in the product term that they use thunder but normal other days along on the patina summer season allama you can use SPF 30 malar Cucuy and the foundation on the low with sunscreen long-running only use funny class so I'm using this first raw skinless Erica pale skin so the kamala one that I use the sunscreen now okay the command I in obtaining a cake you know it Amanda you do it Yamuna dishonor very very simple when the foam was it a nickel sunscreen lotion use upon a much to make photo ID Kamala on the turn I will upon a la carte de película Friendship Park a little are economically kitten are less I use a lipstick okay so you know the favorite lipstick Carla Carla do you drop something your lipstick part will decay terminal articles so father Bobby and the model cosmetic items are not a factor in Allah Allah now on the kind of of a test funny a pre recovery is part of annual so recent Anglet this is my addicted okay so column bar lipstick [Music] punch your face right Alma less merry appearing on the decay Croatian anyway

in McCarthy Louisville new in your can make an en I use from the unit easy a locker LUN normal are caring he today's our Lakme iconic one so they live it on the dark one or color black so that this part I use all these are the Kamala I used mascara mascara on Blake a in the brand no more particulars money in a mascara is bunting no other way when I use my okay so I'm ready we do down written I usually really linking Leonardo on the corner shoot times summer to the holidays I make strand up on home Deena rained layer one that foundation proven because throughout the day Roman air and I'm an eco mode Adele Nami on the Roman era makeup Co could as a bringer the cargo powder use for the chimera foundation blush eyeshadow in the matter of salvation galerkin but otherwise now vanilla conversion this is what I am [Music] the summer season wherever the a patina on the skin maintained front rows then I am putting maintain fun traveling it over the Silla tips on the tanasul Opera so first of all in arenas summer season

were both in under skin normal skin and aloe oily skin and aloe rumba sensitive and alone makan deeper in take it occurs on the trauma mukhya at the same time valeera nama poor Oh Elena Mary shoots for $1 sorry well Allah sometimes from when I reveal in the community the recoil and I'm a college for Don doll oh he loved working for Darnell very little I'm home but the Sun wanna partake not embody come on I'm gonna wander buddy competitor the militarization de Sol on the maritime la la la Poma the defining a sunscreen lotion on the - you spurn anger so then I couldn t bubble here on the monitor solder we sure did that if were no longer summer little Pumbaa did I say the sunscreen lotion is funny get a pro in the summer season with the rim maybe three maybe two cardboards remember tiring ir1 I'm a skin on that number Park Umberto make a stereo cooler darker tan I do I'm the maritime man again upon you know of Deena tired lemon and koo kumba villarica so the mono on the tanning car is a mixed bunny a ringa Roma bouquets tamari llamas let me paste Mario military olace on the

level it accommodated thin eager for 15-20 minutes facelet necklace sometimes Kyla good another Tanaka Allah good inning of life annuity Linga 15-20 minutes under the Kurama cone should dry yoga room Rico so Anthony returning a point Allah face and I washed funny coolest on darling now market are you and I'm a skin one litter appeared oportunity order on the table cool will feel so fresh number fresh out with Marta lemon on the skin one litter in the lavake healthy i recovering is opening on the field panduranga so next time just try this out because most of the time now and it is a tripe Anna where are the cup ramen error in a low ratio seller 4s so can you fire on the corner you can remove or oma helpful are come because number one the coup de la Vega Carter Dana melodic character so on the beautiful and I so on the Tanami analog on the port hour ago particular mom there now and then of a try fun ago so in order and I use phone I could you call Jill and I learn or one that other especially tiene bring it on and sell a foreign so both of our way Ilocano glow in the face panel could endure a issue and have dinner some more seasoned up o

Kajol use panel is a real I learn or use sri rama three remove Autry aroma three R coos special earning a summertime learning was ánotá spanis REO and college a yellow room but soft are going fact poor okay Maria they're sitting in a panel Abdi non-use fanatic a promise it chroma point Laura Kajol and Island are burning a refrigerator which hearing it okay so sounds new and interesting right so yes frigid of it sure the copper mining a poor mother are there any news panel make a difference cerium which is hard article and the room with big cover or over I recover so the main earning on that is summer season up earning at the try funny enough it will work out well okay so the summer season of diggin Alamein around in a manner is summer tips down the codetalker so summer season up for makeup puddin go there I mean any culinary a powerful importar a cup tea soup but on the theory warm dinner but yes powder on the part again and I'm a normal ahh it could make up Liu spun away they be mu chemo and attend I'm a the the Narayan arrow-maker parola and the mother heavy make up a lump over

devoted now and then I'm a powders he was funny otherwise I'm a vanilla poor Oh II Len I'm a simple eye makeup in the follow-up and robe Dena I'm a normal I used for naquadria powders compact powders you're the alarming when the no avoid funny you know may not summer season upon the pathing in a cream-based are Kaku D in the way the mana makeup items are not letting you use mana class for example compact Leon the patina clean compact Erica are the nigga triphala and blush look good on the parting a powder blush Madripoor gamma blush li when you have cream based so on the mother you Anthony get ripening in a Roman era my summers season upon that is matcha gamma from over makeup I Lama simple on cure Tao in fact mother fucka Korea are they look only Connecticut okay you know came on ik to Quantico to Kapoor area Nana makeup or to the community naman the primers Liu spawn oh Allah the community under the base recovering and the base my little Yin of Dena ice cubes on it a number up on la face two minutes two minutes drop under the capital Mon I'm a nominal clause that should happen yet no upper wave and

then I'm a face again now load a refreshing feel car I can cool long vertical so I did Kemal on the part in our primers foundation say the word Allah one that I may use funny Clyde a previous one where the Annapolis Sabrina phase one departing in Outlook on litters my jogger makeups majority in fact a poem a under to face another refreshing article inner vision and now oil segregate I got it okay you know this idiom agree no interesting on an area videos Ning a park noona all you have to do is subscribe to cache and subscribe button cuz pocket lay on the belly button Oracle mera karma will click monoghan ring do you wanna see wasn't in a bag wait coming soon on your cash [Music] [Music] [Music]