30 May 2018

2 in 1 : Another Amazon Wig : 360 Lace Front & Makeup Tutorial

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I wasn't filming again what is up with

today guys I filmed with my brows and then I said cartful have it delete that I felt putting on my eyes two shades cartful how to delete that format in my car and now I start over and I put this one shade on this orange shade I wasn't even recording like what is life right now [Music] hi guys I'm back with another video this time is going to be of two and one how I meet my face total like that's of course and also installing this awake I did install the wig and I really didn't show too much because you guys have my bump at least video so it's not really much that's going to be shown I didn't do a talk through but the makeup portion is going to be a talk through I did my makeup in my hair earlier and I didn't have time to fill a outro or at the intro so I am doing it now hours later so my makeup does look like you know and you know I work for the day and I changed my outfit like twice no three times actually in this video it definitely took me all day to film this video so um I hope you guys enjoy this is my first two and one I guess you can call it and without further ado let's

get into the video bye so for my brows I use my regular fashion fare on its brow powder and I've used the LA / no I use the LA girls forever red lip liner to get the Red Tent in my brows I cleans it up with s X 11 for my primer on my lids I did use the Revlon Colorstay in the shade medium deep I know it's very light I did used to prime my lid and it blends it very well with the cabinet wand as X 11 it's a very thick concealer you guys know so it did blend very well with battle I just am tired of using my lane love paint pot by back because it's so old and I feel like it doesn't have like the right consistency to be used by itself because it's making my shadows very patchy but I do like the way that it dries so I did use it in my inner corner where I get very oily on the day and my lids and my eyeshadow will crease so I just used this in any one of the pink hot now moving on to shadows I did use the Kiko shadow in the shade light teen as a first first shade transition shade and then I went into my morphe 12p palette and I use of his arm shade right underneath that I'm taking my masquerade palette and it's the masquerade Rubeus

place you guys I'm taking Zulu right now that's how I was able to get this gorgeous gorgeous sunset I really wish that you guys were able to see the transition I filmed it I promise you guys I filmed it but I had to format my memory card it was acting up and was jacked up like I'm so bad right now but I'm just gonna need one I use the shade Zulu already and now I'm going to go into a doubt I'm gonna use this on my outer crease take my ugly girl Pro concealer and then shade porcelain [Music] now I'm just gonna go back into ADA which was the last sheet that I use and [Applause] I'm taking this cookie palette and I'm gonna be using this shade right here in the middle just to put on top of the concealer I do want to keep it this color I can't find anything right now I'm gonna take my English eyeliner in 77 I have a love-hate for this I have to be loved how black it is I love the consistency I use this thin morphe brush it doesn't have a number on it has nothing on this stuff transfers on me like I could be out on the street and

right here in my inner corner will transfer onto my lid onto my eyeshadows and then I look like retarded and it's not because my eye is watering it just translates like it's like it never dries so what I have to do is if I remember is to set blue the liner with powder and I feel like for it to be in black I don't I don't think I should have to do that and people talk about it so much but I feel like that's something that they don't say but maybe it's not happening to most people but it's transferring on me very bad so what I do is in my is spot very thing I have to leave this very thin and then once I get past my iris then that's when I start doing two things so that's what I have to do okay so as in my liner I didn't do the wing I'm just a little place now I'm going to take my Lancome mascara and my crease blend of flame and all mascara I like to use and eat the trace one first I feel like it just separates my lashes and it coats them pretty well I've been using the NARS all day luminous people have a lot of hate for this foundation and I'm late it works for me it's fine the other

ones don't work for me the other cognise has two other of the core foundations they don't work on yourself so what I do is I don't use the pump I just don't like how messy the pump can get after a while you guys are like me so just take the stick out you don't even need a lock this like to me that's how I'm going to take my ELF alternate blending brush so for concealer I'm going to take the morphe concealer in the shade caramel and depending on how I'm filling out even using the Too Faced Born This Way and tan cs10 or I will take the Revlon Colorstay that I use to pop I'm good today and use this for brightness I'm shady and deep so for example when you use the medium deep I only use the morphe under my eye I love the thickness it's definitely like a mousse concealer [Music] it doesn't dry quick I'll take it down the bridge so don't like to be too right on my bridge Cupid and whatever is left on either side well now I'm going to take my lip on color [Music] I know colors like this now I'm going to

take my ELF contour stick and the shade deep yes obviously I like that now is when I go into my Mac mineralize skinfinish in the shade deep and I use my Beauty Blender to apply that just right here my frown lines because [Music] I must my life same as my lines are like I have a love-hate for them I like them please sleep then I'm gonna take my Ben Nye banana powder going to my shade and light palette I usually would take these two shades and go and do my eyes but I'm loving light contour with the darkest shade I'm going to take my Milani fantastic in the shade fantastic and gold this is how I get that summary a bronze eagle oh but before I do that I'm going to do a setting spray I have tons and tons of settings right but today I'm going to use the prime and fine setting spray yes I'm going to use that first [Music] you're gonna let that get a loose hockey on the face [Music] once I have that over the face I spray again let that kids happy and then I move on to highlight today I'm going to

be using the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in the shade bronze you can get this at Beauty on the fly this little small one our Beauty on the fly at Sephora my Sephora ladies talk about movie on the fly is at the register make all the products that they have lined up at the register because you can find this small one [Music] for lips I'm going to take that M is retractable lip liner and Koko just lie and take some for ice cream lip sing and the straight 33 it's like the perfect it's like darker than myth but it's still like something right enough so I'm just gonna pop this right here in the center while that dries I'm going to take the our dough to fifty twos I'm going to pop these on see how like your vibe changes I'm like not even on oh life changes our Delta fifty twos I only found them in Sally's y'all I have to get to so now that we did make up let's go into here alright guys I'm back I took a shower I feel so good right now like I'm so clean now can get this wig on it's not looking like a movie jail so the wake that I'm going to be showing you guys is this baby right here

she looks very shiny because I sprayed I'm not very shiny but I sprayed Amaya Sebastian Schaefer on it you guys may have remembered this way this way used to be I thought a blonde and if you guys see hole what look is that it's a look it's a video where I'm wearing yellow I think it's like maybe three videos ago yeah maybe three four videos ago I'm using like yellow and like dinner on my eyes and I had the blonde wig on that's the same way so I just decided that I wanted to go red I wanted to do like another fun color and you don't know if Reds my favorite color so like when you just do it I have only one red one up some of my life and it wasn't the greatest so I just wanted to on the wig was already born so I was like it's Ahriman let me just put this on there so I use the kiss color and scarlet and then I ran out of it it didn't feel like going back to the store so then I use a door I use a doors truly red for the top and if you ask me it looks pretty much the same all around by can you guys tell [Music] so I thought I didn't have a cat but I

do so I'm just going to put this on I will be don't gonna talk because you guys have saw it you guys have seen mine [Music] you guys have seen my video I'm sure if you haven't know but I'm sure you guys have seen my video like it's my number one video actually like its gaming like a thousand news each day which I'm so happy and proud that's like what I've been wanting for all my videos but it's just like not happening but that video I don't know what I did maybe because I put Amazon and the caption I don't know what I said maybe I tagged it right but that video is like making moves like macho [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so I do want to thank you guys for watching this a long video and sticking by with me this a gorgeous gorgeous hair this is she I wasn't able to show too much in the video because I was running late I had to get out the door but if this is she already ain't done and all I'm going to do to put my hair up is just put it in the bonnet and put my

scarf on that I just sit on back I just ten lay down but I'm gonna thank you guys once again for sticking with me and I will see you in the next one bye