29 May 2017

16 Best Makeup & Beauty Hacks 2017! Chloe Morello

Enjoy these Beauty hacks everyone! Whats your beauty hack? Products for each tip: #1 - Eyebrow Razor/Dermaplaner (Similar: http://bit.ly/2s4OTci AND my new ...

hey guys I'm here to give you some fun

beauty hacks today I hope you enjoy alright first one is dermaplaning-- I absolutely love to do this maybe once a month just shaving for your face it picks up all the little peach fuzz so that when you apply your makeup there's no hair catching the light and it also does exfoliate you as you can see there's so much coming off it's extremely satisfying and it makes a very big difference in the application of your makeup I love this tip this is setting spray in your makeup sponge wet your sponge as normal but then before you go to apply a foundation or concealer rinse it with a little bit of your setting spray that way I really feel like you're pressing the foundation in with the setting spray rather than just sealing it on top I do this every time I want longer-lasting makeup and sweat proof makeup it's just a theory but I personally swear it works this one should be pretty obvious but I always carve out my eyebrows with a bit of concealer just to keep it looking nice and meet as you can see it's such a quick result and makes a very big difference okay guys this one is a little bit crazy but if you are in an

urgent position and you need shadow guards because you're doing a super crazy black smoky eye or something that's going to cause a lot of fallout then you can use sanitary liners I was alerted on my last video that was really wasteful and bad for the environment to just use these year without thinking twice so I try to use it only when absolutely necessary and once I've used them I just kind of sticks them to the inside of the drawer so I can use them again later for makeup purposes of course but it does really help create that nice sharp line as you can see whoo what's next oh it's a damn powder sponge so I don't like powdering my face I don't like the thick cakey feeling I find that that can be eliminated by using my damp sponge in the powder so it just makes it melt a lot easier in with the skin and gives me the same kind of finish as a liquid foundation but its product a nice way to make your inner corner pop without using a really intense shimmery highlighter is to use a white eyeliner in that I really love this effect it's great for my makeup date but also it can be used to intensify the

look of your inner highlight so you can use it as a base for the highlight or on its own and of course brightening the inner corner of the eye helps you look more awake and fresh highlighting the Vermilion border of your lips which is kind of the ridge of your lips where your lip skin meets your facial skin can really help to make a more youthful look to your lips and face it can give the illusion of a more defined border to your lips which is useful for people with lip injections because often that border is diminished using an angle brush to apply your lipstick is one of the best hacks I could possibly give you especially if you love to wear bright lips guys the corners and the angles allow you to get into the little nooks and crannies of your lips so you didn't even know that you had as you can see it creates extremely straight lines way better than a lip brush I don't even know why lip brushes a little paddle shaped I can get the corner of my lips perfectly and the Cupid's bow angles so well I've never been big on curling my lashes but someone told me about this tip and it's awesome next time you blow drying your hair why not blow dry your

eyelashes up the heat helps it stay longer and it's phase one eyelash extensions - one of my least favorite lash looks is when you finish your eyelashes you've gone top and bottom and you get that really true be thick look all the way up I'm not a big fan I like my lashes to still look kind of natural and I think lashes that are too big to look a bit crazy so I like to just take a spoolie just through the ends just to paper out the lashes so they have a natural finish and a natural taper if you are unfortunate enough to get makeup on your nose or somewhere else after you've done your makeup just give it a few minutes maybe two or three minutes and then it should scratch off nice and easily with a spoolie this works for every mascara I have except for benefit roller lash I don't know why typically I have two options when it comes to my ponytail I either have a really limp sad looking ponytail like this or I choose the out of it and get some damage in the process until I tried put one of my trusty alligator clips underneath the ponytail and flipping my hair back over it it works instantly and

I don't have to spend a lot of time teasing and causing damage and using a lot of products sometimes I over blend my contour and it's not really doing its job anymore so I'll just take a banana powder and you can really carefully carve out those contour lines again whether it be on your jaw on your nose wherever it is you're contouring and then blend it out with a brush I hope you get those angles back again and keep everything neat and tidy when I heard celebrities like Gisele Bundchen use the faux freckle trick I started to use it a lot more often it can really help make it look like you're wearing less makeup it can create a more youthful effect since freckles are something that fade with age plus because freckles are a bear skin trait adding them over the top of your foundation can make it look as though you're either not wearing foundation or in my case maybe wearing a little bit less foundation I mean I got a lot on here let's be honest but it's really easy and fun to do and just a fun different look if it's something that you want to add I just realized this title might scare the crap out of you but I'm talking about fake lashes guys

many of us have to trim our fake lashes so it can be really annoying because the male scissors or the many scissors or even these really expensive eyelash trimming scissors just do not work on the delicate eyelashes as you can see the lash is like trying to get away from the scissors and it's really hard to get a nice clean snap off and quite often I even end up trimming you know a nice lush hair that I don't want to trim off it'll just come off in a chunk so something that I found that works incredibly well as you can see here our cuticle trimmers these are the best when it comes to trimming your lashes if you wear lashes often it's definitely a good idea and nail clippers also work I don't really know what else to call this so I'm going to call it look strobing is just where I strategically apply a lighter color lip gloss over certain areas of my lips like the Cupid's bow and then the lower part of my lip I Pat it in just so I maintain some of the original texture to the lip product but it really how to create a definition to the Vermilion border like what I was describing before and also create a more plump look

without it being super glossy and sticky she'll 15 tips guys that was quite a lot for me to get through but I still want to know more so leave your tips in the comment box and please also give me a follow on my other social media sides I would love to see you there before I go I've got one last little announcement I've been working on something for the past couple of months it's coming out soon and I really can't wait to you guys to see it it's going to be hilarious I haven't actually seen the finished product yet but I should be seeing it extremely soon either way I'll be giving you a sneak peek here on my channel on June 7th so mark your calendars take a guess of what it is and who I'm working with in the comment box and let's see who's right come June 7th guys stay tuned