21 November 2017

15 Cruelty Free Makeup Brands! (Nov. 2017)

Also, my hair color is cruelty free as well! Arctic Fox dyes are cruelty free & 15% of their profits go towards helping animals in need. I've linked my color ...

hey guys what's up welcome back to my

channel oh my gosh and she's very excited about today's video and this is going to be a huge list of current beauty brands who are cruelty free now I myself have not yet made the complete change to cruelty free makeup but I am really trying to so then you further ado I'm gonna talk about some brands I'm just gonna list a whole bunch of brands that you can google for yourself see what you like and know that it's cruelty free so without any further ado it lets get into this video [Music] okay guys so we're gonna go ahead and start off with jeffree star cosmetics you know the brand and I always review everything from yes they are cruelty free and everything's vegan as well so you can use everything on your eyes your lips anywhere on your face and it's all good and it's cozy free which is great the next brand is sugar pill which is literally like the cutest brand ever everything is so pretty so good I've tried their eyeshadows or liquid lipsticks everything's a great quality as far as I can tell I haven't tried every product but they do have a lot of great products that are so fun and cute

and cruelty free and also the donate some of their money to help animals so it's great as well next brand is Kat Von D of course everyone knew this was cruelty free but it's one of those major brands you can find not just online but you can also find it in Sephora and I don't know Golda has it now snake alter has it but you can find it in Sephora so I wanted to mention a big one that you can find everywhere and that's Kat Von D so everything is I don't know if everything's vegan next is Catrice I have not tried this brand but it is cruelty free the one after that is Urban Decay everyone knows this one you can also get this one in Ulta and so forth as well one of those major brands that are cruelty free which is great because it's always funny shopping for stuff in a drugstore or support anywhere cuz you don't really know what school to free or not but thankfully that brand is next is um Nastasia Beverly Hills we've all heard of this brand we all know where to get it and they are cruelty free what's your favorite thing found a saucy Beverly Hills cuz I'm torn between the dip brow pomade and the modern renaissance

palette I think life next brand is NYX NYX Cosmetics which you can find at CVS Ulta anywhere as well as online is actually Pam a drugstore brand which is cool that is cruelty free and they have tons of products their normal products they cool fun special effects products now just kind of fun and yeah super super well known brand which is I'm just gonna start listing stuff now it looks like I'm saying nothing next one is it cosmetics you can find this one at Ulta as well as Burt's Bees which is in the drugstore and in Ulta Burt's Bees I don't know if they make makeup makeup and I know that makes that really bomb chaps either by lice but I don't but everybody loves it so I'm sure it's great the next one is cover FX which you can find in Ulta and Sephora after that we have fancy beauty which is Rihanna's new Beauty line I review that foundation that they just put out I will leave the little strips I'll leave a link in the description down below but yeah they are cruelty free as well next one is a bite Beauty which you can find in Tulsa and also I've seen at t.j.maxx you can do the yes

to brand which is like yes the carrot just a few murders yes to Tomatoes if you have sensitive skin like me they'll be wary of it because I've had bad experiences with our face masks but their skin care stuff in general is really good next is a Marc Jacobs if you're fancy and an hourglass if you're fancy because those are expensive brands but they are cruelty free as well this is a short little video I just want to name a few brands for you if you're looking for some that are cruelty free trying to make that switch over and you hope you guys I'm doing this little video I will see you in the next one I put out three to five videos a week I'm not sure I can keep doing five I might go to free we'll see let me know what you want down below and I'll see you then bye guys what's that wave like hey my guy