26 May 2017

14 Beauty Sleep Tips You Should Be Doing Every Night!

Beauty sleep is essential! Here are my 9 Beauty Sleep Tips You Should Be Doing Every Night! Everything from how to sleep better to your night time beauty ...


the thing is beauty sleep is intimate you need it consistently so if you're waking up feeling tired and Haggar you're probably looking the same and we don't want that that's why in today's video I'll be sharing with you guys my beauty sleep tip so you wake up feeling refreshed and truly rested because we all want that right yeah I also partnered up with Lisa matches to bring you this video because you sleep is what they're all about saying I can't wait to share with you guys what I've been doing recently to help myself to get better sleep are you guys ready let's get started when it comes to beauty sleep check your mattress over the last few months I've been experiencing a really bad back pain I went to a Cairo a physio and RMT it helps but I was still feeling pain then it struck me what if it's my mattress so I did a ton of research online and found relief mattress and decided to try it out I've slept on it over the last three weeks now and my back instantly started feeling better I love how the mattress it's made with three layers of memory foam which I'm not really used to because I normally

touch on different beds this is a firmer mattress and they also sleep on my side and having the foam really helps align my back and spine if you guys are interested in this mattress I'll leave a promo code in the description box below if you want to find out more about them having a good night's sleep starts with your mattress those experiencing back pain or having restless nights it may be time to swap out for a new one next up foam rolling exercises first is the upper back release roll slowly roll up and down the upper back to release trigger points this is one of my favorites for back pains next is the assisted Child's Pose this is a great one to help stretch out your back and is a calming pose which is perfect for for bed then the assisted Pigeon pose which helps with tight hips and stretches the glutes lastly stretching out the quads and hamstrings these two stretches work the muscles really well so you'll definitely feel a bit sore the next day but you're going to feel great one of my favorite ways to relax is by listening to the headspace app if you haven't tried it yet you need to I use it on a weekly

basis and it helps me so much when it comes to getting better sleep I also love to sing Labrador in my bedroom to help me to sleep to having Kelm LP a few hours before bed really relaxes me and helps calm my mind oh yeah this is also my favorite cup right now cuz thank you this may be a personal one but I love skimming through cookbooks they actually relax me this one is one of my favorites the oh she glows cookbook don't those potatoes look amazing wait now I'm hungry and of course skincare you know the drill space life's always before cleansing here I'm using the Clinique pet start cleansing wipes to get all the makeup dirt and bacteria off the second step in cleansing is with a brush and you guys know I love my Clarisonic Mia and this is going to give my skin a very nice deep clean I usually do this for about 30 seconds all over the face and rinse with cold water and pat dry this one's from Mama Chu it's a hot steamy towel over your face for 30 seconds next I've been using the simple soothing facial toner and a lot recently mostly because it's starting to get a bit warmer and my skin is getting a bit

earlier so toner really helps control that if you drop on a cotton pad and flecked gently all over the face and neck time for essence the coat and lovino perfect concentrated brightening essence is my new skincare staple it helps with uneven skin tone and it's super hydrating again a few drops on a cotton pad and all over the face you guys know I love me some face oil and the Tessa Harper beautifying one is amazing I just warm this up in my hands and Pat it in everywhere now if you have dry skin add a bit of face oil into your nighttime routine it's going to help and last but at least booster Iser I've been using my two powerhouses together be coder Lee premier cru the cream to help with fine lines and wrinkles and you never start too early when it comes to aging and to top it off I'll be using the premier cru eye cream which helps with puffiness and dark circles I've been really into eye creams and if you're finding that you do get a little bit more sagging as underneath the eyes eye cream it's going to be your friend and now it's time to close the blinds and call it a night I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I'll see you

guys all very soon in my next one bye for now oh yeah and don't forget to subscribe I love you [Music]