07 August 2018


This is my very first PR Package Unboxing video! Like, Comment, Share, but most importantly Subscribe! If you want to learn how to get free makeup and ...

hey you guys so I am back with another

video this time this is going to be my very first unboxing of PR packages now as you can see behind me there are some boxes these are my PR packages that I have gotten most recently and it you know it's crazy that I haven't already done this before now before I jump into these PR packages I want to let you guys know if you are interested in getting PR packages and becoming an influencer I want you guys to go into the description box of this video and click on my site amazed by K dot org and enroll for my what it takes to brand yourself as an influencer online webinar course I'm going to talk to you guys about how to brand yourself as an influencer how to make money and monetize your platforms brand agencies I give you guys a template rate card I'll give you guys a list of websites and resources there's so much that I've put into this webinar for such a low price I want you guys to get it now without wasting any more time we're gonna jump into my PR packages I'm so excited this is thousands of dollars worth of free makeup that's the truth if you guys purchase these burnt ends that are behind me you know these brands are not cheap and

they constantly send me free makeup thousands dollars worth of free makeup honey yes yes they do so once again if you guys want to learn how to do this and what I've been doing for three years even if you don't want the money and you just want free product all the time whatever floats your boat just make sure that you enroll at amazed by K org in the description box let's go ahead and jump to the video [Music] [Music] okay so I'm gonna start with Lucy my sweaty hands I'm gonna start with this first one Larissa Cosmetics now you may not have heard them or heard of them before I can't even talk but they found me somehow and I actually like their products so I typically get in the past like their lipsticks and stuff like that but this box has some highlighters yes I mean highlighter so as you guys know I really don't do a lot of makeup clearly my whole face I don't have my edges laid okay honey that's how we're all I do videos I love a good highlight I love a good mascara or maybe like a lash extensions a nice little lip which is clear most the time clear on me

or nudes and an amazing highlighter like what more do you really need and so Larissa teased sent over their Wonder du pot hallo du pot in glory du pot highlighters now the packaging is really really cute I actually like this and let's see this one right here is probably gonna be my favorite I love my highlighters to be like very hmm what is the word I don't know but like gold and me and a little yellow I'm not too fond of like the pink and white highlighters because once I brush them onto my skin it makes me look like a she or something and then this other one is a little bit right on my nails or so long this one's a little bit lighter and I think this one is just actual white now Larissa sent over a card and thank you Bianca and the ritzy Cosmetics for sending everything to me all the time they said you can mix these and come up with different colors so I think I'm gonna try doing that but this is a very um there's no scent and it comes off very glittery and rubs in pretty well it's kind of like Vaseline II but not really but kind of thank you so much Rick see cosmedix I'm gonna try these out and I think I'm

gonna also make a video for you guys my favorite highlighters okay to face thank you so much for inviting me out first and foremost to the most recent event here in Los Angeles I got some really good goodies with them okay so I've got a lot going on right here I'm gonna start with already out in this hand so this is their long-wear matte bronzer I don't have any bronzer as of right now I typically don't purchase them there goes the Pak G is so pretty now what I love about Too Faced which I was not familiar with if I can open it oh my gosh my nails are to them when your nails are this long where you can't do basic things oh there we go okay so the cool thing about to face a lot of their products smell like chocolate and this is the dark chocolate and I absolutely love that it makes you want to eat it but I'm really happy that I have this because like I said I don't have any other bronzer on my roster right now and then they sent over this red lipstick that I absolutely loved you guys loved it too on my IG the better than sex mascara this right here is nothing to play with it's super thick it's not a game and then what I love it

actually could be using this on my face right now which is the three-in-one replacing primer in setting spray and I haven't probably just using this on my face even if I'm not doing makeup so it just comes in this bottle it's kind of like kind of like some modern deodorant and just oh oh it smells so good it has this fresh appealing make it smells just so lovely it's alcohol free oil free silicone free and oh it's coconut water probiotic based ingredients and it just has a lot of skin reviving things within it they also gave me the replenishing face primer right here I haven't fully used this since getting it but it comes in something just like this and you pump it out and it's it's white it looks oh yeah it's very water-based and oily little bit hydrating honey that's hydrating that's hydrating there's some things that are a little too oily for me and I'm like you just put water in some cream in a bottle and I'm not feeling it but that actually felt hydrating it smells just like the three and one they also sent the chocolate bar a shadow here goes some of the colors right here I have I'm all I shadowed out I have every eye shadow

from every makeup company that you can think of seriously and then I've got the long lasting six hour blush now this one I used to like blush when I was a teenager but now it's so cute the packaging but now I'm just I kind of stay away from it but I think if I did use this this will be an okay color for me but we'll see yeah it's pretty pinky on this finger actually kind of matches my pigment but nonetheless thank you two-faced and I will be trying everything out for sure this next one has the beautiful golden Barbie Jasmine Sanders on the cover of it Smashbox always impresses me with their packaging they put so much money into their marketing in their packages thank you so much mash box from the day that you guys sponsored me and I was doing posts for you guys and even without me having to post for them anymore they still they're so loyal they still send you product they still represent and I absolutely love that so as you can see Eulalie we've got different eyeshadows so like I said just a moment ago I am I shadowed out it's not a game over here so much primer and eyeshadows I think my favorite one is this one right here

honey very oh look at that look at it look at that look at that yes whoo yes Smashbox whoo you guys out do everything every single time from the product to the packaging in the marketing I just I'm always impressed whenever I see Smashbox in the mail my cold snap it's gonna be some like next level in it let me just stop oh wait this next one honey just like a thousand pounds okay so I don't know if you guys know but um Wow back I did it a makeup campaign with cover FX you guys can't see you but it does say cover FX and power play right here and so along with this is so heavy if you guys like along with me doing the campaign there were nice enough to send me this big PR package um as like an extra thank you for working with them and whoops I got some eye shadow on my bed okay I'm gonna open it oh my gosh oh so here close the cover and here goes all the makeup that they gave me how crazies do you know how much this is worth like like what it was a girl split I feel like I should collect this and down the line I put it on eBay like I

don't even want to use I want somebody to like collect this like or I can just keep the rest of my life but thank you so much cover FX and thank you for working with me they really believed in me and they allowed me to do a campaign with them and it was one of my biggest goals and I did it and I'm so happy about that so this looks awesome to have we've got this one you're gonna see my real it we've got another Smashbox like they are so lit with their packaging like it's not even a joke so this one right here is for their rose petal collection and honey when I say we've got so many I'm gonna show you guys the highlighters we've got primer spray in here we've got lipsticks mascara lip line eyeliners like it's so much going on in this box but I most importantly want to show you guys the highlighters because I'm just into the highlighters right and that's just my feeling like it just keeps you pop in like how the packaging is I absolutely love that and here goes one they all come with a mirror I love that so this is this one and it rubs on so smooth it's very champagne rose day right they this other one which one is this one

this one okay so that one was golden rose no it was that this one says metallic let's see oh this one's a little bit more golden me okay and this other one is called prismatic petal now I see this one's cray-cray looking like it's golden me and Rose go to one and you don't know what's bound to happen when she put it on your face oh my gosh is that vessel name back there no thanks so yeah I just look like I swear between I don't know like Smashbox is just phenomenal they they go above and beyond like I said with their packaging so thank you so much I know I already said thank you and the last one but it's like it's crazy let's see let's see okay so they've got this Desert Rose lipstick and it's matte now or is it matte and no it's I don't know if it's matte but the packaging is so cute I love Smashbox always has this type of lip gloss and this is a nice little color hmm I'm not mad at it I literally have like over a hundred Smashbox lipsticks like I'm not even joking late oh my gosh oh my gosh what Smashbox holds it down now this one right here is the photo finish middle

pedal metal primer and that's one thing I swear I have like over 20 primers from Smashbox too like Smashbox sends me the most product out of everyone and I'm so appreciative for that one their quality brand and then okay so this is the primer and it's tinted it has like a rose gold it rubs in it doesn't have a smell it doesn't look like it's gonna give me a flashback or anything I managed to try this out but like I said I have so many primers that it's like I don't even know where to start and I never really have oh my gosh thank you so much Smashbox any last one Smashbox of course they put so much money into this so I have to pull this one down and I'm going to so as you see there's so much primer in here like they've got one for photo finish radiance reduce redness minimize pores primer oil super light smoothing blur even your skin tone they've got the finished photo they got a primer water they got a mattify stick now I don't know why would you need okay so it's 12 hours of oil and shine control 99% said and minimize shine 90% sent makeup last longer so I guess that's why you would

need a mattify stick I've never used the mattify stick I feel like my skin is so dry but who knows what like packaging but who knows I might need it one day oh it rubs off kind of like a thick Vaseline kind of thing okay and I guess I would put this on first and then do my makeup okay I'm here for it I'm absolutely here for it okay thank you again Smashbox okay thank you again you know but I really something draws me to this ah the primer moisturizer this is 24-hour hydration 127 percent hydration 88% said makeup lasted all day 97% said it felt lightweight 91% said makeup goes on flawlessly after using this so let's look at it I love the packaging I love the blue and black I actually really like this a lot and you just pump it out Boop okay so it's wet and creamy and white and creamy I'm just gonna rub that in oh it's very watery super watery like no scent very watery but that felt you know um the brand of lotion that you use after a tattoo that was that's what that feels like so actually might leave this out and apply this before I leave the house today it says to apply wanted to

pump the fingertips and smooth all over face before makeup it can be used with or in place of a moisturizer I'm actually going to leave this up because I think about that just makes me really happy so there we have it ladies and gents I did my first PR package unboxing and I plan to do so much more I'm constantly getting this free product and I feel like I should be sharing that with you guys and once again if you want to receive these kind of packages you want to be an influencer or you want to make money on the internet you want to monetize your platforms and live off of that make sure that you guys go into my description box click on my site amazed by K org and enroll today okay you have what it takes to do this you just need the knowledge and the resources behind you so that you can do it I hope you guys enjoyed this video please subscribe like comment share I'm back on YouTube you guys remember that so I'm gonna keep this same energy we're gonna get those views back up we're gonna keep this ball rolling we're not gonna lose momentum thank you so much for walking walking thank you so much for watching someone is deeming me I gots to go