26 November 2018


Hayiiiee, thank you so much for accompanying me today. Today's video is going to be a 100 pcs siomai mukbang and superstay matte ink liquid lipstick wear ...

we're gonna fight uh mr. Shibata

measurements or pal so mines man chubalso measurement hi guys it's lyrics welcome back to my channel for today's video it's going to be a 100 pieces show my vanilla for 100 pieces colitis old bassoon your will signal for your for the mathematical then away environment remain at the maritime Japanese show my which is unlikely Tony Sahara commonness Aladdin in the oval shape or leave Sean I also follow guys in the test two communiques technical this one is from maybelline superstay suppress a map in the lipstick in a tranquil shava say imagine behind on a 100 pieces - oh my and chef ragussis on Athena likes the new lipsticks go my crustacean so I know so I'll put some big - pizza guy in the tire first all mine I have to do polymer and also how and even up in the repair neurontin soy sauce Chaka Fattah al-sisi Marathi phenomenal [Music] Paramveer Machado much better when you belong it on my guitar so first show my 1 million dollar move in a facility like I was in a caucus is happening [Applause] [Music]

Torin as possible Yoga for my name is Emma was alcohol Telefunken mama [Music] your assignment don't believe these research on angles are formed by topological sublimated control my present in so many masters alright [Applause] [Music] so mines [Music] [Applause] about shamisen man suppose a measurement [Music] Oh [Music] and even in innovating in Omaha in a favela so L saw my swimmer serviço chapo so much about show my chiffon show my semen your investment Siobhan show me so much shovel shovel shovel about so my choppa choppa solution [Music] for my moms were not a lipstick update update as a lipstick company as you can see open Titanic [Applause] [Music]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] it's an opportunity pieces from HR let's go tell my data page I'm gonna order chicken pasta pizza burger yo yo [Music] I not behind lipstick up there as you can see boo boo opening you know madam a passive and submissive a be home you know in my autograph [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] burnin transfer means a suppose move but it may compensate on mobile 5-inch are the overall bad news [Applause] [Music] so that is it guys for our first smoke bomb I'm sorry individual no hospital bill McConnell I'm saying my uber sleepers about Madhavi my name is Sean my monster somebody got me I hope they like it oh I owe my entire I'd sign an elusive in Cairo's announced in a burner for my para Messiah develop our happiness my parameters are so you

guys already reach the end of this with you again forgive me you so much suffix on yasaka-sama and please do subscribe to my channel before you click the bell-bottoms beside it so you'll get notified whenever of course and will give you also follow me on my social media fans know more about you it's time to say goodbye and we hope to see you all again it's an all [Music]