20 December 2018

10 Oxblood / Deeper Red lipsticks for Holidays

Hi Guys! Bold reds are not everyone's cup of tea. So here is a Video featuring 10 beautiful oxblood / wine red shades in a traditional bullet format. Hope you find ...

hi guys welcome back today's video is

going to be another lip swatch video and these lipsticks are along the lines of oxblood red colors deeper tuned red colors wearable Reds and also some plummy wine type of shades now please keep in mind I will be not including any lipstick shade related to Pink's or Purple's this is exclusively related to Reds just because I wanted to you know keep the holiday theme going on and I do really understand that not many of you really are up to wearing bold red lips so this will be a good web version and also a different version for winters and it will look beautiful on the lips super flattering on medium tan skin tones so that's why I am claiming a whole video not just showing you one or two but total of 10 lipsticks and these are traditional bullet cream type of lipsticks like nowadays I'm loving to wear traditional bullit lipsticks compared to liquid lipsticks although I do understand liquid lipsticks are longer-lasting especially when it comes to you know shades like these deeper shades it's always ideal to wear liquid lipsticks just because how long wearing it is but the thing is with winters and with my lips being dry all the time I am

preferring or traditional both lipsticks and I love the feeling of applying a black lipstick so that's why I thought I'll keep this video only to traditional black lipsticks so hopefully that makes sense and let's get spritz watching [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] and if you see no two shades are even close to each other it's that crazy that's the main reason why I want to flu water to film this video because there are multiple options available in the market like look at that and also I wanted to include good variety like good price points affordable expensive luxurious different finishes matte finishes cream finishes satin finishes so based on your liking and the availability of this product around you you can pick and choose which one you want want to go for so hopefully this video is helpful take care and I will talk to you guys in another video and if you haven't subscribed please subscribe guys what are you waiting for

thanks guys bye