28 April 2017

10 Korean Skincare Tips You Should Definitely Know!

Koreans are known for FLAWLESS SKIN. Here are 10 KOREAN SKIN CARE TIPS YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY KNOW! I go step-by-step and show you how to ...


hey guys welcome back to my channel and I'm so glad you guys are tuning in today because we've got another skincare video for you today we're talking about Korean skincare if you're not familiar with it you need to be if you're not familiar with their 10-step beauty routine you need to be I'm going to show you I'll be sharing with you guys one of the most in-depth in care routines one can do for flawless skin when I did this my skin felt amazing in the next day I'd even want to wear makeup my skin felt so smooth it was soft it was glowing after this routine and that was only after one day of doing this I can only imagine what my skin would be like if I did it for five or more days or even for a week so I can't wait to show you guys this routine I know you guys like these videos and if you want to see more be sure to give this video a thumbs up and also I hope you subscribe any guys already 1ps be sure to watch the entire video because they're really huge happening in this video so let's get started cleansing is huge when it comes to Korean skincare and first on my list is Yu Shu Murakami oil cleanser this is great for dry skin and also helps remove

makeup dirt and impurities first I'm going to wet the skin and gently cleanse all over the face in circular motions give your face a nice massage to get the circulation going rinse and wipe link and mouth of a double cleanse portion to remove any residue from the oil cleanse wash your face with a deep cleaning foam cleanser I love my peels ultra facial cleanser for this and I've been using it for a really long time rinse with cold waters and then pat dry if you want clear complexion exfoliation is key one of my favorites is the pixie peel and polish to supply on a dry face leave on for about 5 minutes and rinsed off getting rid of dead skin cells makes it a breeze for the rest of your skincare products to absorb into the skin and my skin already is starting to feel super soft and squeaky clean now it's time for a toner one of my recent Korean favorites is the nature Republic aqua watery toner I just put a few drops onto a cotton pad and apply this all over the face Tora helped prep the skin and balances the pH levels and helps better absorb your following skincare treatments if you don't use essence you

need to essence is the heart of Korean skincare and I've been using my Tessa Harper concentrated brightening essence and this bottle has lasted over a year think of it as a hybrid between serum and toner this one makes my skin feel super hydrated with the Huayra Wanek acid and it smells like the spa around time I've been using the snail solution booster from nature Republic to help plump and revitalize stressed-out skin these premium products are all about pore refining brightening and let's just say really important Korean skincare and you've made it for another giveaway guys I'm so excited and giving away five of my favorite Korean face mask along with the nature Republic aloe vera body moisturizer the black head clear nose pads to get rid of blackheads the aqua collagen lip mask the snail solution cleanser and the aqua and cell boosting cream who is excited to get the Korean skincare game on at the enter you must be one subscribed to my channel and to follow me on Instagram and snapchat with the hashtag to love beauty all details will be in the description box below I seriously can't wait to send this Korean skincare pack to a lucky

winner alright now let's get back to the video now for a hydrating eye and lip patches these work best when you have about 10 to 15 minutes to spare since they need time to do its work I also like putting these on when I'm in the back it's super relaxing and they just stick on looks a little funny but so worth the wait just peel off and Pat it you may already know this but the skin around your eye area is really delicate so treat it gently the Kiehl's creamy eye treatment is one of my favorites because it's really hydrating and instantly gives radiance under the eyes I'm going to apply with my ring finger and Pat it in gently guys we are in the homestretch emulsions are great if you have oil your skin as these are more emotion like consistencies and have a lightweight feeling this is the nature republic watery emulsion and it's perfect to give you that little bit of hydration and our last step is to apply moisturizer if you have drier skin adding an extra pump of moisture here will do wonders I myself love my tattoo Harper reparative moisturizer to seal everything in and at least my skin feeling beautiful with

excu affinage and now we're done Korean skincare is all about layering as you guys can tell and you might think ten steps to do is interpreting that things like a lot and a lot of time invested in doing this but for me skincare is very important because if you don't have good skin makeup doesn't go on nice everything else is legal one very nice if you don't have a good foundation and that is skin so if it means to do a little bit extra for your skin I say go and do it layering is key I've always done that and mama she always does it so I always say try and layers I would test out what works for you I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did be sure to give this video a thumbs up and also to subscribe I love you guys and be sure to enter the contest and I'll see you all very soon in my next video you [Music]