26 March 2018

10 Celebrity Makeup Brands That Got CALLED OUT

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we love trying new makeup especially when it's endorsed by our favorite celebs but sometimes you just can't trust the name you see on the box we'll tell you about 10 celeb makeup brands that got called out by fens but first make sure you're subscribed for the latest from the taco let's get started Kim Kardashian listen we all know that there is only one Rihanna in addition to setting the bar high for fashion dancing and musical talent her Fenty makeup comes in a simply staggering amount of shades for every skin tone given this people couldn't help but draw comparisons when Kim Kardashian launched her k'kaw concealer kids although the ads show a diverse array of people the concealer only comes in 16 colors and most of them are extremely light shades people had the same criticism when she launched her contour kits but apparently Kim didn't learn from her past mistake Kylie Jenner Kim Kardashian isn't the only one of the car Jenner family who has found themselves in hot water recently kylie jenner may have found success hawking her lip kits but her latest line of blushes have some people offended we love a beauty product

with the cheeky name but these blushes just go too far for some fans especially considering the fact that Kylie has tons of teenage fans naming a product barely legal seems to be in bad taste to say the least other shades include virginity hot and bothered and x-rated her family is no stranger to controversy but these names seem needlessly provocative especially when aimed at an underage audience check Freestar Jeffrey star is a makeup artist vlogger and musician who has had a huge online presence since the days of myspace now he has his own line of cosmetics but his controversial attitude makes many people wary of supporting him there's the series of videos he started where he made racist comments for which he later apologized although he's mocked other big makeup brands including Too Faced get nothing to say when his own products came under fire several people posted pictures of his products on social media showing that they had hair embedded in them instead of apologizing for this nasty situation Jeffrey star blocked his customers and then called them liars once they could no longer defend themselves Jessica Alba despite

calling her brand to the honest company many think Jessica Alba's company is anything but they sell everything from dish soap to makeup and their claim to fame is all-natural ingredients in 2017 the honest companies settled a 1.5 million dollar lawsuit over allegations that they misled buyers about their ingredients plenty of people are happy to pay more for organic products but shockingly they expect the products to actually be organic not just say so on the label there have been many more claims against Jessica Alba claiming that her products don't work and contain harsh chemical ingredients Kat Von D Kat Von D is a famous tattoo artist who now has her own makeup line in terms of quality her products seem to be a huge hit but there is a lot of controversy behind some of Kat Von D's business decisions in 2017 she was called out for disqualifying a trump supporter from winning one of her contests which many fans were outraged by she's also had her share of questionably named products including her underage red lipstick people were also upset by her basket-case anti precision eyeliner and its accompanying advertisement critics

accused her of romanticizing the violent and tumultuous relationship between Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen SIA singer SIA stepped in as a spokesperson for Viva Glam a red lipstick brand by Mac it's more than just a red lipstick it's also a way to raise funds for AIDS research sounds like a noble undertaking so what has fans so upset in order to sell their products in China Mac has had to submit their products for animal testing although they're against the practice in the United States Cynthia is a vegan it seems hypocritical of her to promote a brand of products that aren't cruelty-free fans as well as fellow makeup loving celebs like Kat Von D were quick to call her out on her hypocrisy emma watson' endorsements can be a quick and easy way for celebs to make some fast cash but the downside is that people can then use your image for pretty much anything they want which emma watson found out the hard way she signed on to promote beauty products for Lancome but they ended up using her image to promote a skin lightening cream fans were furious and called her up for promoting a damaging and problematic

product as a result Emma Watson's agent said that she will no longer be doing beauty campaigns because of the backlash she faced after this Helena bonham-carter she's best known for playing slightly crazed characters in Tim Burton movies so Helena bonham-carter seemed like an odd choice to represent a cosmetics line but she was chosen by Yardley cosmetics to promote their makeup which was something that even baffled the actress herself fans wondered why they would choose her when she isn't at all known for her makeup skills in fact Helena Bonham Carter also admitted that she doesn't wear makeup after that statement Yardley was quick to end her contract considering that Yardley creates soap perfume and cosmetics for royalty if team like this partnership just wasn't meant to be Briona it seems like barely anyone has anything bad to say about Rihanna's line of centi beauty products it could be because her products really are that flawless or because they know that Rihanna isn't afraid to clap back when called out cosmetics brand make up forevers created a social media post in

which they bragged about having forty shades and stated it was nothing new many people interpreted this as a dig against 20 and Rihanna's response was short and savage she simply replied lol still a she she followed it up by implying that makeup forever is reacting out of fear because of the way Rihanna is shaking up the beauty industry with her new products Khloe Kardashian Khloe Kardashian hasn't even started her own makeup line yet and she's already getting called out recently she trademarked her soon-to-be cosmetics line calling it Coco collection giving the size of the Kardashian Empire and their obsession with makeup this announcement came as a surprise to pretty much nobody but some fans have started to make up shame Khloe and even demanded that she post a makeup free selfie without utilizing creative Instagram angles Khloe's simply responded by saying that she isn't interested in these sorts of photographs do you still support these celebrity beauty brands let us know what's in your makeup bag in the comment section and don't forget to subscribe for more from the taco thanks for watching and we'll

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